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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hear Me (#3) By Skye Warren

Hear Me (Dark Erotica, #3) She doesn’t remember her past, only her training. She can’t talk, not that a good slave should speak out of turn. None of that matters when she wakes up in the warm, rustic room. Her new master is distant but kind. There’s only one problem: he doesn’t want her.

Longing for the shackles of safety, she pulls from the last dregs of her will to prove her worth as a slave. It seems to be working. He responds first to her body and next to her submission. The secrets of his past haunt the cabin, fraying the tightening bond between Master and slave, but it is her own memories that may finally unravel it.

This book contains a bonus short story Escape, set in the same dark erotica world.

This book contains explicit scenes of sex, including dubious consent and captivity situations. The BDSM does not conform to literary conventions, making it sometimes more realistic, and other times not. This is a work of fiction not appropriate for anyone uncomfortable with these situations or anyone under the age of eighteen.

Thessa's Review:

May I just state that I’m a huge fan of Skye Warren and her Dark Erotica Series. She is such a talented writer and these series, though short in length, packs quite an emotional punch. They are not for everyone, mind you, so be aware before you decide to pick it up. These stories are filled with dark subject matter that might push one’s comfort level. These series involve non-consent sex, slavery, and psychological torture. However, if you’re like me and are not bothered by the graphic nature that these subject matters often create, then you will find this series just as intriguing.

She paid her keep with obedience.

After reading Trust in Me, book two in the series, which I could not put down, I was anxiously waiting what was next in the series. From what I previously knew about this series, the opening scene where a woman is escaping was not a surprise. She’s running
from her captors. She knows she’s on an island and spots a small boat, untied and bobbing on the shore. After climbing in, she passes out. When she awakens, she finds herself in new situation.

Her training kicked in. It didn’t matter how she had ended up here in this strange, comfortable room at the mercy of this strange, sinister-looking master. She knew what to do. Her limp body slid from the bed and dropped to its knees. The movement awakened a thousand new aches, but it couldn’t be helped. She bowed low, praying she looked properly worshipful.

Who is this man standing in front of her? Is he her new Master? Why is he being so kind? The longer she stays and the more this man shows her kindness, she wants nothing more than to stay with him. However, there’s something her new Master is hiding. Why doesn’t he want her?

Sam found this woman and wants to help her, but there’s one big problem: She’s not speaking. No matter how hard he tries, she won’t make a sound. There’s something about her submissiveness that’s provoking his Dom side. He tries to suppress it, especially after what happened in his past. Plus, he knows what she is, so her behavior towards him is just a result of her training; There’s no way she wants him of her own will, right?

It amazes me that this story packs such an emotional punch in a short amount of time. This story veered off a little from the previous two books. I was waiting for a certain villain from the previous two books to reappear, but nope, nothing. This could certainly be a stand alone, at least in my opinion. The ending also threw me for a loop. I had to read it twice to get it. I wasn’t expecting it and am still left a little confused as to how everything tied up. No worries, though. It didn’t ruin the story and everything turned out the way it should. I can’t wait for the next installment of this dark series.

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