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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Facade by Nyrae Dawn

Façade (Games, #2)No one knows who twenty-one year-old Adrian Westfall is behind his façade. After what he's done, he deserves to live alone with his pain, even if he'd do anything to forget. Anything for a moment of quiet without his past haunting him.

Eighteen year-old Delaney Cross wants nothing more than to absolve her family from her father's sins. To keep her suicidal mom off that ledge, and help her brother Maddox get the light back in his eyes. She thinks their road to freedom is through Adrian.

Adrian and Delaney are bound together by tragedy... Only Adrian doesn't know it. As their lives intertwine, they find a solace in each other they never knew existed. Laney knows she needs to tell him-to come out from behind her smoke screen, but to say the words could mean losing him.

Two people. Two disguises. True love. Will it be enough to save them when all secrets are bared?

Holly's Review:

Holly Leffler

I received this book from Netgalley and that spurred me to finally read book one Charade, which I have had on my Nook for a while now. I enjoyed book Charade, but I simply fell in love with Façade!

We got to meet Adrian in the first book and really I wouldn’t have given him much thought other than assuming he was just a pot smoking, partying secondary character but once you read his story, well you know what they say about assuming!! HOLY SHITBALLS! This book, Adrian himself, had me bawling like a baby!!

Let me just start by saying if this book had a theme song it would be Demons by Imagine Dragons! (Whom I love, btw) This song ran through my head the entire time I devoured this book!! All the characters in this book have so many demons your heart breaks constantly for them!

Nobody knows Adrian has demons at all, he is your basic fun loving, likes to get stoned and party type of guy. Always a good time, right? Not really. Adrian is haunted by the death of his nephew, which he firmly believes is his fault. The boy was killed by a car when it lost control and ran into the front yard where the boy was playing. Heartbreaking, right? Yeah, it gets worse.

Delany Cross is eighteen and has been living in her own kind of nightmare for the last few years. Her father was sent to jail for driving the car that killed Adrian’s nephew, and her mother hates her for some crazy reason and repeatedly attempts suicide while her older brother Maddox is just trying to keep it all together(I thing Maddox gets his own book next – YAY). Anyway, Delany moves to the town Adrian lives in to try to get some closure by finding him and apologizing for what her father has done. Only, of course that doesn’t work out because they fall hard for each other and she never really finds the right time to tell him.

You can see how this is all gonna blow up in their faces, right?? Yeah, you got it, it is not pretty and let me tell you I bawled my eyes out for a good portion of this book! Oh and there is a little twist at the end that will break your heart all over again! But, did I love it? Hell yeah I did and I can’t wait for the next installment!!

***This book was provided to me as an ARC by Netgalley

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Kristin said...

I really enjoyed Charade. I never saw this on NetGalley, I must have missed it somehow. It sounds like a good story even though you sort of know that they are going to have a huge falling out towards the end.
Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

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