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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Interview with Simone Elkeles

 Today we are very pleased to have Simone Elkeles on our blog. Simone, is the very talented author of one of our  favorite YA series “Perfect Chemistry” We’ve  been lucky enough to have her happily join us on our blog today for an interview. So without further ado, I give you....

                                      Simone Elkeles

She's the NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of over seven teen romance novels. She has won various awards and recognition for her books, including the coveted RITA award from the Romance Writers of America for her book Perfect Chemistry and being named Author of the Year by the Illinois Association of Teachers of English. She was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Her funny way of looking at life and the world around her has an effect on the people she hangs out with. If you hear people laughing, you’ll probably find Simone not far away.

                 Now for our Awesome Interview! 

 Q: When writing your "Perfect Chemistry" series. Why did you choose a family with just 3 brothers? We all know Mexicans and many other Spanish cultures love having their big families; it's more as a tradition to keep their heritage going.

Simone: It’s funny that you mention that because my friend Gabriel Chavarria, who plays Luis in the Chain Reaction trailer, is one of 11 kids (10 boys and 1 girl)!!  I’ve actually spent time with his entire family and it’s incredible.  Even though there are so many of them, they are all incredibly close and loving.  There are only three Fuentes brothers because Alejandro senior was murdered before there could be any more kids!  It was just a matter of logistics.

Q: Your "PC" series is an amazing series, for Both "Young adult" readers as well as "Adult" readers. I would love a continuation. Maybe add a long lost brother to the story to make the series a little longer? Or something amongst the line? I wouldn't mind reading more on the Fuentes brothers. Their just that yummy! And maybe this  so-called brother, can become a school counsellor? Would you ever consider it?

Simone: Believe me, I understand how hard it is to let them go!  I seriously cried when I finished writing Chain Reaction.  I might continue writing about the Fuentes family someday, but for now I’m really excited about my new series Fullriders!

Q: Can you tell us a little more about your new series, Fullriders?

Simone: I’m from Chicago and football is in my blood.  My grandfather was a 40-year season ticket holder for the Chicago Bears and took me to games when I was a kid.  I always wanted to write a book about football players, because I think people have a perception of who these guys are and I want to break the stereotype and show a side of football players that people might not know...in addition to showing what it’s like when my characters fall in love!  For people who aren’t fans of football, don’t worry – my book is about football players but the Fullriders series not a series about football.  Just like Alex and his gang in Perfect Chemistry, football is about brotherhood and loyalty and commitment to the other players on the team. The boys on the team have their own set of unspoken rules  - it’s not so much about “football plays” as it is about the culture of football.  If you like my Perfect Chemistry series, you’ll like the Fullriders series as well!

Q: I love the concept of your novels being a YA series, you send a message to many teens that no one is perfect, and to look beyond social, racial or economic barriers, and everyone has a choice in life to make things better and become a better person. Is that the road you were on when writing your novels?

Simone: When I write, I don't think that much about lessons or think about my characters being role models - if it happens then GREAT, but I don't write a book with those issues in mind.  I just write a love story.  As my characters develop, they really dictate the story.  I do want my characters to make positive decisions and better their lives and I want the same thing for my fans.  One of the most rewarding things about my career is the emails I get from my fans telling me they’ve chosen to get out of their gangs, go to college, and make better lives for themselves.

Q: I love the trailers for your books and the men you have used in them to portray the Fuentes brothers – nummy nummy are my only words to express these men. Where do you come up with the ideas for these trailers?

Simone: I wanted to do something completely different, so I came up with the idea of doing videos that looked like movie trailers for my books.  Plus, I really want my books to be made into movies!  If you haven’t seen my trailers, you can check them out on my YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/selkeles  I’ve even posted some of the backstage scenes with the actors.  Gabriel Chavarria, Alexander F. Rodriguez, and Giancarlo Vidrio are some of the most caring, wonderful and hilarious guys I have ever met!

Q: You have to be one of the only YA Authors that I have read that breech the sex barrier in their books – I love it! Everyone knows that it’s a reality with older teenagers, but still it is steered away from in most YA books. What made you decided to embrace teenage sexual activity so openly??

Simone: My goal is to write realistic content and realistic stories. I delve into all the emotions my characters would go through as a result of being confronted with a decision about sex.  I definitely get a lot of feedback from readers, and it has always been positive. The covers of my books depict the content inside, so I haven't had any negative parental feedback - just the opposite!  One church book club leader even emailed me and thanked me for putting the issue of sex in my books because it sparked an open discussion about it with the book club members.  Open discussion is great because you can get all sides to an issue!  In the How to Ruin series, Amy chooses to wait for marriage.  She's definitely tempted. . . but she chooses to wait. In the Perfect Chemistry series, it's realistic that my characters in the stories would be intimate with each other.  There are always consequences to being intimate, though, and I write about those consequences as well! 

Q:Are there any occupational hazards to being a novelist?

Simone: Deadlines are stressful!!!!

Q: Do you ever wish that you had an entirely uncreative job, like data entry or working in a factory?

Simone: No!  I love my job!  Unlike most authors I know, I hated reading as a teen and hated English class.  I fell in love with reading as an adult – specifically romance novels.  I was so in love with them, I started writing them.  Once I started writing for “myself” and not a teacher or for a grade, I realized that I loved writing and never wanted to stop.  Writing is the best profession and now I can’t imagine doing anything else!  I know I still have a ton to learn about writing and when I read books I love I think “I wish I could write like that!”  I’m always working on my craft and hope I can get better and better with each book.

Q: Finally, and on an entirely unrelated note, who would play you in a film of your life?

Simone: I have no idea!  The only thing I’m worried about right now are trying to convince Hollywood to make my books into movies!  I guess I’ll work on casting myself later.

For further more details and to stay tuned for many more beautifully written novels by Simone Click Here  http://www.simoneelkeles.net/index1.html

 Thankyou Simone for joining us on our blog today!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Unidentified Redhead by Alice Clayton

When Grace Sheridan returns to Los Angeles to become a working actor, it's a second shot at a life-long dream.  With some help from her best friend and agent, that dream could become a reality, but at thirty-three, has Grace missed her chance at the big time?  Will an unexpected sizzling romance with the entertainment industry's newest 'it' boy shine an uncomfortable spotlight on her life?

Rhonda's Review:

This book was lots of sexy fun!!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going in to this book other than it being a contemporary romance.  I was in the mood for something light and Alice Clayton delivered, with this one.  Not only was it light, but the characters were so much fun, and witty.

At 33 yrs old, Grace Sheridan has returned to California for a second  attempt at her Hollywood dream.  She is living with her best friend since college, Holly, while her new home is being renovated.  I loved Holly, and the bantering that went on between she and Grace.   Grace is ready to concentrate on her career, not looking for a man, or relationship. That is until she meets the up and coming actor Jack Hamilton at a party one night.  At 24 yrs old, Jack Hamilton’s career is about to take off, and the attraction he feels toward Grace starts because she doesn’t have a clue who he is.  Then he finds out just how funny and smart she is.  Jack is pretty funny, smart and sexy too, add to that being more mature than most 24 yr old men,  Grace gets more than she bargained for.  She finds herself with some hang ups in regard to the age difference between jack and herself, but Jack squashes that every time.  Gotta love him for that!!
I love the chemistry between Jack and Grace.  They are so funny and sweet. And the sexual chemistry is off the charts!  All the characters in this book have a great sense of humor, and enjoyed them all.  Now what came as a surprise to me was the amount of sexual activity in this book.  Not complaining, I loved it!  But Jack and Grace about drove me crazy with all their sexual exploration of each other and never actually “doing the deed” until later in the book.  When it finally happened though it was so sweet, and then it turned HOT!!

I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a light funny and sexy read.  As the author herself put it,
  "I wanted to write something that I would get a kick out of reading. I don't normally enjoy romance novels, but I am a sucker for a interesting story with a little...ahem...heat? But I also crave the funny. Why not combine the two? Why not funny smut? Why not comedic erotica?"

*Author quote taken from her website.

Sunday, 26 February 2012



Jacob, age 92, and Rebecca, age 89, living in Miami, are all excited about their decision to get married. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding, and on the way they pass a drugstore.. Jacob suggests they go in. Jacob addresses the man behind the counter:

"Are you the owner?"

The pharmacist answers, "Yes."

Jacob: "We're about to get married. Do you sell heart medication?"

Pharmacist: "Of course, we do."

Jacob: "How about medicine for circulation?"

Pharmacist: "All kinds."

Jacob: "Medicine for rheumatism?"

Pharmacist: "Definitely."

Jacob: "How about suppositories?"

Pharmacist: "You bet!"

Jacob: "Medicine for memory problems, arthritis and Alzheimer's?"

Pharmacist: "Yes, a large variety. The works."

Jacob: "What about vitamins, sleeping pills, Geritol, antidotes for Parkinson's disease?"

Pharmacist: "Absolutely."

Jacob: "Everything for heartburn and indigestion?"

Pharmacist: "We sure do."

Jacob: "You sell wheelchairs and walkers and canes?"

Pharmacist: "All speeds and sizes."

Jacob: "Adult diapers?"

Pharmacist: "Sure."

Jacob: "We'd like to use this store as our Bridal Registry."

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Trust In Me (#2) By Skye Warren

Mia longs for the daily torture to end, but one last task keeps her holding on. In a betrayal of the crime lord who pulled her from the gutter, she’ll free the shipment of human cargo, and if she’s lucky, die in the process. The alternative is unfathomable, even to a woman well-versed in erotic torture. But luck abandons her yet again when she meets the security expert in charge of the shipment and finds herself face to face with her childhood crush. The man she once begged for help. The man who failed her.

Tyler Martinez is an undercover FBI agent with one chance to right the wrongs of his past. Thrust deep into the seedy world of human trafficking, he must put aside his guilt over abandoning Mia all those years ago in order to save her now.

Someone’s pulling the strings in this sadistic play on trust, but Tyler and Mia may not live long enough to see the curtain fall. Trust in Me is a story of erotic pain and incipient romance, spiraling ever faster toward betrayal or redemption.

This book contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and sex. It also depicts abuse and captivity situations. Not appropriate for anyone uncomfortable with these situations or anyone under the age of eighteen. This is a work of fiction.

"Dark, disturbing, haunting, and beautiful, Skye Warren will take you into the depths of depravity but bring you home, safe in the end." -- Kitty Thomas, author of "The Last Girl"

Holly's Review:

 Not sure where to begin here, I have spent the last 2 days working on putting my thoughts together to review this book. I have given this book 4 stars but it doesn’t feel right to say I enjoyed it because the nature was so painful to read. So, I will start by saying this, this book is about a woman, Mia, who is in the middle of a human trafficking/slave ring. She was saved from the streets by the man who is now her master but even though she says he saved her, that is not the word I would use, as now she is his slave. The hardest part of reading this book, was not necessarily the, what I felt as rape and abuse of this woman, but the knowledge that she felt that she deserved this and was not worth anything more, that she was simply now a whore and that her life was not worth anything.

Enter Tyler Martinez, when Mia sees Tyler meeting with her master she is shocked to see him all these years later. She doesn’t believe for one minute that her teenage crush could be involved with these monsters and she is right, Tyler is an undercover FBI agent there to save Mia in a way that he was unable to do all those years before, in addition to helping shut down this leg of the sex trafficking ring. He needs to prove to Mia that he can be that savior she needed all those years ago.

I think what hurts me most about reading a book like this is that even though this is entirely a work of fiction, what takes place within is anything but. We all know that these monsters exist and this kind of abuse is actually out there. But that said, this is a work of fiction and I took a line from the book synopsis that is the best description of this story I have seen -
Trust in Me is a story of erotic pain and incipient romance, spiraling ever faster toward betrayal or redemption.

This book is definitely not for the faint of heart and as I said before, it feels wrong to say I enjoyed this book but the writing was fantastic. Any book that can pull such an emotional response from me in just 100 pages I have to say a big thank you to the author! 


Friday, 24 February 2012

Naked By Megan Hart

No strings. No regrets. And no going back.

I didn't think he wanted me. And I wasn't about to get involved with him, not after what I'd heard. Sure, Alex Kennedy was tall, dark and unbearably hot, but I've been burned before. When I solicited him to model for my erotic photography book, I didn't expect such a heated, passionate photo session. And now that we've crossed that line, our bodies aren't the only things that have been exposed.

But I can't give my heart to a man who's so… unconventional. His last sexual relationship was with a married couple. It's enough that my ex-fiancé preferred men, I can't take that chance again no matter how much my body thrives on Alex's touch. I can't risk it, but I can't resist it, either.

Alex can be very convincing when he wants something. And he wants me.

Sam's Thoughts:

*thinks about the past fondly* I remember the day that I added this book. I didn’t know who Megan Hart was. This book was yet to be released, and I didn’t bother looking into her other books. I just saw this hot cover and was drawn in instantly. *shakes head and comes to present day*

These days? Im like an auto-bot when it comes to Hart. I see her name; I add it and buy it. She is one of the true talented authors’ our there. She knows how to tread on subjects that are risqué. Naked is an Erotic story of a woman dealing with the colour of her skin, her past relationship choices and her present ones.

SO in Naked we get to see Alex again. We met Alex in Tempted. Alex and Olivia meet at Olivia’s gay ex-fiancées - Patrick – party. Patrick immediately tells Olivia to stay away from Alex and to forget anything because he doesn’t like girls. Olivia got a close up of this when she cops an eye full of Alex getting a head job from another guy at the party. After meeting Alex the next morning and spending the day together she decided to invite him to rent out her flat after finding out he needed a place. The two ends up spending a lot of time together and not before long – cant keep their hands off each other.

But Alex doesn’t like girls, right? After being burnt once before, Olivia doesn’t want to start someone who has the potential to hurt her in the exact same fashion.

So what did I like? – Umm...let me think about that .....hmmm...everything! I liked Olivia; she was strong and dealt with all her issues head on. She is struggling with Religion and her family. Hart made her struggles seem real. None of characters have a perfect life and that’s what gets me. Just because your related by blood – doesn’t make you family.

Alex was just the same as he was in Tempted, but it was great to see a different side to him. He was a real romantic and considerate. He still had the same wicked smile and his tendency to wear jeans with no shoes or socks and his shirts always half open ---sigh -----

What I didn’t like? – You still don’t really find out about Alex’s sexuality. Is he Bi / gay / straight? I would have liked Olivia to address his sexual tendencies a bit further. I also don’t like, and I didn’t like this in Tempted either, is the way Alex changes when he is around his friend, James. I firmly believe you should never have to act a certain way for someone. Be yourself.

Otherwise, this was just another brilliant novel for Hart. I drool at her humble feet. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Addicted By Charlotte Featherstone

Friends since childhood, Anais Darnby and Lindsay Markham have long harbored a secret passion for one another. When they finally confess their love, their future together seems assured, sealed with their searing embrace.
But when a debauched Lindsay is seduced by a scheming socialite, a devastated Anais seeks refuge in another man's bed while Lindsay retreats to the exotic East. There, he is seduced again--this time by the alluring red smoke and sinister beauty of opium.
Back home, Lindsay's addiction is fed by the vogue for all things Oriental--especially its sensual pleasures--in fashionable London society. In his lucid moments, Lindsay still lusts after Anais, who can neither allow him near nor forget his smoldering touch. Tortured by two obsessions--opium and Anais--Lindsay must ultimately decide which is the one he truly cannot live without.

Elena's Review:

I have read a few historical romance novels, but I assure you this novel is quite different from many others I've read. I cried from beginning to end and wondering if I were going to be disappointed or not.So as far as my opinion this novel was a wonderful read. The surreal plot was mind blowing! The relationships between friends knowing no matter what the circumstances are ,being there for one another is the best gift they could have brought upon each other.

As for the Addiction part of this novel it's a rare case between literally a drug and a woman . Lindsay can not seem too find which of the two he wants more. As odd as it seems, everything that unravels from this novel happens for a reason.

Lindsay at the age of 15 spent his life taking full responsibilities making sure to always take care of his family & people around him that he loves so dearly. As the years go by he's never had anyone to comfort him the way he has for everyone else. Except for his childhood best friend Anais, she's the only woman in his world that he can bare to love, hold and never let go. Anais has had the exact same affection of love for him as well.Therefore it takes a lot of courage when they each have a betrayal that was done upon one another. "Forgive & Forgiven" is a wonderful quote that's said to each other throughout this novel, and it is by far one of my favorite phrases!

Whoever has this novel on their TBR shelves,I say "Read it" because you will enjoy!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Meet C.J. Roberts, Author Interview and giveaway!

A few months ago, I ran across Captive in the Dark, by C.J. Roberts.  While it's not the normal BDSM erotica book, I found myself too curious and had to read it.  I was simply blown away by the writing, and while the story is very dark, I simply couldn't put it down.  C.J. Roberts has a stunning way with words, and her storytelling.  She also writes Erotica shorts under the name Jennifer Roberts. I have had the pleasure of chatting with Mrs. Roberts, and found that she is a real sweetie, and funny too.  She agreed to do this interview with me so I am very excited to welcome the beautiful and talented C.J. Roberts.

Rhonda: C.J. I am very excited to have you here today. (Contains “fan girl” self)  Would you tell us a little about yourself, and when you decided to become a writer?

C.J. - You crack me up, Rhonda. “Fan girl”…indeed, lol. About me? The truth is I’m sort of weird. Or at least, I started out that way. Nah – still weird, but I embrace it now.

I grew up the oldest of seven children in a mostly-single parent home. I saw my father in the summers and on holidays. My mother struggled to raise us herself, and though we went without certain comforts from time to time, we were always rich in love.

I always felt like an outsider though. I didn’t grow up in the best neighborhood and I felt like the people outside my front door were foreign to me. My interests revolved around theatre, movies, TV, music, and books. I got made fun of a lot.

My mom encouraged me though, and I applied to better schools outside my district; my middle school was a performing arts magnet, in HS I was the president of the Thespian Society. I felt more at home there in some ways, but less so in others. Suddenly, I was surrounded by people with more money, more social standing, and more access to ‘the outside world’, and it was difficult to fit in sometimes.

So, be it at home or at school – I was always the odd one. To get through, I wrote in my journal a lot. I studied people. I kept acting and singing. You’d be surprised how easy it is to become someone else, when you don’t know who you are.

Over time I grew thicker skin; I became stronger, funnier, wittier, and smarter – probably meaner, too. In time, I became someone people wanted to follow, instead of the person always looking in on others.

But to answer your question simply: I didn’t become a writer – I’ve just always been. However, I will add that with practice I’ve gotten better and even now, I know I can still improve.

Rhonda: I am going to be honest; I don’t read much erotica because most of them tend to lack a good story.  I was intrigued by the synopsis of your book “Captive in the Dark” and decided to pick it up.  I have read some erotica involving BDSM, but they have usually involved a sex club and introducing a woman to the lifestyle as the premise.  This book was very different; in fact it didn’t involve clubs at all.  Was Captive always the story it is today, or did it evolve as you were writing? 

C.J. - Captive definitely evolved.  It evolved with me. It was my dumping ground, the place I went to get things out of my head, to escape from things, or just to laugh. At the time, I had never intended anyone to read it.

I was tired about reading books that revolved around a formula. I was tired of reading about ‘bad boys’ who weren’t really bad or messed up people who really weren’t. But I think I mostly wanted to read about a fucked up person, falling in love with another fucked up person. Probably because, at the time, I thought I was messed up and no one would ever ‘get’ me.

So I envisioned the most fucked up couple I possibly could. LOL

Rhonda: “Captive in the Dark” is a really dark story, what was your experience like in writing this book?

C.J.- This is a super hard question and the answer is complex. It was emotional. It was liberating. It was scary and disturbing. It was my guilty pleasure (I hear Charles Dickens in my head right now =P).

Like any piece of writing that comes from your imagination – it reveals things about you. Some of what Captive revealed to me I enjoyed and some of it I didn’t. That’s all I can really say.

Rhonda: Now for Caleb, our unconventional hero of the story.   Caleb is so tortured from his past and also with his present.  He is always dealing with conflict within himself, whether from his past, his loyalty to the man who saved him, or his feelings for Livvie that he doesn’t understand.  What inspired his character?

C.J. - Shit, where to begin! Caleb is a combination of people. He’s the devil that tempts us into doing horrible things. He’s the conscience that keeps us from doing the unspeakable. He’s everybody.

If I say any more, this is going to get very boring and metaphysical. Someday when we’ve split about eight bottles of wine – I’ll hold nothing back. I’ll go full nerd on your ass Rhonda, FULL NERD!

Rhonda: C.J. there were times I found it really difficult to be in Livvie’s head.  The fact that she is so young did add to the difficulty, but you wrote her so smart, and having suffered mental abuse from her mother and the life she had lived basically made her wise beyond her years,  so there were times when I forgot she was so young.  Livvie is written in the first person POV, what was it like to write her??

C.J. - This is my first novel – ever. I don’t have any manuscripts sitting in my house. I mention this because I feel that if you were to read any author’s first work (not first published) you will find that there is a lot of reflection in the work – more honesty. Seduced in the Dark is already very different from Captive.

I tend to be very introspective, always have been. So in a way, Livvie was the easiest to write, but by far, she was less fun to write. Writing her reconnected me to old angst. Old insecurity.

CJ (Forrest) Gump says: “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

Rhonda: How did you come up with such a dark story?

My mind is a very dark place to be sometimes. I thought I’d publish and invite others into the fray.

Help me!

I’m stuck in here.

Won’t you come in and turn on the light?

Nom nom nom nom!

You have been eaten by a grue.

 Thank You C.J. for sharing with us today, and I look forward to more from you, whether it's the next Novel... Which I can't wait for!! Or chatting, and I hope you'll visit again soon!  

Coming 2012         
Seduced in the Dark    
Dark Duet book 2    

To Learn more about C.J Roberts:

 Want more details on this great novel. Check out my review for "Captive in the Dark"  CLICK HERE
Books can be purchased at 
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Captive in the Dark review 

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Please fill out the Rafflecopter Below. And good Luck to everyone! Thanks for Stopping by.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick

A sizzling debut novel starring a sexy TV chef who steams up more than just entrees...

She wasn't his kind of dish-until someone turned up the heat...

Celebrity chef and infamous ladies' man Bryce Ryder can't believe the thoughts he's having about his old friend Jenna McCabe. She's always been the shy girlnext- door, but when some bad publicity threatens everything he's built, Jenna gets down to business- and shows a side of herself that is take-charge and totally irresistible.

Soon things are heating up in and out of the kitchen-and all of Jenna's secret fantasies about Bryce start coming true. But will she be the one to tame his heart, or is the sexy chef just indulging another one of his cravings?

Rhonda's Review:

WHEW!!! It’s definitely HOT IN HERE!!! *wipes sweat from brow* Our womanizing Bryce Ryder who has a very blasé attitude toward women since being betrayed by one, suddenly finds himself lusting over his best friend since high school Jenna McCade. Jenna who has secretly been in love with Bryce since high school , would love nothing more than a happily ever after with Bryce. But Jenna knows all to well Bryce’s womanizing ways, and feels like she’s not at all his type, since he has always been with the runway model types. Our smexy Bryce goes after the voluptuous Jenna full speed ahead, as Jenna plays “playgirl” to his “playboy”, Friends become lovers and so much more.
This is a great story and Bryce is as delicious, as he can be, as he makes a culinary delight out of Jenna, you might just find youself wishing you were her!!
HOT HOT HOT READ!! Highly recommended!! 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Shackled by Debra Anastasia


Aeliea is an evil princess with a taste for torture. In order to save his mother’s life, Markus defies the future queen. She condemns the proud, strong warrior to her dungeons. Night after night he is brought, naked and shackled, to stand before Aeliea. Markus is determined to change the woman whose treacherous whims terrify her empire. 

Rhonda's Review:
Shackled by Debra Anastasia

What a terrific short story!!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out about this story  from Mrs. Anastasia. 
And even though it’s a short story, it was exactly what I expect from her storytelling. However the story is very different, but then again I haven’t read one of her stories that are similar to each other.  Reading this short story displays the versatility of Mrs. Anastasia’s writing, and I look forward to many more stories from this amazing lady.

Aeliea is the Princess of Indovia, and finds pleasure in others pain.  But when she comes face to face with a man who is willing to sacrifice himself for his mother and a child and become Aeliea’s prisoner.  She accepts this trade off seemingly because she finds Markus attractive.  Markus has experienced first hand the devastation Aeliea’s cruelty has caused,  and while she summons him every night to her bedchambers for conversation and a little peepshow on the sly, LOL! Markus is cultivating a plan that will show her what it feel like to lose something you love to another’s  cruelty.   When Aeliea experiences loss, she begins to see the error of her ways and instead of torturing her people she embraces them and helps them.  As Aeliea changes her ways, Markus finds forgiveness in his heart for her, although she knows she doesn’t deserve it.

Aeliea’s parents have arranged a marriage between her and Sylo the Marauder, who is known for killing his wives.  She doesn’t fight this because she feels she deserves it after everything she has done in the past.  But as her recent past catches up with her, and she finds herself with child, she would do whatever necessary to protect the unborn child and the secret of the baby’s true parentage.   Sylo starts to reek havoc on her people in his quest for power, and it’s up to Aeilea to save her people from his destruction.

For such a short story, this is really well written and plotted.  I found myself unable to put it down until I was finished.  Good Job Mrs. Anastasia! You can tell me a story anytime!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012



A young couple got married and went on their honeymoon.

When they got back, the bride immediately called her mother.

"Well," said her mother, "how was the honeymoon?"

"Oh, mama," she replied, "the honeymoon as wonderful! So romantic..."

Suddenly she burst out crying. "But, mama, as soon as we returned Sam started using the most horrible language - things I'd never heard before!
I mean, all these awful 4-letter words! You've got to take me home... PLEASE MAMA!"

"Sarah, Sarah," her mother said, "calm down! You need to stay with your husband and work this out. Now, tell me, what could be so awful? WHAT 4-letter words?"

"Please don't make me tell you, mama," wept the daughter, "I'm so embarrassed they're just too awful! COME GET ME, PLEASE!!"

"Darling, baby, you must tell me what has you so upset. Tell your mother these horrible 4-letter words!"

Still sobbing, the bride said, "Oh, Mama ... he used words like: dust, wash, iron, cook..."

"I'll pick you up in twenty minutes," said the mother.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Shot In The Dark (Long Shots #2) Christine d Abo'

Carter is one of the hottest men ever to walk into Paige Long's coffee shop. The attraction is mutual, and when Carter reveals himself to be a Dom, the submissive in Paige is aroused. Yet she brushes him off—her last relationship was abusive and she's unwilling to get involved with another Dom.

But when Carter returns the next day—in his firefighter uniform—Paige's fantasies really heat up. She can't resist his offer to get to know him over a drink at Mavericks, a local sex club. Their conversation quickly escalates to a session in one of the private rooms, and Paige is both thoroughly satisfied by Carter's skills in domination, and impressed with his selflessness as a lover.

Paige is ready to move on with her life. But can she trust in herself and submit to happiness?

Holly's Thoughts:

Let me just start by saying wow, what a fun sexy series that I stumbled onto!! I read the first book in this series, not knowing that there were going to be 3, just because it looked like something I would enjoy, boy was I right!!

A Shot in the Dark is Paige's story. Paige is the oldest of the 3 siblings who came together to open Pulled Long, a fun coffee shop/bakery. In the first book, Sadie's book, we are introduced to Paige and know that she has had some trauma in her past that has caused her to withdraw completely from, well, just about everything. We discover, in this rather short story, that Paige had a bad BDSM experience with a long time partner that caused her to walk away from the lifestyle that she craves. Until Carter. Carter is our sexy DOM/Firefighter, oh yeah, I said Firefighter!! He is completely taken with Paige and wants to show her that she can have the lifestyle she craves with the right man! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this little read, I read it in one sitting and packed into that little book is a whole lot of sex, drama, and even a little suspense!! I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series because I desperately want to see Ian get his HEA too!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Stranger By Megan Heart

I pay strangers to sleep with me. I have my reasons….

But they're not the ones you'd expect.

For starters, I'm a funeral director taking over my dad's business. Not exactly the kind of person you'd expect to fork over cash for the lust and urgency only live skin-to-skin contact can create. Looking at me, you wouldn't have a clue I carry this little secret so close it creases up like the folds of a fan. Tight. Personal. Ready to unravel in the heat of the moment.

Unsurprisingly, my line of work brings me face-to-face with loss. So I decided long ago that paying for sex would be one of the best (and arousing) ways to save myself from the one thing that would eventually cut far too deep.

But Sam was a mistake. Literally. I signed on to "pick up" a stranger at a bar, but took Sam home instead. And now that I've felt his heat, his sweat and everything else, can I really go back to impersonal?

Let's just hope he never finds out about my other life.…

PhotobucketElena's Thoughts:

Gracie Frawley is a funeral Director.She takes over her dads business,which is a funeral home in Annville that has been in business for 50years. Everyday Grace faces with reality of what family,friends,etc go through,when the times comes and death occurs.When it happens they have to learn to live and move on with out their loved ones. Because of what she sees others go through,she has put up a thick wall,to never get herself involved in a long lasting relationship and love anyone,she's willing to do whatever it takes,to never lose someone she loves so dearly. So Grace decides her best option would be to pay for sex.It's a no obligation warranty with "No Strings Attached" That's her MO.She doesn't want anything more or anything less.

In the meantime she takes care of her business as appose to how a business should be run. During her own time she spends most of her free hours hiring escorts/rentboys for dates,but mostly she's just interested to jump in sack with them.

Grace is satisfied with the life she created and evolved herself in.To her,it's really more of "What can possibly go wrong?,everything is perfect" Until one day she bumps into a STRANGER,while waiting for one of her escorts she hired. When she meets Sam,it's when her whole life changes completely.Just like he once told her "Fate Brought them together".

Sam Stewart,may have at one point been a stranger Grace slept with just for kicks.But he is the one man who conquers her heart.He shows Grace,life is worth settling down,taking risks and falling in love with that one person that let's her be her,and brings joy and happiness into her life. Sam helps Grace break her tough persona,because there should never be a reason for someone not to fall in love just because you're afraid of losing that special someone. You just have to live it day by day enjoy,love and endure the love of your life and say whether there right beside you or if they past away "at least you lived a wonderful life with that person"

I have read other novels by Megan Hart and loved them! I'm officially a sucker for Hart's novels!Each novel had sentimental plots that left me breathless and aching to read more!

Favorite Quote,from Sam to Grace:

"One must have sorrow to truly appreciate joy"

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Jean Murray Giveaway Goes to Elizabeth K.  @BookAttict


Vampires For Valentine-Give-Away Hop Goes to: Lori A. @romancntdrkside

Winners were emailed,please respond promptly.


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Rhonda's Stop With Blake's Piano

For those of you have read Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia.Rhonda had the opportunity of traveling in her hometown to historical places with Blake's Piano and taking pictures and telling her story. Interested? Head on over to Debra's website and check it out              


Kiss of snow (Psy-Changeling #10) Nalini Singh

Since her defection from the PsyNet and into the SnowDancer wolf pack, Sienna Lauren has had one weakness: Hawke. Alpha and dangerous, he lost the woman who would've been his mate long ago. Now he walks alone. But Sienna stirs his primal heart, even as he tells himself she is far too young to handle the wild fury of the wolf. Yet as they strip away each other's secrets, a deadly enemy is striking at everything the pack holds dear...but Sienna's darkest secret may savage the pack that is her home-and the alpha who is its heartbeat.

Ren's Review
A great book to start a new year! I don't want it to end!
Ms.Nalini, is a uber genius author when it comes to writing an original world building, strong heroine and yummy heroes =)

I am confused about where to start this review. Because Kiss of Snow is the tenth book of the Psy-Changeling series. And the story is actually such a conclusion between two main characters, Lauren Sienna and Hawke. They had met starting from the first book, Slave to Sensation and they ignite some sparks between them. Not to mention the original idea of ​​the three kind of human races, both kinds are always in war.So if you're not loyal fans, it may be difficult for you to read these books out of order.

It takes place in a futuristic world, human beings are divided into three races. Ordinary people, people who have super powers relating to the mind that is Psy, and the men who were gifted by ability to change shape into animals or shape shifter, it’s called “Changeling". Everything changes when the Psy activates Silence, which makes them lose all of their emotions. The goal of Silence to prevent them from the madness and desire to kill. While Changeling and human united, the Psy control the economy.

The Psy-Changeling series originally started slowly, some of the Psy lost control of the Silence and begin to feel emotions. They are also sided with the real enemy of theirs, the Changeling, and work together with them. They’re  some couples between Psy and Changeling in the previous books.

Sienna Lauren and Hawke is one of the Psy and Changeling's couple. Sienna who just turned 20 years, have long harbored a feeling to Hawke,the alpha wolf in San Francisco's Changeling, SnowDancer. Hawke also had saved Lauren families, who are a fugitives in the world of Psy. But Hawke still remember his mate,who died at very young age. It makes him believe he will never have a mate.He avoids Sienna, as much as possible. Sienna herself has problems. In addition to all this,there’s a huge age difference.(Hawke is about 30-35 years old), Sienna is an X-Psy, the kind that has a  dangerous and deadly ability.Sienna is afraid she would harm Hawke and the SnowDancers. Now it all depends on Hawke. How he overcomes his fear of living alone and struggling with his feeling toward Sienna. Since both wolf and human wanted that red-haired girl with eyes like the stars constellation. To be with him, forever.

What makes me love Kiss of Snow more is, in addition to the story of Sienna and Hawke, there's also a companion story to the characters, between Sienna's uncle, Walker Lauren and Lara, a healer in SnowDancer. Nalini's writing style is slow placed, but I love it! Maybe some people that are impatient will be cranky, but I think the slow pace of this book makes it beautiful. Nalini's choice of words are  exquisite. She’s able to tell Sienna and Hawke's story that has a huge age gape, in a normal way. Makes us want to have boyfriend and husband like Hawke! He's so stubborn, arrogant and stuck in his bitter past. But wait until he finally chase Sienna. Wow!

Overall, Psy Changeling series and Kiss of the Snow is a must read for many Paranormal Romance's hardcore fans! Compared with the Guild Hunter series, Psy Changeling series is more complicated, but not so dark, not too cruel and sadistic. The tone is more cheerful and colorful, but that does not mean it will make the story so easily understood. I suggest you start with “Slave to Sensation” first, so you can enjoy this one :)





Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Naughty After Dark Blog Hop!

Welcome to our very naughty and seductive after dark blog hop 

We have been so very lucky – Rachel Firasek has given us a copy of her novel "The Last Rising" to giveaway! I swear I feel like kissing that womans feet, or even tickling her behind the knee, you know in that spot that makes everyone quiver.

Speaking of quivers – I ask all this to our entrants:

What naughty thing makes you quiver?

Here's Our Group review for "The Last Rising" Click Here

Rachel is giving away one Ebook Copy of "The Last Rising" To one lucky winner. Who will it be? Well Enter the Rafflecopter below and take your chances. 
Thanks everyone for stopping on by.

Rebecca Sinclair's Tour-Digital Contest

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Post review(s) or buy a copy of Perfect Strangers, Montana Wildfire, and/or California Caress by 2/29/12.

1st Place Winner gets their digital back-list of Rebecca Sinclair books completed* PLUS s/he gets to help Rebecca decide which one back-list book will be digitally published next. As a Bonus Prize, you will also receive a review acknowledgment in said book when it is published, (This is great exposure for your or your blog/website/whatever!)  and you will also receive a $50 Amazon or Book Depository gift card . Open internationally.

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Please email contest@rebeccasinclair.com with the purchase information and/or review information to be eligible to win one of the above prizes.
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Winners will be chosen by Random.org on 3/1/12.

*Perfect Strangers, Montana Wildfire, and California Caress only. Murphy's Law optional.


First of all, thanks for taking the time to review one of Rebecca's books and for entering this great contest.

To avoid people abusing the privilege of review copies, here are the review guidelines for our book reviewers specifically for the Rebecca Sinclair Digital Choice contest.

Must be a Book blogger with at least 100 followers and frequent traffic to their site. If you have under 100 followers, please email to contest@rebeccasinclair.com and we will see if we can work something out.

    You have your choice to review Perfect Strangers, Montana Wildfire, and California Caress. One entry per book reviewed during the contest.

    Be willing to post our contest spiff on your blog and post your review at Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any other site you wish. Just email us the information.

Below is the book information for the above contest.

Amazon Links:
California Caress: http://amzn.to/o2jgl5
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California Caress: http://bit.ly/nv3rxR
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Perfect Strangers:http://bit.ly/oIKVuJ


Please email receipt information for entry into contest to contest@rebeccasinclair.com . One entry per book purchased.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

500 Follower Give-Away Winners Announced!

And our winners are.....

1st Prize goes to: Renee Rearden

2nd Prize: Kelly

3rd Prize: Lupdilup

Bonus Prize Goes to: Debra Anastasia 

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