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Friday, 27 June 2014

Orphan Black season 1- Review

Since I haven't had much time for reading, I wanted to take time to write about what I have had time for.  TV!  I've been catching up on missed television, SOA, American Horror Story,  and Game of Thrones just to name a few.
Well.... today I'm all about Orphan Black!  Orphan Black airs on BBC America and has just finished with season 2.  Last week I sat down and watched season 1.  I was hooked with the very first episode!  

As the show begins, Sarah Manning a streetsmart hustler is on the run from her exboyfriend and witnesses the suicide of a stranger,  a stranger that looks just like her!   Sarah decides to take over the identity of this stranger so she can empty her bank account.   Well that is easier said than done!  Little does Sarah know, the stranger was a cop and this sets in motion all of the events to take place.  Sarah eventually comes face to face with herself ( literally ) several time and discovers that she is a clone, and so the conspiracy begins to unfold.   Sarah  quickly finds herself in a race to save herself and her daughter.   

This show is smart, edgy, dark, suspenseful, and well thought out!   The cast of characters are wonderful!  Tatiana Maslany who plays Sarah Manning and half of the cast is AMAZING!!  She does such a great job giving all the characters she plays their own individuality.  Although Tatiana Maslany does a superb job portraying all the clones, I think Sarah and Helena are are my favorite.  Maybe because they are both badass!!   Sarah Manning has a gay step brother named Felix played by Jordan Gavaris  who is the source of many laughs on the show!  I absolutely adore his character and the fun he brings to the show.  He is very loyal to Sarah and will do anything for her.   In one way or the other he ends up mixed up in all the shenanigans too!  (LOL!)  Ladies, never fear, we do get some eye candy with Dylan Bruce who plays the oh so scrumptious boyfriend to one of the girls. Is he good, or bad?  I'm still not sure. Maybe a little of both!  ;)    Oh, and did I mention that Tatiana Maslany is AMAZING??

If you haven't yet watched this show, I highly recommend it!  Unfortunately Netflix doesn't have this show, but season 1 is available to Amazon Prime members at no charge!  If you're lucky your cable provider will have season 2 on demand.   I can't wait to start on season 2,  I can hardly think of anything else!

This is the scene when Sarah decides to become Elizabeth Childs in order to clean out her bank account. 


Tina B said...

Awesome!! I LOVE this show!! My hubby got me into watching it last season and we are about 1/2 through this season so far. She really does do an amazing job playing ALL of those characters!
I am sure you will love season 2 as well. :D

helpmerhonda72 said...

Tina I am so looking forward to it!! Thank you so much for dropping in!! ;)

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