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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Holy Hell, Meet Debra Anastasia! Birthday Bash Day 3

I read Crushed Seraphim right behind Poughkeepsie.  While both stories are vastly different, both are quite enjoyable.  Today we are posting our thoughts on Crushed Seraphim. 
ALSO.... Debra was gracious enough to spend a little time answering some questions for us,  so get ready to meet this quirky, funtabulous lady with absolutely no filter between the mind and the mouth. 
Don't forget to enter the rafflecoptor 2 winners will be chosen to win an e-copy of Crushed Seraphim.
We just love this Lady, and hope you enjoy her as much as we do!! Please welcome
Debra Anastasia! 

Hey Debra!!  We’re so excited to celebrate this special occasion with you , it’s always so much fun having you around.  *gives Debra tight hug*  

*grabsRhondaSamandElena'sasses*  Good luck getting rid of me. I can't imagine having a party without you wild girls.  

 So Debra,  Do you mind telling our fabulous followers a little about yourself,  and what inspired you to become a writer, and where your ideas come from??

Your followers are geniuses. I always love to see your blog post in my inbox.  My ideas come from my ass, of course. It's where I keep all my important things. I was inspired to write because I began telling humorous true tales on an internet forum. Connecting with people because of the gibberish  poured out of my horrible head allowed me access to a group of readers who I adore. Taking the step to fiction was a bit scarier because people would know what went on in my head and I'm weird. Once there was some positive feedback, I realized the more real I was, the more risks I took, the more engaging the story became.

One of my favorite things about your books is the strong characterization, and the humor you give to their dialogue.  I’m aware of how much of that humor reflects your own,  (When I grow up I hope I’m as funny as you! )   Which character overall is the most fun for you to write in the Crushed Seraphim series?

Please girl, you are hilarious and you know it. Jack was my very favorite because I love when the character has a lack of a filter. Emma is a very close second. I like how ballsy she is. As far as humor? A day without laughter is like a fart without noise --not funny. My grandfather always said, "If you're not having a good time it's your own goddamn fault." I never want to waste a day if I don't have to.

Now, Satan Jack…. *swoons a little*   He’s so naughty, and apparently says naughty things to you when you’re writing,  just like that devil perched on your shoulder whispering in you ear would.   Do you remember when Satan Jack first spoke to you?? 

Yes! I love that devil so much. I was writing along in Crushed Seraphim and when his character entered the storyline, I was charmed. The devil was supposed to be so, so scary. and when Emma encounters him, seduction is his super power. Temptation can maybe be worse than pain? Then Jack kept popping back up in the storyline and I looked forward to him so much.

Alright,  let’s let our hair down, and get rid of the bras now!!  (Yes Please!)

Do you let your emotions get the best of you and cry like a babe when reading a novel that tugs at your heart? If so,we want the name of the  book that can bring Ms.Debra Anastasia down to her knees *snickers*

My knees? I better move my boobs out of the way then. *flingsthemovershoulders* The last two books that slayed me totally were The Host by Stephanie Meyer and the last Harry Potter novel. I sobbed with both. I actually do not love to cry, but I do it fairly often. Not enough people know about The Host. Ms. Meyers flaunts her imagination in that book so much, my mouth was hanging open. Fantastic book. You have to get to the cave part and then you just can't put it down.

Which 3 celebrities would you most likely fantasize about on a daily basis? That excludes Johnny Depp cause we all know you can do more then cuddle with him!! LOL!

Okay, Mr. Depp is sort of a lady business pleaser, that's for sure. Is it okay to say my husband beats them all out? I'm stupid crazy about him and he is hands down the hottest guy I know. The dimples and the green eyes and he's super strong...sigh. Before I married, Johnny was the ultimate but I also had HUGE crushes on Jon Bon Jovi and Nikki Sixx. I even had their pictures in my locket. I was a sad sack.

Knowing you, this could be a never ending answer... LOL!  Tell us about one of your more embarrassing moments.

 Haha. Well, I don't even know where to start. Wal-mart comes to mind. Hmm. I think I'll do the time I tried to beat a Disney potty into submission:

 We hear the music, we smell the smells. Ahh. We love Epcot. First things first, the potty. The Jiggler (my ass) has a little problem with some Disney potties. You see, I rarely potty alone. I've mastered the two and three person potty trip. Of course, we all cram into one stall  This potty trip it's just me and my daughter.  Girlchild and I make our way in. I back The Jiggler in [beep, beep, beep]
and drag her in behind me. I straddle the toilet and try to close the door. She was at the stage in her development where her head was just high enough to bang into the toilet tissue dispensers. I usually wound up cramming her head between the stall door and the dispenser, pinball style, a couple of times per trip.

Big green eyes would stare up at me in disbelief that she has to deal with a mom who has no concept of spatial relations. After we were safely locked in, I rotated the Jigger around to get the Jiggler protector (the toilet guard tissue). I carefully pluck just one (wouldn't want to be wasteful). Gently and daintily I lay the Jiggler protector down. The toilet is competitive, just like the spider at the car wash. The toilet feels I shouldn't be a wimp and I should just lay the bare Jiggler down. "Toughen up" the toilet thinks and then it sucks my Jiggler protector down with enough force to render me nude if I were standing closer. Girlchild screams and holds her ears.

 "The flush is too loud," she wails.

 In a frenzy to find a safe harbor, she winds up bouncing between the Jiggler and the stall door. "Well," I think, "I'll try this again. Because I like to win. I want to beat the potty at its own game." I lay the protector down, nicey nice, and the middle falls in, sets off the super sensitive sensor and… sonic boom flush. Girlchild is now a little leery of sitting on this insatiable monster that eats the Jiggler protectors so ferociously. What will it do with her teeny, tiny hiney? I'm totally unaware of my daughter's concerns. It's me verses the potty. I break out the ultimate weapon. 
The bare Jiggler.

If I can move fast enough, I can hold that protector in place. I'll anchor it down and show that potty who's boss. The potty has had a lot of practice. I moved as quick as lightening. Place the protector, swing the Jiggler around, knock into girlchild, who bounces into the toilet tissue dispenser… again. I'm almost there; the bare Jiggler will be safe from all the germs of the 100 gazillion women that have done their business before me. I hear a high pitched whine I'm not fast enough. My plan will not work. The potty sucks down its favorite treat, for a third time. The Jiggler's not a fast enough anchor…To add insult to my bruised ego and germs to the germs I now get to wear, like a nasty accessory all day long, I get the the "finishing touch." That splash of ice cold potty water.

"Aggh!" I let out a little scream.

Big green eyes are watching this whole show. Hands covering ears. In her sweet little head, that potty just took a bite of the Jiggler and Mommy was getting sucked down next. She waits. Now, it's her turn. She bangs her head one more time against the t.p. dispenser in a futile effort to render herself unconscious and avoid being sucked down by the Jiggler protector eating, sonic booming, auto-flushing potty. She's unsuccessful and she's up next. I did what all good moms do. I bribed her. With toys, treats and ponies.

She's still not crazy about loud flushes.

 Quickie Q & A

What are you currently reading?  ( or read most recently ) 
I just finished the fifth fever series book and now for a little break, I'm reading Laura Kaye's Forever Freed.

Favorite food? Chocolate

Do you own sexy underwear??  ( No not the kind that are comfortable, and come to the belly button.) 
You dissing my grannie panties? haha. Um, yes I do own a few pairs that I would rip off no matter where I was if I had a risky fart.

If your life was a song, which would it be??  
In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. The more exciting version with the harmony guys.

Edward or Jacob?? Both. Of course.

Debra, Thank you so much for chatting with us!!!  We just love you so much, and look forward to your next visit!!!
*sloppy kisses and cops a feel*
*grabbyhands* Thank you all so much for playing with me! I'm so damn lucky and glad we all have come know each other in the biblical sense. XOXO

Crushed Seraphim By Debra Anastasia

What a FUN book!!

I have determined that Debra Anastasia is going to tell me an incredibly entertaining story, whether she’s writing the love story of a homeless man, and his completely dysfunctional brothers, or in this case a story of good and evil colliding and finding an unexpected love.

Emma is a seraph who has been sent to earth as Jason’s Christmas Angel. Emma’s job is to show Jason, who is a half-breed vampire his self-worth. Heaven has an aversion to the half-breed vampires, and apparently Emma does too. Quickly Emma finds that Jason actually has some humanity about him, and is very kind, and quite sexy too. Along with trying to accomplish this task of Jason, she is trying to figure out how to save God, who is trapped in Hell. While God is trapped, and Emma is occupied, there is betrayal from another seraph brewing. Emma goes on quite a journey in this story. Starting with getting herself thrown into Hell, where she meets Satan Jack, who exudes irresistible sex appeal. Jack is licking a major wound that is hundreds of years old, which is responsible for landing him in Hell as Satan. Jack is quite lonely in spite the string of women that end up in his bed. That is until Emma lands in Hell, and Satan Jack’s heart finds something he thought was forever lost. As Emma’s journey goes, she starts to warm toward Jack, as she comes to know that there is still a good soul inside of him. When Emma makes the ultimate sacrifice, those who she has touched rally to try and save her.

I don’t like to give up too much of the story, because the reader unfolding the details is the most enjoyable part of reading. As I said, Emma goes on quite a journey, from seraph, to human, to sap sucking vampire, to a seraph again, and back to human. The ride in between was so much fun, and there were moments that I felt my heart ache. I got really caught up in the story when Jason was telling Emma about his past, and I just hung on for the rest of the ride. The characterization is exactly what I expect from Debra Anastasia; sweet, funny, witty, courageous, sexy, loyal, and foul mouthed. I can not wait for the next book!!

Debra Anastasia, I adore your storytelling, and I can’t wait for you to tell me another one!!

Grace's Thoughts

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading Crushed Seraphim. It wasn't until a few chapters in when I realized that the reader was going to get a taste of this author's more comedic work, which delighted me beyond belief! Where in the world did Ms. Anastasia came up with this imaginative and creative story where a bad angel runs havoc in heaven and where you will find compassion for the devil? There is suspense, action, moments where I busted out laughing, and even a love triangle. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this story! I very much look forward to the sequel.


Debra is giving away a copy of crushed Seraphim , Winners choice of ecopy format. 
 Crushed Seraphim, one per day, so stop back by and visit, meet Satan Jack, and celebrate with us!! 
Don't forget to visit Debra's site for the grand prize!

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monamour said...

Debra, have I mentioned lately I luvs you?? No? Well I does. And not just for access to Jack either.

As always, you brighten my day with your cheeky bad self. I almost peed my pants laughing at your attempts to wrestle the potty into submission.

Thanks to all the ladies for hosting one helluva of party for the past 3 days. And Debra I <3 you hard my sweet. xx

Cheers! Trayce (lemonamour)

Carin said...

I have got to read theses books now Debra is a hoot!

Laura Kaye said...

Super fun post! And happy birthday, Debra's book! :)

GraceDZ said...

Debra, I agree with what you said about The Host. I tell people all the time to try to get to the cave part. It's been so much fun celebrating Crushed Seraphim's birthday with you this week!!!

Lisa Cox said...

Is that the deal with The Host? I tried to read that and after a bit, I had to put it down and go on to a different book. It just wasn't grabbing me.
Thanks for the great interview and giveaway.

April Alvey said...

Congrads love this book its on my wish list. butterfli262002@yahoo.com

Bouncy72 said...

Rock on Debra Anastasia lovers ;)

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