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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pleasures Untold (Hanafird park #2) By Lisa Sanchez

Hell hath no fury like a witch done wrong. Pissed off and packing an arsenal of witchy mojo, Martha is on the warpath. Determined to avenge the murder of her mother and grandmother, her mission is simple: kill every vampire, demon and underworld bastard she comes across, because one of those hell beasts might be the monster that stole her childhood from her. But when a sexy Latin vamp literally falls from the sky, saving her from becoming an undead Happy Meal, she has no choice but to reassess everything she thinks she knows.

Xan is an anomaly --a vampire born, not turned. A powerful warlock who walks in daylight, Xan spends his days, and nights, watching over Martha, protecting her from Lucian, the blood-sucking monstrosity whose sole mission in death is to drain her dry. Undeniable attraction and the promise of pleasures untold draw the two lovers into a frustrating dance of one step forward, two steps back. When Lucian throws down a deadly ultimatum, Martha is forced to choose between relying on her own mystical woo woo to save the lives of her stolen friends or succumbing to the lure of dark, voodoo magic. Xan and Martha must work together to save those closest to her and put an end to Lucian's reign of terror before it's too late.

Grace's Review:

Pleasures Untold is a FANTASTIC sequel to Eve of Samhain of the Hanaford Park series!

In this installment, we get to find out more about Martha, who was introduced in the first book. She's a witch who is hell bent on completing a self-imposed mission to destroy every creature that stands in her path in hopes of finding and killing Lucian, the vampire who murdered her mother and grandmother. Her life is turned upside down when she meets Xan. Martha is trying to figure out who or what Xan is, since she can't sense any evil in him. Xan is not the usual vampire Martha frequently runs into in her daily life, and he has his own secrets too.

I enjoyed reading Eve of Samhain, but I loved Pleasures Untold even more! Martha is a strong heroine. She's snarky, likeable, a badass and watches out for her friends, Taylor and Jessica. Xan is a sexy Latin vampire with a hot bod who whispers loving phrases in one moment and then curses in Spanish in the next breath, LOL! Xan and Martha had great chemistry together too! I loved how they helped each other out in certain situations.

If you're not familiar with Ms. Sanchez's work, her writing is witty, humorous and sarcastic. There were moments that had me laughing so hard I spit out my coffee! One of my favorite moments was when Taylor and Jessica, who are Grey's Anatomy fans, were trying to come up for a nickname for Xan:

“McVampy. He's smoking hot, and he's got a delicious bite to him. He's better than McDreamy and McSteamy rolled together!”

So if you liked the first book, you will definitely love this one! Even if Eve of Samhain was not your cup of tea, please give Pleasures Untold a try anyway. I found the storyline and the dynamic between the characters more interesting. It was definitely an entertaining read. Plus, the story sets it up nicely to go into the 3rd book, Faythe Reclaimed, which is Taylor and Gabriel's story. Gabriel is Xan's friend, and we get to know him a little in this one.

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GraceDZ said...

Just so everyone knows book #3 releases this month! I've been reading Faythe Reclaimed this week and can't wait to tell everyone about it! :)

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