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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Harbour Falls by S.R. Grey

Best-selling author Maddy Fitch, researching material for a new novel, returns to her hometown of Harbour Falls to investigate a disappearance that has haunted the tiny Maine coastal town for the past four years. Maddy soon discovers that the case has gone cold, but the prime suspect, Adam Ward, is hotter than ever. Now living on an isolated island, Maddy takes up residence near the sexy Mr. Ward's home. As she begins to seek out answers, the mystery deepens, putting Maddy in jeopardy. 
Lies, secrets, deceptions. Nothing is ever what it seems in Harbour Falls. 

A steamy novel that immerses the reader in an intricate storyline that will keep them glued till the very last page.

Grace's Review:

So much had changed since I'd left Harbour Falls. Everyone was so different, their lives so full of complications.”

When crime/mystery novelist Maddy Fitch returns to her hometown in Maine to do research for her next novel, she takes on the cold case that has become the town's biggest mystery. It all surrounds the disappearance of someone she once knew. What exactly happened to Chelsea Hannigan the night before her wedding? The night she was supposed to marry Adam?

He was tall and had an amazing body, gorgeous jet-black hair, and stunning blue eyes.”

Ahhh...Adam Ward...he's a computer software genius, ultra rich, handsome, and happens to be Maddy's high school crush. Renting a cottage next to his home on Fade Island was no coincidence. Maddy had every intention to get close to him to find answers, but can she really trust him? After all, he is the prime suspect in this unresolved case.

Oh, I love a good mystery that keeps me guessing and guessing until the very end and with S.R. Grey's self-published debut novel I got just that and more! I really loved the setting of the story. Fade Island was described so beautifully. The fog shrouding the island and the thunderstorms truly did enhance the ambiance as the mystery unfolded. A fantastic cast of characters, many of them suspects, kept my interest alive as Maddy tried to put the pieces together. The blossoming relationship between Maddy and Adam is just delicious. Adam, although slightly stalker-ish and mercurial when it comes to Maddy, is one helluva sexy guy! After numerous short-lived steamy encounters, after all the interruptions and time apart, when the stars finally aligned for this couple, it was well worth the wait!

My only minor complaint is that I felt the story was really slow in the beginning. It took a while for the mystery to unravel. However, once the plot got going, it was really exciting all the way to the end! Maddy digging around lands her in a heap of a mess that I didn't see coming! At this point, I was all...what the frickin' eff happened!? Then things just go from bad to worse for the curious heroine. I was truly scared for her as I reached the end, and the author got me good...real good! In my wildest dreams, I didn't think it would end that way. Now, the mystery does get resolved, but we also get left with a little something to expect for the next book, Willow Point, which is expected to be released in spring 2013.

So, if you're in a mood for a solid mystery-romance with twists aplenty, give Harbour Falls a try, and see if you can figure out whodunit before reaching the end.

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