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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hereafter (Hauntings at Inner Harbor #1) by Joya Fields

Hereafter (Hauntings at Inner Harbor, Book 1)

When by-the-numbers accountant Rob Morrison, a skeptic of all things paranormal, moves into a new apartment and discovers it is haunted by the corporeal ghost of a beautiful woman, he must hastily reconsider his beliefs and revisit his painful past.

With no memory of her time on earth, Angie Barsotti doesn’t understand why she’s compelled to visit the same apartment every night as a ghost caught between two worlds. If she’s to have a chance to move on, she needs to find the missing pieces of her life and death through the man who lives there…if only he’d believe in her.

Together they struggle to find the truth about her death and stumble upon a very pleasurable way to time travel, hopeful they can prevent her death. But someone doesn’t want them to discover the truth. And if she’s human again, will she have any memories of her time as a ghost…and more importantly, will she remember the man who helped her find her way?

Grace's Review
4 Stars

So Fascinating!

I was completely fascinated by the world created in Hereafter. The summary already says a lot, so I won't delve too much into the plot of this short story. It starts off with a simple man trying to live a simple life, or should I say trying to get on with his life after a bad break-up. Moving into this particular apartment totally changes everything he believes in when he encounters a beautiful ghost.
Suddenly, he becomes entangled in solving a mystery that ultimately spins his life in a different direction.

Now, with Rob being a tax accountant, you might think he's a boring person, but he's not. As his story unfolds and his tragic past comes to play, I truly felt the pain he held inside coming off the pages. What kept me reading was the mystery surrounding Angie. She's a ghost caught between two worlds, and her sadness and need for someone to just believe tugged at my heart.

With a story combining endearing romance, mystery, life lessons, and the sexiest way to time-travel, I found Hereafter to be a truly enjoyable read. It will make you believe that anything is possible.

4 of 5 stars false

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