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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Tempted into Danger (ICE: Black Ops Defenders #1) by Melissa Cutler

"Keep the asset safe or die trying." 
When a simple mission to deliver the beautiful and brilliant Vanessa Crosby to a safe house goes horribly wrong, ICE agent Diego Santero's life gets complicated. Keeping the anti-crime analyst safe from the notorious mercenaries after her program will put everything he's worked for at risk. 
Relentlessly hunted and not knowing whom to trust, Diego takes Vanessa on the run, deep into the heart of the deadly Panamanian rain forest. Vanessa reminds herself that she's just another asset to the ruggedly handsome black ops agent...until their intense situation leads to a release of passion neither expected. But even if they make it out alive, how can they ever have a future together? 

Grace's Review

Thrilling, romantic, thoroughly entertaining!

Right from the start I could not put this down! Tempted Into Danger had everything I crave for in a romantic suspense story. It had pulse-racing action, delicious slow-burning romance, plenty of tension, and a fast-paced storyline filled with thrills and unexpected moments. The setting in the Panamanian rain forest was exotic and made for such an exciting back drop.

I thought Vanessa and Diego complemented each other very well. Both characters go through their own journey of personal growth and change. What each had gone through in their past tugged at my heart. I loved how they drew strength and learned from each other as they fought to survive. The story takes place over a few days. Even in that short time-frame, Cutler was able to pull off a believable romance that is slowly-built and satisfying. My only gripe is that there was no epilogue. I hope that we do see some sort of update about them later on. 

If you're a fan of romance suspense of the black ops variety, or if you like the kind of romance where the true action hero falls hard for the girl with the brilliant mind, then I highly recommend Tempted Into Danger. Melissa Cutler is a new-to-me author. I'll be waiting for more! Who is the next book about? Ryan's I hope!!!

*** A complimentary copy was provided for an honest review ***

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