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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick

A sizzling debut novel starring a sexy TV chef who steams up more than just entrees...

She wasn't his kind of dish-until someone turned up the heat...

Celebrity chef and infamous ladies' man Bryce Ryder can't believe the thoughts he's having about his old friend Jenna McCabe. She's always been the shy girlnext- door, but when some bad publicity threatens everything he's built, Jenna gets down to business- and shows a side of herself that is take-charge and totally irresistible.

Soon things are heating up in and out of the kitchen-and all of Jenna's secret fantasies about Bryce start coming true. But will she be the one to tame his heart, or is the sexy chef just indulging another one of his cravings?

Rhonda's Review:

WHEW!!! It’s definitely HOT IN HERE!!! *wipes sweat from brow* Our womanizing Bryce Ryder who has a very blasé attitude toward women since being betrayed by one, suddenly finds himself lusting over his best friend since high school Jenna McCade. Jenna who has secretly been in love with Bryce since high school , would love nothing more than a happily ever after with Bryce. But Jenna knows all to well Bryce’s womanizing ways, and feels like she’s not at all his type, since he has always been with the runway model types. Our smexy Bryce goes after the voluptuous Jenna full speed ahead, as Jenna plays “playgirl” to his “playboy”, Friends become lovers and so much more.
This is a great story and Bryce is as delicious, as he can be, as he makes a culinary delight out of Jenna, you might just find youself wishing you were her!!
HOT HOT HOT READ!! Highly recommended!! 


Rhonda D said...

Wow! This sounds like a really good read! I am definitely adding it to my tbr list! Thanks!

helpmerhonda72 said...

It's smutty contemporary goodness!! Lol!

GraceDZ said...

I currently have this book sitting on my nightstand, but haven't found time to read it yet. I will now after reading your review! :)

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