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Monday, 20 February 2012

Shackled by Debra Anastasia


Aeliea is an evil princess with a taste for torture. In order to save his mother’s life, Markus defies the future queen. She condemns the proud, strong warrior to her dungeons. Night after night he is brought, naked and shackled, to stand before Aeliea. Markus is determined to change the woman whose treacherous whims terrify her empire. 

Rhonda's Review:
Shackled by Debra Anastasia

What a terrific short story!!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out about this story  from Mrs. Anastasia. 
And even though it’s a short story, it was exactly what I expect from her storytelling. However the story is very different, but then again I haven’t read one of her stories that are similar to each other.  Reading this short story displays the versatility of Mrs. Anastasia’s writing, and I look forward to many more stories from this amazing lady.

Aeliea is the Princess of Indovia, and finds pleasure in others pain.  But when she comes face to face with a man who is willing to sacrifice himself for his mother and a child and become Aeliea’s prisoner.  She accepts this trade off seemingly because she finds Markus attractive.  Markus has experienced first hand the devastation Aeliea’s cruelty has caused,  and while she summons him every night to her bedchambers for conversation and a little peepshow on the sly, LOL! Markus is cultivating a plan that will show her what it feel like to lose something you love to another’s  cruelty.   When Aeliea experiences loss, she begins to see the error of her ways and instead of torturing her people she embraces them and helps them.  As Aeliea changes her ways, Markus finds forgiveness in his heart for her, although she knows she doesn’t deserve it.

Aeliea’s parents have arranged a marriage between her and Sylo the Marauder, who is known for killing his wives.  She doesn’t fight this because she feels she deserves it after everything she has done in the past.  But as her recent past catches up with her, and she finds herself with child, she would do whatever necessary to protect the unborn child and the secret of the baby’s true parentage.   Sylo starts to reek havoc on her people in his quest for power, and it’s up to Aeilea to save her people from his destruction.

For such a short story, this is really well written and plotted.  I found myself unable to put it down until I was finished.  Good Job Mrs. Anastasia! You can tell me a story anytime!!


Elena said...

Awe! Great Job! I didn't see any spoilers. And it sounds interesting!

helpmerhonda72 said...

I was surprised how much story she pulled of in around 40 pages. :-)

Elena said...

*gasp* 40 pages? Say wha? Hmmm I'm wondering how Debra pulled it off. Cause you gave it a 5 Star! That's Amazing

helpmerhonda72 said...

Yes ma'am, 5 based on short story criteria for me. ;-)

Jennifer Lane said...

I loved this story! There was a lot of plot and romance packed in.

helpmerhonda72 said...

I know, and don't forget characterization too. Debra added all the main ingredients. ;-)

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