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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Guest Post with Lisa Beth Darling


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Book Spotlight Feature

 Hello and welcome to the blog! Today I would like to welcome Lisa Beth Darling.
Tag line: (Venture on a Mystical Journey through Time and Secrets Past)
Title: Women of War
Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Series: OF WAR
Genre: Immortal/Paranormal Erotic/Romance
Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing
Release Date: February 14, 2013
Format: (Print, EBook, or Both) Ebook and Print
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02WcvnLy8-8&list=UUzpOiBqu9gHeuNKvucR2hng&index=1
To celebrate the release of the "Women of War" I'm making the "OF WAR Anthology" FREE on Kindle February 14-15th. Get the first 4 stories in the series FREE! http://www.amazon.com/WAR-Anthology-Novels-1-3-ebook/dp/B00AAKR6DE/

Venture on a Mystical Journey through Time and Secrets Past
This story spans four generations of women in Alena's family from her great-grandmother, Shar Draíocht the last known Queen of the Dark Kingdom. Morrowind, her tortured daughter. Maven, Alena's free spirited mother. And ends the night Alena washed up on Ares' shore. With intensity, lust, fear, and strength these Women of War make their way in the world revealing the hidden truths of the past and Ares true connection to his beloved Wife, Alena.
EXCERPT: G Rated (book is ADULTS ONLY)

"Hello, Norman," she whispered, holding fast to Maggie's hand.
"Mae," he returned through tight lips that broke into a wide smile when he looked down at the little girl with gray eyes and red hair. "Aren't you a beauty, little lass? A fine, fine, bonnie little lass." He held his arms out for her but, even though Maggie wasn't afraid and even tried to go to him, Mae wouldn't let her.
"You shouldn't be here," Maven warned, "you're upsetting them."
Norman looked past Mae up the hillside to the clusters of Fey in the trees most holding a bow and arrow aimed in his direction. "Let 'em be upset then," he sneered, "I want my daughter."
Suddenly Maggie began jumping up and down in place while she happily exclaimed, "The Prince! The Prince!" She wriggled her hand away from her mother and ran to him to have him sweep her up in his big arms and hold her tight.
"I can't believe ya told her that stupid story, woman," Norman remarked something near as a laugh as he took in the sight of the girl in his hand. "That's right, little darlin', I'm the Prince, I'm your Da." He planted a big kiss on her cheek before holding her up high with the full extension of his strong arms and wheeled her about in the air. "What's her name?" he demanded in a grunt overshadowed by bliss.
"Magdalena," Maven whispered.

ALTERNATE EXCERPT: PG-13 Rated (please use whichever excerpt you think is best for your site)
This was the Age of Men, of War, and Conquest. Looking down at his fingertips sparkling with glitter he knew not all of the Faery abandoned this place. Despite the dangers to them, they stayed hidden in this hill. Why that should be, he didn't know. "I know you can hear me, so listen good. If you're planning on joining in, don't," Ares warned in a low voice as he spoke to the night, "this is the province of men, not giggling bugs." Rudely he flicked the sparkling dust from his fingers and finished his trip down the hill where he vanished and then reappeared behind the city walls in his own rather plush quarters in the remains of Dunbar Castle. Grabbing up a fine crystal decanter in his big mitt, he poured half of the full container of the best Scot's Whisky one could steal down his gullet. Dawn was still several hours away and he was in the mood for female company to while away the time between now and the battle.
Throwing open the heavy oak door, he looked out into the corridor with its burning torches lighting up the remaining grandeur of the crumbling castle walls. He saw the guards at either end. "Bring me a bitch, a young one," he ordered and then slammed the door only to open it again just as one of the men started off. "Make it two." Ares slammed the door again. Restless and bored, he paced quickly about the room throwing his hand absently in the air, making the hearth spring up in a roaring blaze. The time between the planning and the attacking was always the worst. The waiting seemed to draw out forever no matter what he did to speed it up. Walking heavily back and forth, his boots clopping against the stone below his big feet, he downed the rest of the whisky then snapped his fingers to refill the delicate decanter from the casks in the basement. Just as he thought he'd lose all control to impatience, there was a knock on the door. "Took you long enough!" he snarled as he threw it open to see the guard standing there with two Celtic beauties. Ares' eyes appraised them even as they refused to meet his gaze. "These will do." He grabbed each young woman by the forearm and threw them into the room. "Bye." He shut the door in the guard's face and locked it tight before turning to his new guests. "Hello ladies, so good of you to join me tonight."
They didn't speak, they simply huddled together staring at him knowing what was coming and trying to figure a way to stop it. Although they didn't know his name, he was familiar to them; they'd seen him around the town and knew the tall dark stranger to be a mercenary. The man had no allegiance to Britain or the Crown; he was only here for the glory of the battle and only the battle. He spoke with an odd accent they'd never heard and he was darker skinned than any man they'd ever seen with a body taller and stronger than a tree.
Ares swaggered toward them, his dark eyes scanning their bodies up and down, down and up, and side to side, as he bit down on his bottom lip. Slowly he walked around them. Both of them were nineteen or maybe twenty, both of them with fiery red hair and crystal blue eyes, their alabaster faces covered with freckles. Strong bodies from working in fields had firm breasts below their flimsy cotton chemises. In the firelight, he clearly saw the curves of their shapely legs leading to the places between, the night's destinations. "Sisters," he remarked as his full lips turned into a sly smirk and he drew in breath over his sharp teeth. "How nice...for me," he whispered as he stopped in front of what he believed to be the younger of the two. She didn't look at him so Ares grabbed her jaw and forced her head upward to meet his cold stare. "There's no reason this has to go badly, hmmm? A little cooperation and I guarantee you'll enjoy the rest of the night." His smile widened when he felt her tremble and saw her pretty eyes dart away from him.

"Women of War" releases 2/14/2013 to Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords, also in print to Amazon.com. Signed paperbacks and hard covers may be ordered by going to http://www.moonsmusings.com
Also to celebrate the release of this story I'd like to giveaway 1 ebook copy of "Women of War" to go with this post.
Author Links:
Blog: http://lbdarling.wordpress.com
Twitter: @lb_darling
Facebook: http://facebook.com/lbdarling

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