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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

With Everything I Am (Bk#2) By Kristen Ashley

With Everything I Am (The Three, #2)One night, Callum is driven into the woods by instinct, an instinct to protect… what, he does not know. Until he, in the form of wolf, meets a young, human child who he is instantly drawn to in a fierce way he doesn’t quite understand.

But in the end, she protects him. Then he finds this human child is his destined mate.

Sonia Arlington has lived a lonely life. She has certain abilities that make her strange and she has a rare disease that, if untreated, could kill her. Her mother and father are assassinated but before, her father makes her vow that she will never let others discover her abilities. This forces Sonia to stay distant from others, no family, no close friends and always guarding against exposure.

Then the intelligence leaks that Sonia is Callum’s human mate. He is now King of the Werewolves and therefore she becomes targeted by the wolves who have aligned with other immortals to enslave the human race. Callum has war on his hands and is forced to claim his mate and quickly integrate Sonia into a world that is strange and frightening to her.

As Sonia attempts to adjust, not entirely successfully, Callum attempts to cope with the knowledge that his mate is mortal. He will have her beauty and gentleness only the length of a mortal life and as werewolves only have one mate their entire lives, their union for him is unbearably bitter as well as unbelievably sweet.

Then he finds that due to her illness, her human life will be even shorter and he is forced to endure the increased bitter while doing everything he can to make Sonia’s short life incredibly sweet.

 Holly's Review:


Callum is the King of Werewolves, Big, Bad, HOT, Sexy ALPHA!! The End!!

Just kidding, though it could be and that would be enough for you to pick this book up! :) - Seriously though, this is the second book in The Three series and it was oh so good!

Again, Callum is the King of Werewolves and has known about his mate since she was a child. The kicker is she is HUMAN! When she is just a little girl, she protects Cal from some hunters the night her parents are killed. Sonia, sorry, forgot to mention her name, now Sonia has a few abilities of her own but has always been told to hide them carefully. She knows nothing of Cal or the wolves or any of this business and simpley goes on about her life, albeit her somewhat lonely life.

The night Cal comes to her and takes her away to claim her did not go as planned. Her life was threatened and he was forced to proceed. He has never been crazy about having a human mate and let me tell you their long road to learning how to deal with each other had so many bumps even I was really starting to feel for them. As I said Cal is soooo Alpha that he even got on my nerves on occasion by not taking into account how much Sonia DID NOT know about his people, his culture or anything! But he is, like all KA's Alphas so sweet and amazing under all that rough that you just melt like a puddle of goo and all is forgiven! You know what I mean girls!!

“I loved you before you took your first breath on this earth because that was my fate but you made me love you because you’re just… fucking… you.”

Seriously...like you could resist that??!

Of course, as KA always does, she runs our emotions through the ringer(have I mentioned I love her)and when I finish one of her books I for one am thoroughly satisfied!!

This series is a three book series, for anyone who doesn't know, so please don't read this one until you have read Until The Sun Falls From The Sky as it is book one and (yay) we get to visit with Luci
en and Leah a little towards the end of this book :) I can't wait for book three to see exactly how this series will conclude. Because in this book as well as the first, even if you think you have it all figured out KA throws a few curve balls in there every now and then!!

You know I LOVE HER, right?? 



Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

LOL I take it you love KA? LOL Ive heard such good things about her. Really everyone I know who has read her just raves. I've really got to dig out some time soon and read her. I think this series might be my undoing and the one that drags me in finally. Damn I love a sexy alpha werewolf and yeah that quote? Totally got me!

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Thessamari said...

Great review, Hols. I wish I liked K.A. I've tried to read some of her books, but something about her run-on sentences bug me. Too bad, too, cuz I hear she's got some bad-ass Alpha males I would love to sink my teeth into. LOL

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