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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Awaken,My Love By Robin Shone

Adventurous readers everywhere are discovering the pleasures to be found in the erotic romances of Robin Schone. In The Lover, Schone took us on a journey "into the very heart of sensuality and the nature of passion" (Romantic Times). As a contributor to Kensington's enormously successful anthologies, Captivated and Fascinated, Schone demonstrated her skill at weaving threads of breathtaking eroticism, masterful plotting, and remarkable characterization into a seamless, silken tapestry. Now, Robin Schone will thrill us again in "Awaken, My Love", her very first tale of exquisite desire, which has been unavailable since 1995. And to make this Brava Trade Paperback even more exciting, Schone has restored parts of her original manuscript.
Trapped in a passionless marriage, computer analyst Elaine Metcliffe awakens one morning to find herself in a stranger's bed. Something has caused her to be transported to another time and place -- and into the body of another man's wife. So begins a sensuous odyssey beyond her wildest dreams.
Embraced by Charles Mortimer, a handsome, hot-blooded English earl, Elaine soon craves the passion of his eager touch. But there are dark forces which threaten to destroy their bliss -- and secrets and treachery which a 20th-century woman and a 19th-century lord must vanquish together.

Ren's Review:

 Awaken, My Love is my first read by Robin Schone;it's not  like her usual erotica historical romance, this one is more like a paranormal time travel that takes place in a historical setting. Elaine is in her thirties, if I remember well she's 36;give or take. She has a rocky relationship with her husband. One day she wokes up in another womans body and transfers back to the 19th century (still, if I remember well, I read this almost 2 years ago). She must face her husband,Lord Charles Mortimer. Aka the husband of the woman that her body is  trapped in. Because Charles is furious with her to deny his sexual need.

Some things I remember are, I got the  idea here. Such as Elaine uses lemon and insert it into her sex (not the lemon, its more like the lemon used to wet the sponge), to prevent pregnancy. Oh, I just know about that! Then some sex position that Charles introduces to Elaine, from Kama Sutra or maybe The Perfume Garden. Really, you can read this book and make an improvement with  your sex acknowledgment! :P

The heavy erotica content in this book will not make readers uncomfortable, since there's no menage. Instead they will know some sex knowledge of 19th century. Funny they know how to prevent pregnancy, like what I told before, use Lemon! Not sure if its can be practiced in this era, since women will prefer pill.

I think readers that love historical romance, mix with erotica, some paranormal element and time travel, will enjoy this.

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