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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Collision Course By S.C Stephens

Lucas had it all – popularity, a devoted girlfriend, a brotherly best friend, and a loving mother who would do anything for him. His life was right on course to be a successful and fulfilling one, until the crash changed everything. It happened late one night during a sudden downpour. That evening, three young lives were lost and one life was left irrevocably altered. As the lone survivor, Lucas finds himself surrounded by swirling gossip of reckless drunkenness from the small town he used to warmly call home. Amid his own guilt and self-hatred, Lucas struggles to find hope, find peace, and maybe, even find love again.

Sam's Review:

This is a book that I cannot convey into words how it has made me feel. I already am a fan of S.C Stephens work and have read multiple books from her but this book had so much more depth and emotion that on more than once occasion I was wiping the tears away from my eyes. This book, in my opinion moved something in me, and days later I still feel the emotional pull this book has over me. It will be a book that I will want to read over and over just so I can connect with these characters again and move with them on their journey together to triumph over everything they thought they never could.

 I wish I could convey the emotion that this book evokes in you. The utter despair you feel for Lucas as he tries to make his way through an nonexistent life, the treatment he received from the student body, his struggles with his most inner demons and to see Sawyer; his saviour come down like an angel from heaven and be his saving grace. Sawyer was beautiful; she didn’t give up on Lucas. She seemed to be the only one that could understand he was going through something deeper than what everyone else could see. These characters have touched a spot deep in my heart to think these events are things 17 year olds should never in their life have to endure. 

 While this was a sad and tragic story of Lucas and the disasters he faced after losing his three friends in car accident it is in itself a blossoming love story and a story of how life goes on. I stumbled across this book when I think it was re released. I felt that this was very realistic and a story that has sadly more than likely occurred across the world on more than one occasion.

 This is a severely emotional book, but a book that should not be missed. I truly feel this story moved me beyond what any book has for a very long time. While almost painful at time to read the story line was so compelling that at the same time the thought of putting it down distressed me.

A true masterpiece.

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