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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Seduced by The Vampire King (#2)

American exchange student Kate Bordessa has fled to Russia to escape her family's hopes that she'll become one of the Proffered, human women who feed and mate with elite vampire warriors. But when she stumbles upon a wounded vampire in the streets of Moscow, she's instinctively driven to protect him--and feels an undeniable spark of desire.

Grieving over the deaths of his brothers, Vampire Warrior King Nikolai Vasilyev has thrown himself into battling his enemies, focused only on vengeance. Until the attack that brought him to Kate. Their sexual attraction explodes into a night of uncontrolled passion--a night that marks them as mates. Is their connection strong enough to convince them to embrace a destiny neither of them was expecting?

Grace's Review:

Love bites! Rawr!

Wow! Laura Kaye does it again creating another fantastic tortured vampire hero with Nikolai Vasilyev! The summary pretty much best describes the gist of this novella that had me reading nonstop until the end. After reading In the Service of the King, I very much looked forward to the sequel that takes the story into another part of the world. This time it is cold, snowy Russia. The first book really sets the base describing this vampire world, its expected rituals and traditions, and the war with the Soul Eaters (the bad vampires). Seduced by the Vampire King briefly goes over those things, but focuses more on the undeniable attraction of the two main characters. Nikolai and Kate meet under dire situation. They sort of have a first comes bite, then comes love thing going on. Ahh, yes, *rubs throat with hand* there is biting and blood sucking! These Vampire Warrior Kings have needs, ya know! Well rounded with emotional, intense, and seductive moments, I really enjoyed this one more so than the first story. I can't wait to find out where Ms. Kaye takes us next in the series!


Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

I really need to pick up this series soon. I'm reading her North of Need next. Can't wait :)

First comes bite then comes love. OMG love that!


GraceDZ said...

Anna, this series is HOT, be ready to meet some swoonworthy vamps! I love North of Need so much! Owen has a place in my heart. :)

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