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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Tallis By M.C Rae,Killian McRae

The Empire of Andresium is threatened by the corruption of the immortals, ancient beings given the gift of eternal life after the death of the last reigning empress. A prophecy speaks of their eventual downfall at the hands of one of their own, however. Tallis is known by most simply as "The Loren," and seeks to avoid her destiny while trying herself to remain untainted by the decaying morals and indifference to the fates of men that plague her kind. As the events of the prophecy begin to unfold, Tallis finds herself conflicted between upholding her dedication to justice, and falling victim to the ramifications of following the desires of her own heart.
Grace's review:

 While reading Tallis, I was immediately captivated by M.C. Rae's style of writing. It is simply impressive! I found myself pausing every couple of paragraphs to absorb what I had just read, since the fantasy world created is full of exceptional detail. From the descriptions of the setting to the intricate storyline, I am in awe at what is included in this novella.

Tallis is “The Loren” and immortal. There is a prophecy involving herself that she'd rather not see fulfilled. She shows no emotion, but her love, Tarameen, might just draw the feelings out of her:

“At this point in my existence, to allow myself to feel...What is the point in that? My fate is not my own. My destiny is not to seek out the longings of my own heart. I am the Loren. How can I allow myself to love?”--Tallis, M.C. Rae

Now, I didn't know Tallis is the first in a series while I was reading it. I reached the end, and I wanted more. That couldn't be the end!!! I was so ecstatic to learn there will be other books! Read Tallis and delve into an intriguing fantasy world!



Debra Anastasia said...

Wonderful review of one of my favorite writers!! Thanks Grace!

GraceDZ said...

Thank you, Debra! Her writing is indeed beautiful. :)

helpmerhonda72 said...

Great Review Grace!!!

I'm really looking forward to reading this author!!

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