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Monday, 23 January 2012

Elena's Suprise Package!

Before I begin....I have something to say. Here I thought my week was getting dank,overwhelming and down right stressful! Until....I was told I would be expecting a package. I knew what was in the package,but did I really? No I didn't!

Here's my story....A few weeks ago I wasn't minding my own business on twitter,which is the usual and very expected of me. While scrolling through tweets,I then realize the book I can't take off my mind,and is my #1 top read book in 2011 which is "Poughkeepsie" By Debra Anastasia. Well People were claiming they finally got their Trade Paperbacks in the mail,and rubbing it alllll over twitter. (very jealous) and here I'm thinking "Well...What the hell?" I then Tweet Rhonda asking her " why didn't she tell me?" I decide to go and order myself a copy. Well all along Rhonda had a surprise for me and I ruined the surprise. LOL!!! She purchased the novel in hopes that she could surprise me and hear me squealing from N.Y to Memphis. Although she got the reaction anyways,well todays surprise was even better! The novel was signed by the author Debra Anastasia and........My biggest secret of all? I do things for others I would never do for myself so this novel was my very first "Signed Copy" *SQUEEEEEEE* Sorry I sound pathetic,but that's just how I roll! HEHEHEHEHE!!!! Well that was one of my surprises.....

I'm shocked these two-ladies who rocked my socks off,could keep secrets from me.Rhonda has been teasing me all week about a bag I need to open.All I kept saying was "I hope it's nothing naughty" (hubs would faint)LOL!! She re-assured me it's nothing naughty,with a best-friends scouts honor.......Gotta love her!

For my second surprise,Debra sent me a Poughkeepsie Bracelet! I got the whole water works going on here.

These two-ladies with their fine selves,out did it! Made me tear up,literally stripped me where I stood. I didn't know where to begin with my thanks,so here I am,talking my ass off,something everyone knows I'm good at! I can't say Thank you enough.I also decided to do a small recording of my reaction. 

Once again, Rhonda and Debra are amazing friends. I hope for more laughs,non-filtered conversations and much more with their friendship. They deserved this shout out,plus some! 

One more thing before I take off. Many Sloppy Kisses and Lezbo Huggies to these wonderful ladies! ( I know we're all faithfully married to our hubs,but internet loving is so much fun!) LOL!!!

Much Love,


(ugh,I actually left my snotty tissue in the video,rotfl)


HighlandHussy said...

What a great surprise!!
Hope your week gets better E
Miss yall!

Vanessa theJeepDiva said...

I love it when Santa in the big brown truck shows up with something awesome! Yay for you getting your first signed book.

helpmerhonda72 said...

Oh ELENA!! That was worth all the effort put into that surprise. ;-)
You are a great friend and everyone should be so lucky to have a partner in crime like you. Love ya babe!.xoxo

Elena said...

Thanks ladies! I had to spread my excitement.

Rhonda, I'll never forget :) You're Awesome!

Blue Shedevil said...

Awwwwww! That was sooooo excellent. I teared up a little at the video. Aren't friends like that worth their weight in gold?

GraceDZ said...

Yay for getting your first signed book! Poughkeepsie was one of my top faves last year too. Big yays for excellent friends!

Elena said...

I concur ladies! The book was amazing and I'll cherish my friends. They're worth more then a box of books :)

Debra Anastasia said...

<3 you guys are amazing.

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