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Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Portal By Daisy Dunn

Cole Evans has been in love with Gianna Thomas from the first moment he laid eyes on her when he was a student at the University. He pursued her relentlessly, but Gianna would not date him because of their ten year age difference. She broke his heart when she pushed him away for good, afraid to be known as a Cougar.

Five years later, Cole is now twenty-nine years old and is ready to fight for Gianna. Before he does, he takes one more trip through the portal he created into the alternate universe he has stumbled across. He has been chosen as a guard for the ruling queen of this world and is shocked when he sees that one of the prisoners is Gianna. He needs to get her out of this place, away from the hungry gaze of the queen and into his arms once and for all.

Phenomenal lovers indeed!

Gianna Thomas works at the Local University in Calgary,as an assistant in the Department of Science.. Early on when she first started working at the University. A student 10years younger then Gianna was deeply crazy and infatuated with her. Although Gianna found him attractive,the age difference was like a brick reminder, it would never work. Being named a Cougar was not her style, so she lets Cole Evans down gently. But Evan never forgets her.

Well don't lose your focus just yet! Gianna thought life with her former mature boyfriend,Jack,was all she needed.He was kind,loving and more appropriate,age-wise. Don't let age become an issue,Jack was immature in so many ways. Cheating Skeezer! Ugh! OMD!! Guys like Jack are jack a***. Come on! Gianna was a loyal woman. Gosh I really hate men who cheat. But in the end everything happens for a reason. *smirks*

Cole Evans is a Science Genius! Evan works in the science department at the University. Working on science creations. He makes a portal to a whole other alternate universe.

When Giamna decides its been 5years since shes seen Cole,it's time to make a visit. Except this visit is so unexpected,she follows the bright light and falls into Evans portal. Hmmmm.... You know things such as this,always happens in movies and books, where the characters always walk towards the light and never away. I wouldn't for the life of me, walk towards a bright light. You never know where you'd end up. Lol!!

Well..... In Gianna's case,she got her cake and frosting and ate it merrily even when she returned back home.Hopping into that portal she's reacquainted with Cole.Fires spark and she realizes she was a fool to ever break his heart. Is a phenomal man and a Sex machine! Lol!! It doesn't get better then that. So she is a Cougar after all *wide grin*

This novel was a cute story, I had just wished it was a tad bit longer. One minute I'm reading and,45 mins I was done. I wanted to read more. But on that note,it ended well,and I enjoyed myself.

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