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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Escape from Paradise by Gwendolyn Field

When college sophomore Angela Birch sneaks from Texas to Mexico for Spring Break, she believes the worst that can happen is her parents finding out.


The worst is falling for the ruse of handsome, alluring Fernando. One spontaneous choice whisks Angela across the world to the pseudo paradise of Spain’s Mediterranean Riviera where she has another choice to make: live cooperatively as one of billionaire Marco Ruiz’s slaves, or die.

* * *

Colin Douglas’s future was seized and choked when deliberate tragedy struck his Scottish family at the age of sixteen. He spent his remaining youthful years infiltrating the U.K.’s crime world, seeking power, control, and revenge, all leading to a position as an undercover agent. With nothing to lose, Colin accepts the seemingly impossible job of rescuing America’s famous missing girl, Angela Birch. Colin knows that to enter a snake lair, one must become a snake. It turns out to be a mission which will put his desire for control to the ultimate test, and make him wish for things he never knew he wanted.

*AUTHOR'S NOTE* Escape from Paradise is a work of fiction intended for adult readers, containing graphic sexual scenarios and strong language.

Holly's Review

You know those amazing books where you basically read it in one sitting because you can't stand to be away from it for more than a few minutes at a time. The kind where you are still thinking about the characters two days later and you have to track down and friend the author on Facebook so that you can tell her how fucking awesome her book was and how much you loved it??? 

Yeah, that was me and this book!!

This wonderful story is not a wonderful story! Ok, I know that doesn't make sense but what I mean is this is a story of kidnapping, rape, murder, human slavery....get it?? Not pretty, but amazing none the less!

This is the story of two people, Angela and Colin. Angela is your basic fun loving, beautiful college girl who is feeling slightly guilty about lying to her parents to go off to Mexico with her girlfriends for vacation. Can you see how this is all gonna go really, really wrong from here?

Angela meets a cute guy in a bar and slips away from her friends to have a little fun with him in his car. Never does she imagine she will be raped and kidnapped. She soon finds herself in Marco's self proclaimed paradise where she is to become one of the house/sex slaves for the enjoyment of this powerful man and his friends and associates.

Angela quickly learns that she needs to learn to adapt or continue to face awful punishments. 

Everything I thought I knew about myself and life, all my views shifted and changed that day. Ideas of privacy and entitlement and freedom slipped away. The meanings of strength and weakness morphed and failed to matter anymore. All that mattered was survival with minimal pain. ~Angela 

After 2 years Angela assumes that everyone thinks she is dead but her parents have never given up hope. 

Enter Colin.

Colin has a rough background as his parents were murdered when he was in college and his younger brother was taken as a slave. The police gave up but Colin hardened and searched in ways the law could not and found his brother 7 years later. Broken and drugged out of his mind, a shell of the boy he was. After this Colin works 'off the book/black ops' for MI6 which is how they come to enlist Colin to go in and find Angela.

Colin has ties to the ugly side of life that he made while searching for his brother and soon secures himself an invite to Marco's 'Paradise'- where he finds Angela! Now the hard part. Get them both out alive. 

Angela knows that Colin is different than the other patrons and takes a liking to him. She doesn't know he is there to save her and the other slaves who have become her friends warn her not to get her heart involved. So guess what?? Yeah, you got it, they fall for each other! 

That is all I am going to give you. That should have sufficiently peeked your interest so GO GET THIS BOOK!!!! If you can handle the darker side of it I promise you will love Colin and Angela's story!!

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