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Monday, 15 July 2013

Jane's Melody by Ryan Winfield

What boundaries would you cross for love?

That's the question a grieving mother must answer when she takes in a young street musician to learn about her daughter's death and finds herself falling for him. A touching love story that will have you equally tantalized and in tears, Jane's Melody follows a forty-year-old woman on a romantic journey of rediscovery after years of struggling alone.

Sometimes our greatest gifts come from our greatest pain. And now Jane must decide if it's too late for her to start over, or if true love really knows no age.

Jane's Melody may not be suitable for younger readers due to sexual content.

Grace's Review

***** 5 Amazing, Emotional, Romantic, Bright Shiny, Beautiful Stars!!! (Spoiler-free review)

I've been spoiled lately. I've been reading some really fantastic books. Then I encounter this precious gem of a story a few days ago. I had seen someone recommend Jane's Melody to another. I had never heard of this story or this author before. I was curious, looked it up, and took the plunge. Best. Decision. Ever!

I'm not going to delve too much into the plot. Jane is grieving the loss of her daughter when Caleb enters her life. Caleb is a young, aspiring, guitar-playing musician who writes his own music. 

“He tasted as sweet as any forbidden fruit could.” 

Despite the age difference between Jane and Caleb, this story is written more from the angle of two gorgeous souls merging into one. It's about two lives connecting at just the right moment. It deals with grief, the effects of alcoholism, true friendship, and being able to live in the moment fearlessly. And finding LOVE again! I can't even begin to tell you how romantic Jane's Melody is! The banter between Jane and Caleb is so playful and delightful. I think I pretty much loved whatever came out of Caleb's mouth, whether he was talking or singing. He is simply one word...irresistible! My gosh, this also had some of the most beautiful, tender love scenes I've ever read!

Ryan Winfield sure knows how to write a moving, un-put-downable story! His writing flows seamlessly and is absolutely lovely to read. I ended up highlighting several passages while I was reading.

“She could see endless pools of thought swirling in the depths of his green irises, and she suddenly felt as if she'd known him in another life—as if she'd been here waiting in this world for him to arrive, to find her purpose in his gaze.” 

Thank you, Ryan Winfield, for this beautiful story! It made me smile and cry huge, wet tears. It made me think about how I want to live my own life. Thank you for a sweet ending with no cliffhanger. If stories were stars in the sky, Jane's Melody would be a bright, shiny one! I highly recommend it. One of my most favorite reads ever!

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