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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Interview: Beckett Taylor from "Poughkeepsie" by Debra Anastasia

Sam, Elena and I had the recent PLEASURE of reading Debra Anastasia's new book "Poughkeepsie".  In this book she tells us an incredible story of love, hope, loyalty, and perseverance.  Along with being incredibly entertained during our journey.  In chatting with Debra, I was told that she may be able assist in getting Beckett Taylor together with us for a chat.  So we're super excited to welcome Debra Anastasia and Beckett Taylor




Debra: Thanks! I was totally excited that you wanted to get to know Beckett a little bit better. He wanted to meet at a bar, I hope that’s okay?

Sam, Elena and Rhonda (in unison): YES!!!

Hey Beckett, it's so great to have you here today and we are so glad you were able to sneak some time in for us. I assure you we will have you out of here before anyone knows you're here.  We'll all three faint as a diversion if we have to.  I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Rhonda and I live in Tennessee, and I work in the veterinary field. Also we have Sam here, she is from Australia, and knows how to do some wicked things with frosting.  And finally we have Elena, she's from New York, and she's our "hot head"  but such a loyal friend, just like Mouse. And we love her that way!!

Beckett: Ladies. Come, sit next to me. Plenty room for all of you.
smiles like a bastard  I can’t type for shit, so my author will transcript this for me. Just ignore her. I do when she pisses me off.

Well, now that we're all cozy, let's chat.

Sam- Beckett, now that we have gotten a little acquainted and you know a little about us, can you tell us five things that we don't know about you? That includes the good and the bad. Don't hold back baby!

Beckett: Sam, you sweet piece of Australian ass. Five things about me? I’d rather find out what color your panties are. Leans close,  moves Sam’s beautiful hair out of the way, and whispers in her ear.  Or if you’re wearing any at all. Did I guess right? You naughty girl. Okay, fine. Five things? I can support a woman against the wall for at least an hour. My thigh muscles could choke an elephant to death. That’s one. Two? I spend more money on buying women drinks in a week than some guys spend on their mortgage. Three? When I get all three of you alone, not a single one of you will feel left out. (Debra Anastasia rolls her eyes) Four? Ms. Anastasia and I are sort of in a tift right now. About Mouse. If you read the story you know what I mean. Beckett’s eyes lose their sparkle And five? Hmm..... Sometimes I find stuff out too late.  

Elena- If you could go back in time and do a re-do, would you change your mind and have Eve go murderous bitch on Chris, just for the sake of your brothers?  

Beckett turns to Elena- Watching your lips curse makes me happy. Beckett licks his own lips and winks, No. I’d never let Eve take on Chris. His eyes go cold and the women feel the chill in the room. He was mine. He was always going to be mine. I’d feel his blood between my fingers, I knew that. Some things are inevitable. Mess with my brothers and I come for you. No go betweens. Shakes his head and smiles again. Let me get us another round of drinks. Motions for the waiter. 

Rhonda- Beckett, umm.... you know what line of work I'm in.  I heard about the puppy incident with Blake, and I was wondering how that turned out?

Leans over and pulls Rhonda into his lap.  You take care of animals? Well there’s one in my pants that’s dying to make you scream my name. The fucking puppy? Beckett’s mouth curves around the curse like he invented it. It’s fine. It slobbers. The vet cut off its balls so it doesn’t add to overpopulation. I still have my balls. You’ll find that out later though.  

Sam- You're a major flirt - how do you think Eve feels about this? I almost fainted watching her play with that knife of hers when you were dancing with Fairy Princess. Eve is all kinds of awesome, but man she plays dirty. 

Beckett: Sam? You bring her up now? I’m hurt. I thought you were only thinking of me? Pretends to pout and takes a drink of his gin. She’s amazing. She needs more than I can give her. A heart so good? Naw, that’s not for me. Sometimes setting someone free is a blessing for them, even if it hurts you. I love her enough not to be with her. It kills me, but she can get so much more out of life without me.

Elena- When will the time come where you put yourself first, now that everyone doesn't seem so needy?  I need the satisfaction that my favorite “Bad Ass Fucking Hero” knows he's worth more than a million words. That's how I feel, ain't no one changing my mind!  

Beckett: Leans in and places a sweet kiss on Elena’s forehead. See, that kind of devotion? I twist it baby. I need to walk away when people show me their faith. That’s the best thing I can do. He looks down to hide the sadness in his eyes. But thanks for calling me a hero. That hits me right in my heart’s nuts. 

Rhonda- How has it been for you being away from Blake and Cole?  Have you been able to maintain any contact with them?  If so, how are things going for them?

Beckett: I’m gone. They have everything they need. I’ve not contacted them, nor will I. Even if I’ve wanted to. One freaking night, I’d been drinking, of course and I held my cell phone so tight wanting to call them it made my hand bleed. Ha? Isn’t that a bitch? No one joins in his laughter that sounds more like it masks tears. Rhonda pulls on his hand until Beckett stands up, she wraps her arms around him, patting him like a sweet friend. Elena joins the love, hugging her friend and Beckett at the same time. Sam tries to lighten the mood.

Sam- If I told you, you have a good body, would you hold it against me? Sorry I know you probably hear that question a lot. But I can't help it. That should score some points for me, right? No Viagra needed baby. *winks*

 Beckett: Hell yeah baby! Beckett pulls her into the group hug. I only need Viagra for the ugly bitches. With this fine array of gorgeousness, no medication is required. Beckett sits back down and pats the couch again. 

Elena- Now I have this question that's been replaying in my head.  I've read the scene where you break it off with Eve, twice. Which to be honest, I thought she was gonna tie you and wring you by your sexy balls for breaking her heart. But my question is, she poured her heart out to you, why couldn't you tell her the words "I love you"?  I know you said shit in your own way.  But to me, it wasn't enough. Dude get your shit straight, you need Eve. Pack your bags Baby and give it to her Beckett style.  You deserve it and she deserves it. TELL HER! 

Beckett: Elena? You’re so damn bossy, no wonder you like Eve so much. Birds of a feather and shit like that. If you read it, then you know. Why make it harder? Snickers and looks at his crotch Would telling her how I feel make it any easier?  I’m not into doing stuff half-ass. I wasn’t ending it just to start it again. That’s not what she needed. She needed wings, and I ain’t God, but I kind feel like I stapled a set on for her by walking away.  

Rhonda- What would you do with Eve on a real date?  

Beckett: A real date? Ah, she’s not like a regular girl. I told her I’d take her to the ocean. I’d love to see her there, blue eyes all happy and relaxed. Maybe if she gets married I’ll send her and… Beckett grits his teeth …her husband to Hawaii on their honeymoon.  She’d be amazing, smiling. Rubs a hand down his face and forces a smile. Drinks again. Rhonda- Okaaaay....I feel the need to lighten the mood right about now, so I'm gonna throw some quickies at ya Beckett.

Favorite Movie- Shawshank Redemption 

Favorite quote- “Brotherhood is the very price and condition of man's survival.” Carlos P. Romulo

Boxers or briefs- Snickers. I prefer nothing.

Sexiest part of a female- Her mouth when she says yes to me.

Weapon of choice- My dick.

I wish all the best for you Beckett, there will be many decisions to make. But always remember, you're the Man, Beckett Taylor. Take, give, and receive what life throws at you and be wise. I trust your judgment, you're fans will be waiting for the outcome to the rest of your story. As you once told Livia, " I'm so motherfucking proud of you. Hold  your beautiful face up. Stand Proud." Much Love, Elena
Cosigned: Sam and Rhonda  

Beckett: Leaving so soon ladies? Fine, just remember where I live. Maybe Debra Anastasia and I’ll have some conversation about where I am in the world. Good Night.   

Thank you Debra for bringing Beckett out for us, this was so much fun.  *still swooning a bit*

Debra's Visual for Beckett Taylor
(which we all agree on)

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R Firasek said...

Oh, am I first?

Beckett, I've been waiting forever for this interview. I'm gladly offering to keep you warm at night until you come to your senses and hunt down Eve. *looks at the girls* I know I'm married, don't judge me. Anyways, it's good to see that you're keeping your sense of humor about all of this, but I have to tell you that your story was the saddest of all the brothers. You are my hero, you hot hunk of long slong. Luv to you! I know you'll get your girl in the end. With Eve, she's not going to let you be such a dick. :) *smooches* (Elena, don't you dare delete this comment. Sam, hugs girl! And Rhonda, I have quite a girl crush for you, momma! :)) Ah, and to Ms. Anastasia, my author stalking on you is in hyperdrive. I can't wait till Jan.

helpmerhonda72 said...

RACHEL FIRASEK!!!!!! Oh you just made me smile!! I hope you enjoyed. ;)

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

Great interview! You definitely got me interested in reading the book now especially after the sexy picture.

I follow by Danielle

romancebookjunkiesdanille at yahoo.com

Kristina @Kristina's Paranormal Books said...

Great interview! I just wanna know how these authors come up with such great ideas..based on real life or their imaginations are that awesome???

I follow GFC as Kristina


helpmerhonda72 said...

One of my many favorite quotes from this book:
"Hey, fuck-a-doodle-doo! You soggy-ass pussy. You shot my brother in the back. Know what that means? You're gonna die,bitch." _Beckett Taylor

helpmerhonda72 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
helpmerhonda72 said...

This is one of my Favorite reads this year!! I LOVED IT!!!!!

Blue Shedevil said...

WoW! One of the best interviews I've read in a loooooong time. Great job, it was funny and heartbreaking at the same time. I will have Beckett's book by the end of the day.

melissa said...

This was GREAT! God, I love Beckett and just to hear from him after reading Poughkeepsie makes me feel better. I didn't know where he went or how he was holding up. I love that man and he deserves to be drowned in love!!

WildAboutBones said...

Oh my, Beckett, come and see me. This is not my typical genre but this interview hooked me. Have to read more.
Thanks for sharing Beckett with us. Thanks for an into to a new (to) author.
Am a follower - WildAboutBones
WildAboutBones at gmail dot com

R Firasek said...

Rhonda, I'm right there with you! This has been my fave book this year. I've read it 4 times and every time I sit down to write the review, I get sweaty palms...afraid I won't do it justice. What kind of dork am I? I keep hitting refresh waiting for Debra to wake up Beckett. I know he's probably still snoozing after tossing back those drinks and fondling you hussies! :)

helpmerhonda72 said...

Rachel, it makes me happy that you loved it so much. I can't wait for my rereads. You of all people should be able to kick this reviews ass!! I did one and I know what you mean. Sometimes you love a book so much you don't feel like you do it justice. ( It was like that for me with Piper's Fury) And them trying to do it without spoilers.

helpmerhonda72 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elena said...

It's for sure,Beckett didn't make me feel left out. Cuddling up with us chicks at the bar had me floating over water. I wanna re-live that moment forever *schoolgirl giggle,twisting in chair* hehehehe!

I wanna thank Debra Anastasia for pulling it through,we all know Beckett wouldn't have made it without you.Well...unless we promised him certain things *ahem* =P You're an amazing writer as well and I'm totally waiting in anticipation for the next novel!

Ummmm...Rachel? Hmmmmmm...I promise not to delete your comment.Only because the more the merrier, just as Beckett likes it. *smirks* LOL!!!!

For those of you who haven't read the novel,well it's about time you get yourself together and join in. It's Fantastic!

One of My Favorite Quotes:

" A long line did lots of bad things to Beckett and his spotty attention span. He called this condition Restless Cock Syndrome." ahahahaha... Love it!

R Firasek said...

Elena, I was worried you delete me because I was creeping on your squeeze. ROFL! And, I've played with Beckett on twitter. I think he'll be fine. Love your quote choice!!!

Nikki said...

Rachel...are you firaseking everyone over here? LOL!!

R Firasek said...

Uh...nah...you caught me. I lurve playing with the awesome girls. :) Oh and Debra is worth pulling out a little of my "firaseking" for. She's the shiz-nit. And Beckett is the sugar. Have you read Poughkeepsie?

helpmerhonda72 said...

Rachel, we love it when you come over to play!! :-*

Debra Anastasia said...

Hey Girls!

I've got Beckett here dictating. He thinks your blog is pretty freaking girly, but you wear it well. He did not like my descriptions of his eyes. And Rachel, he thinks you need a spanking.

Now he's drinking again. Figured.

Thank you ladies so damn much, this was a blast.

R Firasek said...

Debra, for Beckett I would take my wedding ring off and enjoy the hell out of that spanking. :) Shhh... I've never said that about another character.

helpmerhonda72 said...

Dayum Rachel! I'm not sure who's got it worse. ;-)

Missie said...

AAAAAAH! Beckett! I miss him so damn much! Thanks for this interview. I've been wondering what he's up to. He's my hero too, and I hope he finds the kind of happiness he deserves.

P.S. That is a killer weapon of choice!

Patricia said...

Isn't he a bitch LOL :D

I read the book already, but I don't own a real copy of it, so I'd be happy if I won. : ) Thanks for the great interview and giveaway!

Carin said...

Beckett sounds like my kind of hero :O)

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