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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Unwritten Rules By M.A Stacie

Elle is an energetic, independent woman with a successful business and new start in the big city. The bustling streets of New York are not what she expected, yet she finds the freedom exhilarating. One interaction at the mailboxes with her shy, strikingly handsome neighbor is all it takes to turn the strong- willed young woman into a bumbling mess.

Jonah Quinn is withdrawn for good reason; he harbors a dark secret. He lives his life in the shadows, playing his music in late night bars and hiding himself from everyone but Elle's cat. His tattoos bear his pain while his music is his outlet, but it is his silence that keeps his shame at bay.

Can one night of passion between the two of them lead to more than casual glances exchanged at their mailboxes? Will Elle be strong enough to help Jonah with his personal demons. And will Jonah break his silence regarding a past that haunts him?

The Rules for this relationship are Unwritten. A story of longing, love, and forgiveness.


Awe!! *sniffles* I wanna pass-out and be re-awakened by Jonah. *sighs*

Elle is intrigued and very well interested in her neighbor Jonah. Jonah lives in the apartment above hers,they run into each other almost everyday while retrieving their mail. But never once spoke to one another. There's something about Jonah she can't quite put her finger on. All she cares is that her, Blue-Eyed Neighbor swoons her with just his presence. I'd wanna jump on him the minute he says "Hi" too! I got all hot and bothered when he finally drops his shield and interacts with Elle. I gotta admit, I was shocked and relieved. Lol!! Her fantasies about this man are blush worthy. Just think, "tattoos,muscular,quiet,shy,he plays the guitar (magical fingers, Lolz!) and an artists! (good with hands haha) Elle only notices his outer shell and not what's within. She's on a mission to satisfy her crush and there's only one way to cure it, to have sex with Jonah.

Elle and Jonah are destined for one another. Their relationship starts off with lust and hot smexin. Then they realize, There's more to their relationship, so they take it down a notch (or try) and become friends. Jonah is a tortured man with his own Demons. Which causes, rejections,tears,heartache and distance between them. Does Elle really want this kind of baggage in a man? Is it worth it? Can she handle it?Can she bring him back to reality? Can she show Jonah how much more in life he's missing out on? Can he forgive himself and move forward? These are all questions that reveal so much about Jonah,you will feel the need to wanna cuddle him and try to fix him. But you can't fix someone who doesn't want fixing, right? Well Elle proves to be one stubborn women, she doesn't give up till she says it over. There are no rules, it's just all about taking one step at time. When Jonah pushes her away,she fights back. There's only one problem, there's only so much a woman could take from a man she's falling in love with.

Do they make it together through thick and thin at the end? Is there an HEA? 

Well, I know the answer but I'm not telling *waving answer in air* If you found my review/thoughts interesting enough, go get a copy and read it. I'll just give you one hint, "Cherish those you love,you'll be surprised with the outcome." 


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