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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wild Heart by Lori Brighton

Leo Roberts is next in line for an earldom and the power and fortune that come with it, but he is uncultured, unrefined--and completely untamed. . .until governess Ella Finch arrives upon the scene. Can so young and inexperienced a woman tutor him in the manners and mores of his class? Leo's mysterious past has rendered him an outsider, too wild for polite society. But he finds her innocence most intriguing. . .

Willing. . .

What manner of man he may be, Ella does not know. Yet he fascinates her and she must know more. Capturing Leo's reckless heart is about to free her in ways she never dreamed of. . .and his sensual touch releases the deepest yearnings of her body and soul . .


On first impressions this book reminds me very much of ‘ The madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie’. The way Leo is withdrawn, ‘crazy and wild. But at the same time a very passionate man.

I will not go into plot dissection because if your reading this then you more than likely know the plot summary. I will however thrill everyone with my many likes and dislikes of this novel.

I loved the stolen kisses between Ella and Leo. But found it beyond frustrating that every time Leo had Ella all to his self he was conveniently interrupted.

I loved the mystery aspect to the plot. It wasn’t forced into the story line but seemlessly worked in. The way there was always a man in the background, the flash back of memories. All worked perfectly.

Thought in wonderful that Leo wasn’t willing to budge on his attitude. And that Ella fell in love with him for who he was and not who he was meant to be.

The paranormal aspect, that I wasn’t expecting was a nice little feature in the novel.

I would have like more of an explanation as to what the map and statues were, and what exactly was the purpose of Ella’s powers

Where Leo and Ella linked somehow?

Are they going to search for the necklace and Henry?

All in all this was a first class debut novel, with passion, willingness and a love to rival the ages. Beautiful. 


CharliDenae said...

*sigh* I guess I'll have to add this to my huge - and ever-growing - TBR list... *sigh*

Thanks for the great suggestion. Blog added to Follow list, too.

helpmerhonda72 said...

SAAAAAAAM!!! You had me at Ian! :P

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