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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

conTEXTual roMANce By Killian McRae

Following a bad marriage and an even worse divorce, Katherine Beck was positive that she was through with love, but it's not over tilda it's over. As notes from a secret admirer move from email to text messages, Katherine finds herself falling head-over-bytes for the enigmatic ShyTextMan one character at a time.

Grace's Review!

“Shy” is sweet!

This is a very short novella (under 40 pages.) that I read it twice. I thought it was a little slow to start when I first read through it. I felt the storyline did start to pick up when Katherine's secret admirer, “Shy”, starts sending her emails. Halfway through the texts begin, and then I couldn't read fast enough! I did figure out who her admirer was way before the end. “Shy” is so sweet and adorable in his messages. Since I already knew what to expect, it was much more amusing reading it the second time around!

Thank god our relationship had progressed. Some couples did S&M, we did SMS.” --conTEXTual roMANce, Killian McRae

Now, if you're expecting hot and heavy sexting, then this story is not for you. This story is humorous, cute, and very sweet. Killian McRae is an exceptional writer! I've only read her short stories, but A Love by Any Measure and 12.21.12 keep getting high praises. I'll have to read them very soon!

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