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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Creating Fate by Rachel Firasek - Unspun #1

She gave away her heart…
Giving her heart to a mortal wasn't something the First Fate planned. Losing him nearly shattered her soul. Upon his death, Clotho swore never to love—or weave life—again. Hoping she'll change her mind before it's too late, Zeus commands the spinner of life to take a much needed vacation from her immortal responsibilities.

He had to hide his...
Dane is close to cracking the drug ring he's spent the last two years infiltrating, but needs to perform one last heist to meet the head man and prevent an impending war. An undercover agent, he’s now on the run from drug lords, thieves and with the very woman whose tears make him forget his purpose.

Together they’ll find a way back from the dark.
Chloe will have to put her trust in the man she believes may have killed her fiance, or face an eternity on Earth. Without the desire for life, hope could slip through the cracks of time if he doesn’t love away her sorrow.

Rachel made the beautiful trailers for these books.
Rhonda's Review

Her reason for existing was to create. She was the bearer of the beginning.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not only a fan of Rachel’s writing, I’m also a huge fan of the lady herself.  It has been through her books that I have come to know this fantastic, fun lady and her books are no different!  I love the idea that has been presented here, Rachel Firasek introduces us to a new series in book 1 of the  Unspun trilogy in which there will be 3 novellas written by 3 different authors.  I’m excited to read these, as I will be introduced to 2 new authors on this journey.

Clotho (Chloe) is the first Fate, the one who creates.  Chloe suffers from a broken heart.  Against the warning of Zeus, Chloe had fallen in love with a human and he was killed.  Chloe has sworn to never return to earth, wanting nothing to do with humans, but Zeus has other plans.  Zeus send Chloe to earth giving her one week to find her sisters, and if she doesn’t find them in time she will remain there for eternity.  Well, as fate would have it, she ends up on a bus next to Dane, an incredibly sexy undercover cop. 

He flashed that grin at her - the one that made her girly bits grin back in anticipation.

Dane is working on a big drug bust case, and Chloe ends up on the run from the bad guys with him.  Of course Chloe thinks he’s a bad guy, she doesn’t know he’s a cop. Refusing to let herself get close to Dane she remains closed up, and snarky with him. I loved the banter between these two.  But as she gets to know him, she starts to feel like maybe he’s not so bad.  Still she’s unwilling to let herself fall for this man because of his mortality.  But maybe this time fate would deal her a winning hand.

Rachel Firasek writes super fun, and sexy characters with witty dialogue, lots of sexual tension and steam!  The action sequences are always fantastic, and the ones in this story were great.  I recommend this to anyone who likes a fun fast read.  



jilly said...

Awesome review!! You're right about Rachel being a kick ass author as well as a kick ass gal :-)

GraceDZ said...

Great review, Rhonda! I really loved the action sequences in Piper's Fury, so I'm glad you mention that they're fantastic in this one as well. Can't wait to read this!

helpmerhonda72 said...

Thanks ladies!!

Rachel Firasek said...

Oh, you guys are awesome. Rhonda, thank you for the great review. :) I'm glad I'm still kicking ass for you, lol. :) *snorts*

helpmerhonda72 said...

Rachel.... Did you just snort at me??? Lol!!

Elena said...

Great Review Chickie!

I love the fact that Rachel got the first book.She can turn any story lovable and worth reading =)

Cute Trailer Rachel!

Rachel Firasek said...

Rhonda, yes, I did snort at you. As if. :)

Elena, thank you! That is so awesome. I'm always so thankful I stumbled upon you girls--or rather that a little snorter tagged me on GR. :) Love you all! Thanks for partying with me today. You always know how to make it special.

johanna said...

Great review! I'm going to check this out; it sounds like a lot of fun.

helpmerhonda72 said...

Thanks johanna!

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