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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Demon Hunt (#2) By Christine Ashworth

Tribred Gregor Caine decided long ago to deny his blood legacy. So he is’not happy when paired with a full-blooded Fae to hunt the demons threatening to overrun Los Angeles. As they fight side by side, he finds she calls to both his Fae and his demon blood; a call he can’t resist.
Warrior Fae Serra Willows crossed into the Human Plane to help destroy the demons released from the Chaos Plane. Finding and shutting down the portal between worlds is more challenging than she expected...and Gregor and his world more seductive than she had ever imagined.
As the killings escalate, Gregor and Serra realize one of the most deadly demons from the Chaos Plane has marked Serra as his own. To save her, Gregor has to face his greatest fear—losing his humanity to the darkness in his blood. But in a race against time, that darkness could become his greatest strength. And he will kill to claim Serra’s love.

What New York Times Bestselling Author Maggie Shayne has to say about DEMON HUNT:

"Demon Hunt sucked me in from the very first page. A potent, exciting, Fae adventure that keeps you turning pages while you try to catch your breath. Ashworth's talent shines in this unique and original novel. Do not miss it."

Elena's Review:

  "Very often,life isn't logical,but it usually makes sense if you're paying attention." 

  Giving up isn't an option. So what's a person to do, when.........You're human, falling for a Fae,not any Fae but a strong Warrior Fae? Geez Lousie! Gregor can't keep denying he's just a "human" forever. Having Fae and demon blood inside him,Amps ups his big role in the story. And deep down his inner self is itching for a fight,any fight. 

  The first would be the big fight! They're a few days away from the Winter Solice,which is a night for magicks,when the natural walls between the Planes grow slim. Many of the Fae,and humans as well as demons,hold rituals on the longest night of the year. Kendall Sorbis,is evil incarnated,he'll do what it takes to use the Winter Solice to his advantage,stealing powers from demons and the helpless. So, Gregor and his team must find and close the portal before the the full moon,or there will be many of deaths. 

 Next fight? Fighting his every urge and desire that he's attracted to Serra. C'mon! I'm a woman and know without a doubt, a female Fae warrior with a badass protective streak is, H.A.W.T! Once he embraces his bloodlines, he blows in full force,claims what his heart desires,and takes in what he's meant to be like a real man! Go Gregor! Lolz! Together Gregor and Serra make a great team,I'd never want to cross their paths,unless I'm the good villian =P

 I liked the first novel,and hopped right into this novel liking it even better.I'm hoping for book three,not only to like it, but to love it! My two favorite characters,Justin and Maggie. They've pretended to grate on each others nerves, bicker and banter, in every book. So enough of the foreplay and bring on the good stuff! *snickers* These Caine brothers know how to reel in their woman. Starting with me,and that's more than enough said.... Hehe!

 All in all, congrats to the author on her new release, and keep these stories coming. Two-thumbs up!






helpmerhonda72 said...

Bout time!!!! I love it!!

Christine said...

Thanks, Elena - you're a sweetie!

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