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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Willow Springs (#5) By Toni Blake

Amy Bright might be the best matchmaker in Destiny, Ohio, but she's desperately shy when it comes to her own love life—and helpless when it comes to Logan Whitaker, the best friend whom she's head-over-heels in love with. So Amy decides to become Logan's secret admirer, sending him sensual love letters steamy enough to unseal their own envelopes. One letter leads to another, one thing leads to another, and then comes an unplanned kiss…

Overcoming a tragedy from his life as a firefighter, Logan needs a friend. Thank goodness for Amy. But when a woman from Logan's past resurfaces right as some anonymous letters send Logan's pulse hammering, suddenly he doesn't know what he needs—a reliable friend, or a passionate lover? One smoking-hot kiss could change everything…but will it ruin a one-of-a-kind friendship, or show Logan and Amy that they've already found everything they need, right here in Destiny?

Sam's Review:

Wow,can't believe I was thrown straight back into the little country town of Destiny Falls. And it felt so right, as it does every time I read a Destiny novel. I'm never let down and I wasn't with this one either.

This time we are sharing the story of Amy, owner of Under The Covers book store, renowned cat lover and town match maker. Amy has watched everyone in town find and fall in love, and slowly but surly all marry off until now it seems that she is the last one left. But she doesn't mind, she is happy upbeat Amy and everything is alway perky. That is until one afternoon Logan Whitaker,Amy's longtime best friend decides to half drunkingly kiss her and show her what's she has been missing.

Amy never realized that she felt anything for Logan other than a long time friendship. The two have been best friends since they were babies and Amy has spent most of their adult lives setting Logan up with other women, so when she discovers that she herself is in love with Logan she decides to ( with the encouragement from her friends) to take action. But what happens when a blast from the past arrives in town and throws a spanner into the works?

This story was great, I read it in two days and for me that must mean something because I haven't read a book that fast for a freaking long time. The story line was very captivating but there are parts of the books, mainly relating the to the characters that really got on my nerve. Firstly, Amy - she was so frustrating and down on her self constantly. Always criticizing herself and the way she looked and how she could never compete with anyone for Logan's affections. Argh!!! The woman was constantly praised for being pretty, but she just couldn't get over the self loathing. Then Logan and his inability to have any brain in his head what so ever when it came to doing the right thing at the right time. 

If I could change one thing it would simply be that the two didn't finally find themselves until exactly right at the end of the book. It took to long for Logan to come around and to long for Amy to stand up and to stop being a pushover. 

A new character was introduced into the series and I'm hoping and thinking that there will be a book in the future for this character and I'm looking forward to reading and seeing who she will be matched up with. 

Overall loved the book, loved dropping in old characters and loved being back in Destiny Falls.

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