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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Creed (#2) By Kristen Ashley

Creed (Unfinished Hero, #2) Young, way too young, the eleven year old Tucker Creed and his six year old neighbor find they have something awful in common. And Creed decides, even at a young age, he's going to do everything in his limited power to shield his Sylvie from her nightmare.

So he does.

Time goes on and Creed and Sylvie form a bond that grows and blossoms with their ages.

And they fall in love.

They also plot to leave their nightmares behind, the town they live in that will hold them down, the histories they share that, unless they break free, will bury them.

So on Sylvie's eighteenth birthday, they've decided to meet at their special place and disappear.

But Sylvie goes to their special place, Creed never shows and she doesn't see him again until it's too late.

Way too late.

 Holly's Review:

  5+ Giant, Rocking Stars!!

OK, It’s official Creed and Sylvie are my favorite KA couple!! I know it seems like I say that in every KA review, but let me clarify. I have my favorite KA stories, my favorite KA badass alpha hero’s, but this is these two are my favorite KA couple!!

Creed and Sylvie have THAT love, you know the one I’m talking about, the love that knows no limits on time, distance, life’s hurdles(as friggin’ extreme as they may be) – For lack of a better term, they are each other’s Lobsters(yes, random Friends reference, haha)!!! The horrible circumstances that separated them 16 years ago has nothing on the amazing love between these two!!

"I’m not what you want Sylvie, I get that because it’s the same for you as it is for me. I’m not what you want ‘cause I’m what you need."

Now, Sylvie is one badass chick and I loved her from the very beginning – she was rough at first but as you read you find out exactly why, and exactly why she was resistant to let Creed back into her life. But she did and, well, as you can imagine, that turned out amazingly! These two sizzle right off of the pages. Creed, of course is your typical KA hot, sexy, bossy alpha male that you just want to eat with a spoon and some hot sauce, but to top it all off he is head over heels, off the rails, in love with Sylvie …the tattoo, the green, frozen snickers.…*swoon*

To prove this, I have to share a conversation that is typical KA and the reason I love her books and her hero’s so much…incidentally, this made me laugh right out loud!

“You take it up the ass. You like to be spanked. And you
swallow. Seriously, Sylvie, you were born for me,” he muttered.
I lifted my head and looked at him. “That was hardly hearts and
Creed grinned at me. “A man finds a woman who swallows, that
alone, for a guy, is totally fuckin’ hearts and flowers.”

Another thing I have to point out that I loved about this book (among so many things I can’t name them all) was the love and respect between Knight and Sylvie, at times it made my heart ache!

So I guess, to should wrap this up, as you all know that I could go on and on and on about Kristen Ashley books, but that would ruin the amazing experience for you when you read her!


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