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Friday, 21 September 2012

Divinity By Patricia Leever

Divinity Blurb:

They’re everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Chances are, you’ve interacted with one or two of them in your lifetime without even realizing it...

Demon hunter Evelyn Brighton saves unsuspecting humans from the malevolent creatures masquerading around them every day. Working under the Lebriga Corporation’s direction, she never fails to bring her A-game with her keen skill, fiercely independent spirit, and the best weapon in her arsenal: the Divinity blade.

Evelyn’s world is turned on its ear, however, when she is ordered to train cocky new recruit Daniel Summers. They both feel an instinctive pull drawing them to one another, the ancient spells tattooed into their skin illuminating whenever the two hunters come into contact. But with evil looming over the city of Los Angeles, Evelyn and Daniel’s mutual competitiveness and sense of duty to Lebriga and all humankind forces them to hold back their desires. Will their restraint be enough to keep them focused and save southern California, or will the dark forces prevail?

Set in modern-day Los Angeles, Divinity is an action-filled, fast-paced marriage of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Edgy, witty, and sexy, it will bind you in its spell.
Grace's Review:

Be swift, be strong”

Patricia Leever does it again in her second novel, Divinity, creating yet another strong heroine in 135-year-old demon hunter Evelyn Brighton.

Who knew Los Angeles has so many demons running around? I sure didn't. In this story, they are everywhere, living amongst the humans. Evelyn (who also goes by Evie, Ev, and E) works for the Lebriga Corporation. A fully-loaded, state-of-the-art mansion off of Mulholland serves as the Los Angeles branch of Lebriga. This is where Evelyn, the other hunters, their handlers, and their boss live. I must say that I just loved the dynamic and banter between all the characters. They are a tight-knit group who take fighting demons seriously.

Evelyn is one bad-ass, fearless hunter, and I wouldn't want to get in her way! When new recruit, Daniel Summers, moves into the house to train with Ev, he draws out feelings from her she's never had to deal with before. This is where I * squee * for Daniel, because he is so patient and understanding with Ev as she sorts out her feelings. With two very focused individuals, how long can they dance around their attraction for one another?

Now, you can't fight nasty, smelly demons, goblins, and trolls without some ultra-cool weapons! Ev's weapon of choice is the Divinity blade. Where can I get me one of those? There are also the tattoos, which play a significant role in the demon-fighting. All the hunters have tattoos decorated all over their bodies. It's pretty cool how they are used, if you ask me!

Divinity was such a fun and fast-paced read for me. I wanted the story to keep going and going. An urban fantasy, paranormal romance filled with action, gory details, and just the right amount snark. Overall entertaining and enjoyable!

Many thanks to Omnific for sending me an ARC for review. Divinity releases September 25, 2012.




helpmerhonda72 said...

Great Review Grace, as always!! I love the cover on this one too!

GraceDZ said...

Thanks, Rhonda! I agree. I love a great cover, and this one hits the mark. The tatts play a big role in the story.

Patricia said...

Awww, Gracie Lou! Thank you so much for the awesome review! You know I adore you and I'm so happy that you enjoyed the read!

Patty <3

Jennifer Lane said...

Thanks for the great summary of the story! Sounds really cool.

GraceDZ said...

You are very welcome, Patty! I can't wait to see what you bring to your fans next.

@Jennifer Lane-wait until you read chapter 1. It's full of awesomesauce!

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