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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Time Out By Leah Spiegel

Time Out (Foolish Games Series)
Joie and her friends are continuing to follow the Grimm Brother’s Band across their countrywide tour. They thought the worst was behind them but they had no idea that things were just getting started. Terrorists’ bombings call for all entertainment venues to be on high alert. With all of the new staff and crew members, the band finds it hard to know who to trust. Meanwhile things begin to heat up between Joie and Hawkins in and out of the bedroom when an ex-fiancé suddenly shows up on the scene but the real surprise has yet to come. If the band wants to continue on the tour, they must figure out who is really behind it all before time runs out…
Thessa's Review:

  Four Solid Stars

By love we’ll beat back the pain we’ve found
You know
I mean to tell you all the things I’ve been thinking deep inside
My friend
With each moment the more I love you
~ “Crush” by the Dave Matthews Band

I was super excited to find out that the author was releasing a sequel to Foolish Games. I was even more excited, and honored, that the Ms. Leah Spiegel herself offered me a copy. So first off: Thank you, Leah! So it’s safe to assume that I was one happy camper when I started to dive into Joie and Hawkins’ world again.

Okay, before I say anything about the story, I HAVE to say something about Hawkins.

♥♥Hawkins, Hawkins, Hawkins♥♥ How much do I love thee? From zero to ten, ten being I’m utterly in love with you…my answer is: Infinity. Yea, that’s right. My love cannot be measured. It’s just too much. I LOVE YOU!

Alright, now that I have that out, onward…

Foolish Games is one of my favorite YA stories. If you haven’t read it, grab it now before continuing with this. This story picks up a little after Foolish Games ends. Joie and Hawkins are going strong, that is until Hawkins’ ex-fiancé, Gwyneth, comes back into the picture. Obviously, I automatically hate this chick. Then the more I read, I start to really loathe her.

Along with the blonde B from the abyss, a terrorist threat is pounding at their arena door. The band is in danger (again) and after what happened in the first book, everyone is on edge. After Joie gets dangerously close to losing her life, Hawkins goes to the extreme to keep her safe. But is sending her away really the way to keep her out of harms way? With the strain of the eminent threat, as well as Gwyneth gunning for Hawkins, Joie is not too thrilled with Hawkins’ decision. How is this going to affect their relationship?

I really enjoyed this sequel, but I didn’t love it as much as Foolish Games. Hawkins is still amazing, but some of things Joie did got on my nerves. Seriously. If you’re dating the hot rock star, why on earth would you ever ignore his texts and calls? Better yet, how in the world do you not have your cell, and your all access backstage pass, on you at all times? You know security is tight and not everyone knows you, so why take the risk. I don’t know. Just little things like that made me roll my eyes and sigh in frustration. In addition, I wish this book had some steam. Denying me some Hawkins’ love is just cruel. lol. So aside from these minor infractions, I was thrilled to dive into this world again and hope there will be more Hawkins in the future. :)


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