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Monday, 17 September 2012

Stifle By Kendall Grey


Sinnder is a hotter-than-blazes Fyre Elemental who thrives on the Fire of sex, and Scarlet, his partner in crime, plans to hook him up. Charged with "occupying" headstrong Zoe Morgan's attention at a local music club while Scarlet tries to get back in rock star Gavin Cassidy's bed, Sinnder walks into Shaggy's with zero expectations. But meeting Gavin's dream lover Zoe face-to-face arouses addictive heat he never anticipated. Captivated by the promise of the fiery passion lurking beneath Zoe's good-girl exterior, Sinnder will do whatever it takes to go down in flames with her - and Gavin if he has to.

STIFLE takes the reader on wild ride through the twisted mind of an Elemental consumed not only by Fire but by the ashes of his past. This sizzling bit of Just Breathe Ephemera features highly explicit content. Readers are strongly cautioned.

Grace's Review:

Sinnder-liciously HOT!
For those ages 18+

If you're a fan of the Just Breathe series, then this is a must read!

This is a really short novella. You may want to read Inhale (book #1 of the Just Breathe series) first to understand some of the terms and characterization. This novella is all in Sinnder's POV. He is a Fyre Elemental, and you get a better understanding what Elementals are in Inhale.

So, for those who have read Inhale, remember the scene at Shaggy's when the band is performing? Well, this novella takes you back to that evening, and we get to see all what Sinnder is thinking when he meets Zoe. He is a naughty one indeed! This is graphic, smutty ménage à trois (M-F-M)...Sinnder, Zoe, and Gavin! Need I say more? It is hotness to the tenth degree!

The author donates all profits from sales of the Just Breathe series to whale education, too!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the review, I would have never known this was romance - erotica by that cover.
I got to give to you guys, you sure know how to find scorching hot reads....And I thank you :)

Elle J Rossi said...

That blurb alone has me hooked!

GraceMyBookSnack said...

All her Just Breathe Ephemera shorts are different. This particular one is erotica. Kendall knows how to write very HAWT scenes indeed...oh yeah!

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