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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Mulititude Of Sins By H.E Regis

A Multitude of Sins
Father Shane Barrett always thought his path in life was certain; to live a simple life in service to God. Upon receiving a new appointment to St. Matthew's, everything Father Shane thought he knew comes into question as he's faced with an irresistable temptation in the form of Sister Mary Elizabeth. As both struggle with newfound longings, they must each decide if they can withstand temptation, or if they will give in to their most primal desires.
Thessa's Review:
  Four Stars

**This is just a warning for all you good, Catholic/Religious folks out there: Do not read this review or this story if you are easily offended. I walk a fine a line sometimes at what I read and completely understand if the material is too risqué for you. I like to read things that might make some people uncomfortable. Thought you’d like to know before I continue… Thanks for your understanding =) **

Bless me father for I have sinned...

Grabbing her hand, he led her to the altar at the front of the church, and in one movement, cleared it of the Missal, candles, and chalice. With an almost impossible quickness, he stripped her of her clothes and lifted her up, sitting her atop the altar and spread her legs open as he moved to stand between them.

Is anyone uncomfortable, yet? I know I was for at least half of the story. Well, not uncomfortable per se, but at least feeling a TON of guilt; guilt for really liking the forbidden romance story that was taking place. I swear I’ve read the smuttiest of smut. I’ve read things that make me squirm and push my comfort level to the brink of madness. But I’m an adult woman and can handle almost anything now. However, this story was different. This story added Religion to the mix of smut. Yup, for at least half of the book, I felt like I was going straight to h e l l (<--- You see, I have to space the letters out just for fearing I’ll end up there if I put them together. Sheesh!). Mind you, the above excerpt was just a dream, but does it really matter? OMG! I shouldn’t be picturing such things, you know? My Catholic school upbringing should have me heading towards confessional by now. I should not like this. I should just walk away. But I couldn’t. I gave into temptation and soldiered on.

Pulling her off the altar, he steadied her until her trembling legs found their footing on the floor before he bent down, pulling her rosary beads from the pile of clothes next to the altar. Tugging her hands in front of her, he used the sacred beads to bind them together. Grabbing her now bound hands; he spun her around and told her to hold on to the altar…
“I’ll have you seeing God before the night is through,” he told her in a gravelly voice as he pushed himself roughly inside her, causing her to moan loudly from the sensation of being filled.

How about now? Does it have you squirming with guilt? Or maybe squirming for different reasons, perhaps? Want to run to church and confess all your sins? God, please forgive me for liking this book. Seriously, all kinds of naughty and forbidden things entered my head. But before I got too bent out of shape, this was still just a dream. The H/h have a lot of those in the beginning. That’s all they could do without breaking their vows. Sooner or later though, avoiding each other isn’t working out for either one of them. They both fight their feelings to the point where they start to question whether or not they actually belong in a life of religious servitude.

“My given name is Claire. Please call me Claire.”
“Okay Claire, but only if you call me Shane,” he replied. “No more of this Father Barrett business. Now tell me, what are you tired of?”
“Pretending that I’m not in love with you.”

If you take the religious aspect out, this is just story of forbidden love. The H/h went through a lot to be together. They experience a multitude of internal battles and just trying to find peace and happiness in their lives. By the time they both make a mutual decision, you already know where the story is heading. This is where my guilt started to wane. They both knew what had to be done and did it very discreetly. Everything that was standing in their way was handled in a way that God, himself, would approve. Sorry if that’s pretty vague, but I don’t want to spoil anything, especially since this is such a short story to begin with.

Despite my own internal battle, I soldiered on and kept reading. Overall, I don’t regret that decision because I really enjoyed it. I liked walking that fine line because it made for a very memorable read, one that I will not forget, ever…and that’s saying something. ;)


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