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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Chairman of the Whored by Lucy V. Morgan

Chairman of the Whored (Whored, #1) Dark. Debauched. Delicious.
Is she ready to go under his knife?

Leila Vaughn is a tax lawyer at a prestigious London law firm. And a whore. Leila didn’t take the night job just to pay off her debts--an affair with an older man once stirred a pit of darker desires. Now her year as an escort is almost over, she’s ready to lock up her alter-ego, Charlotte, and be normal once again.

What’s bad is that her colleague, Matt, just caught her out.

What’s worse is that their boss, Joseph, is with him.

Matt wants to rescue Leila. She should want what he does--monogamy and escape from the city--if she's going to be normal, right? But Joseph is as familiar with the slippery world of escorting as she is, and that makes him hard to resist. In London‘s tightest circles, they call him the Chairman of the Whored. Bold, sharp and ruthless, he’s everything that Leila is trying not to be...so why can't she say no to him?

Three jobs left before she pays off her debt. Two men playing games she can’t handle. One alter-ego, banging against the mirror. In a dark hotel room, the glass is about to break...

Thessa's Review:

Oh, I could lie and say it was about the fuck, that seeds needed spreading, the beast wanted to hunt. Desire wasn’t about that, not half the time.

First thing I want to say is, do not let the weird and dreadful title prevent you from reading this. I really liked the story. It was different, in a good way, and had my emotions constantly swaying. It was beyond steamy and practically covered almost every sexual fetish/fantasy, including and not limited to: BDSM, MFM, FMF, FF, voyeurism, prostitution, and even brief knife play. Yeah. It’s safe to say, it got pretty graphic and intense. However, underneath it all lay a story about a woman trying to find her true identity and figure out where exactly she belongs.


This is the story of Leila, a tax law attorney, and her alter-ego, Charlotte. No she’s not bipolar or anything. Working a second job as an escort, “Charlotte” is the name she uses with her clients. She moonlights as an escort to make a lot of money in a short amount of time to help her parents keep their home. Her parents were on the brink of bankruptcy while helping her through college. She only has three more “jobs” left before she can officially call her whoring days over. However, when she shows up for her next job, her two worlds collide. She is surprised to find her boss, Joseph, and co-worker, Matt awaiting her. As a side note, I would like to state for the record that their threesome scene is incredibly HOT!! **Fans self** Whew! Wow. Okay. I’m good now. Anyway, after that night, her boss, Joseph, offers to hire her for her last three “jobs,” claiming that she’ll put the firm’s reputation at risk if she continues. However, things get more complicated when her attraction to both men start to consume her.

Leila is torn. Matt v Joseph. Leila v Charlotte. Love v Lust. Will she ever find her true self? Matt is her flirty co-worker that she could see herself forming a relationship with. He is actively and openly pursuing Leila after their encounter. To me, Matt was a masochist. He knew what he was getting into when pursuing Leila, but he kept holding on to the hope that she’ll change for him and see the light. Joseph, on the other hand, is her sexy, kinky as hell, boss. He’s got Leila by the balls, so to speak. Her career is in his hands and is using that to control her. However, there’s something about Joseph that ignites all of Leila’s fires. She can’t say no to him, regardless if he’s paying her or not. Each fill a void that Leila never really knew she had. Is she the relationship type or will she continually seek the next kinky encounter?

The journey that Leila embarks is erotic. Decisions are made, hearts are broken, boundaries are blurred and comfort levels are tested. And you know what? I enjoyed every moment of it. It started off a little slow, but when it picked up, it really picked up. I definitely plan on reading the next installment :)

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