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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Charade (The Games Series #1) by Nyrae Dawn

Charade (The Games Series)

Nineteen-year-old Cheyenne tries to portray the perfect life to mask the memories of her past. Walking in on her boyfriend with another woman her freshman year in college threatens that picture of perfection. 

Twenty-one-year-old Colt never wanted college and never expected to amount to anything, but when his mom's dying wish is for him to get his degree, he has no choice but to pretend it's what he wants too. 

Cheyenne needs a fake boyfriend to get back at her ex and Colt needs cash to take care of his mom, so they strike a deal that helps them both. But what if Cheyenne’s past isn’t what she thought? Soon they’re trading one charade for another—losing themselves in each other to forget about their pain. The more they play their game, the more it becomes the only thing they have that feels real.

Both Cheyenne and Colt know life is never easy, but neither of them expect the tragedy that threatens to end their charade and rip them apart forever.

Thessa's Review

Five Stars

That’s what we have – we’re both damaged with baggage and somehow it works. 

**Wipes away tears** I’m crying like a baby, but I don’t care. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS! **Sniff** Wow! This was a pleasant surprise. After my last read, which was angst on steroids, I wanted something light and predictable. This my friends, was not light, though it was a little predictable. The H/h were both incredible characters and their story is chalk full of emotions, anger and love. It all equaled to one big beautiful story. 

He has dark blond, clouds-over-sunset colored hair. It’s messy, like he hasn’t combed it all day. A black t-shirt stretches across his chest and all the way down his right arm are tattoos. Like, so many of them I can’t even see his skin. 

Tattoos. With that one word describing our Hero, Colt, I immediately fell in love. Superficial of me, I know, but I can’t help what I like and fantasize about. However underneath his tough guy exterior, lays a man who is going through the toughest time of his life. His beloved mother is dying. She is all the family he has left and means the world to him. He’s a good son, most of the time. All his mother wants is for Colt to be happy. She constantly encourages him to be a better man. No more drug dealing and concentrate on school. Colt tries, but his overwhelming feeling of responsibility to help his mom, financially and emotionally, take a toll on him. Where else can he make fast money to help?

This is a game. Our game. One that I asked for, but with each day it feels more real. 

Cheyenne is prone to panic attacks. When she was very young, her mother abandoned her during a party. There’s more to that story as we later find out, but just know, it does a number on her. She refuses to let anyone too close to her. Even her sleazy, now ex-boyfriend never got that close. But still. She had plans with Gregory. He was her normal, but the bastard broke her heart anyway. 

I vow to myself right then and there I will never make that mistake again. People hurt you if you let them. I won’t be hurt again. 

After being together for two years, she caught Gregory cheating on her. Not only that, but apparently the jackass accidentally let it slip that it was more than a one time thing. Dumbass. He does his best to convince her its still she he loves, but she’s buying any of that bull. So she dumps him. Before they part ways, she’s casually mentions that he wasn’t the only guy interested in her. Unfortunately, all her friends are all his friends. She needed to prove to him, to them all, that she can move beyond this. After seeing Colt and Gregory argue, she decides then and there exactly how to punish and piss off Gregory. An arrangement is made that changes both, Cheyenne and Colt's lives. 

Something happens inside my chest. I’ve been really good at keeping him at arm’s length so far. We’re nothing alike. I think he hates me half the time and we don’t belong together. We’re a means to an end, but with his simple request, I begin to soften inside…
I should leave. Run right now because Colt and I wouldn’t work.

These two clashed from the very beginning. They got on each other’s nerves and fought…a lot. However, for some strange odd reason, they find solace and comfort with each other. They were both reluctant at first, but fate keeps intervening and they find themselves constantly being thrown together. 

Cheyenne never thought she would open up to anyone, ever, but when she needs someone, Colt is always there, comforting her. Colt is having a tough time with his ailing mother, but found himself happy when he’s with Cheyenne. No girl has ever made him feel wanted or needed like she did. Together they made sense and together they begin to heal. 

Fuck. I LOVED this story. I just fell in love with everything that happened. There were several times I swooned and a couple of times I just outright cried. Such a moving and beautiful story. This is my first Nyrae Dawn book and it will most definitely not be my last. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

5 of 5 stars false

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