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Monday, 26 November 2012

Fall From Grace (#1) By Christine Zolendz

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1)I'm finally home after struggling through my brother's illness and death. But, home is definitely a bit different. My best friend (the only person alive now that knows my secret) has a new boyfriend; and he has a friend. Shane Maxton: bad boy, tattooed rock god, eye candy extraordinaire. He is also New York City's most arrogant, self-serving, son of a, well, a definite one-night stand kind of a guy.
But, it doesn't matter to me because I've spent my existence looking for the love of my life, my angel. And, there is nothing that Shane Maxton can do to change that.
A paranormal romance.

Thessa's Review:

He was ridiculous to look at; every single muscle on his body was clearly defined. The only word that popped in my mind was delicious.

This has been on my TBR for quite some time now. I’ve been wanting to read this, but was never in the mood for a PNR. Then I was fortunate enough to get this as an Amazon freebie and I figured, “why not?” It contains a bad boy rock star, saw lots of five-star, and “OMG, I love this story” reviews, so I finally ran out of excuses and picked this up. I began this story with high expectations. Everything was going great in the beginning, but as the story went on, I was left with one big question: What was Grace’s problem???

“She is a mortal danger to all men. She is beautiful without knowing it, and possesses charms that she’s not even aware of. She is like a trap set by nature – a sweet perfumed rose in whose petals Cupid lurks in ambush! Anyone who has seen her smile has known perfection.”

Grace, I wanted to smack you. What is it lately that I’ve been managing to pick up books with heroines that annoy the crap out of me? So we have Grace. She’s not really human per se. Her soul is being punished for kissing a fallen Angel two thousand years ago. (I would go into detail about this, but it’s best if you just read it for yourself because it’s just too much to explain.) Anyway, her soul travels from body to body, looking for her one true love, her soul mate; her fallen angel that she kissed long ago. She is guided by the Angel Gabriel (and the word guided is used loosely because of all the crap he puts her through). She’s looking for a connection; a spark between her and another person indicating that he might be the one: Her Angel.

I saw him behind my closed eyelids, pale blue angels eyes. My angel; my soul mate.

Enter Shane Maxton. Shane is the lead singer/guitarist in the band Mad World. Though they haven’t made it to the Big Leagues yet, they have quite a following, especially of the female variety. Oh yea, Shane is a big time man-whore. He goes from one female to the next, never wanting a girl for more than one night. However, when he meets Grace, he met his match.

This is where I start to question Grace’s logic. It’s so ridiculously obvious that she and Shane have a connection, but she does nothing but deny all his advances. She has no problem dating other guys/creepers (like Tucker) to see if the spark is there, but totally blows off Shane all because he’s a man-whore. Ugh! Doesn’t she get it? I mean, COME THE FUCK ON!!! He’s right there!!! Have a fucking taste, at the very least for cripes sake! By the time she realizes her mistake, is it too late?

So there you have it, why I couldn’t love this story. Stupid Grace. How she denied Shane time and time after again is beyond me. The guy is sex on a stick. I would happily be another notch on that man’s bedpost. Lord have Mercy! This story was very entertaining and I did really like it, but man did it leave me frustrated. So happy book two was readily available to quench the emptiness I felt at the end. 

Graces' Review:

Maddening yet brilliant!

OK, I'm not going to lie and say that I loved this book straight through. In fact, for most of the book I was utterly frustrated at Grace, sometimes at Shane, but mostly at Grace. Even halfway through, I was dangerously close to marking this book as “DNF” (Did Not Finish), but I'm so glad that I forged ahead.

“I knew down deep in my soul that I was special to the person I was looking for.”

I think the best way to describe Grace is that she's a tortured soul. She has spent many, many years looking for someone...looking for the one! So when she meets rock-star Shane and finds out he only does one-night stands, she tells herself that it's definitely NOT him who she's looking for, even though her body reacts differently...ahhh those butterflies!!!

For the most part, Grace and Shane don't get along. She immediately puts up the invisible sign of “Off Limits”, which, of course, makes her more intriguing to him. So, this is the part where my frustration keeps growing at Grace. Shane keeps trying for her, and she keeps pushing him away! It just drove me mad throughout most of the book that she wouldn't even give him a chance. Grrr! The sexual tension between these two is stretched to its limits! For a book with no sex, things do still get steamy! Thank goodness for the shirtless Shane moments...swoon!!!

When the back story is revealed, I found it very fascinating. Puzzle pieces started to fall into place, and I began seeing Grace differently. It's worth reaching the end!!! Sure, there is a cliffhanger, and I had to start reading the sequel right away. Will the frustration continue? I don't know! All I know is that I'm a sucker for a HEA, and I really want to know if Grace and Shane get their HEA! 

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