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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Rape Girl By Alina Klein

Rape GirlValerie always wanted to be the smart girl. The pretty girl. The popular girl.

But not the rape girl.

That’s who she is now. Rape Girl. Because everyone seems to think they know the truth about what happened with Adam that day, and they don’t think Valerie’s telling it.

Before, she had a best friend, a crush, and a close-knit family. After, she has a court case, a support gro
up, and a house full of strangers.

The real truth is, nothing will ever be the same.

Rape Girl is the compelling story of a survivor who does the right thing and suffers for it. It is also the story of a young woman’s struggle to find the strength to fight back.

 Holly's Review:

 The emotion that I felt the most while reading this book was ANGER! Anger at Valerie’s ‘so called’ friends and anger at our fucking legal system! I apologize in advance but this book is going to cause me to rant a little…you’ve been warned!

This is a story about a 16 year old who like many teenagers decides to throw a party when her mom is out of town simply so her crush will come. Like many parties this one got out of hand and there was drinking and way too many people. Throughout the party Val gets pretty drunk and throws up on said crush. Come morning she wakes to find everyone gone and sends her little sister out to play with the neighbor. She dozes and wakes to find her clothes mostly off and said crush all over her. She says no, yeah, you heard right, she said NO!! But he proceeded to tell her to be quiet and that she wanted it. Thinking that she doesn’t want to scream and have her baby sister walk in on this she remains quiet.

Uuughh, this makes me angry just writing it! Valerie reports him and immediately becomes ‘That Rape Girl’ as everyone at school refers to her. Her best friend doesn’t believe her and drops her like the bitch she is! What was the worst part of this story for me is the reality of it and how it was the victim’s responsibility to prove her innocence! WTF?! This boy is ultimately not charged because there were witnesses that saw her kissing him the night before…again WTF??!

I know that this story is a work of fiction but in so many ways it really isn’t! This shit happens every day and we have to live with a system that is so imperfect that it is scary! All that said, this is a nicely written journey of a young woman who stands up for herself and makes the right decision which ends up hurting her even more. But she is strong and I couldn’t help cheering on her ability to move forward! All I have to say to that is GIRL POWER!!


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