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Friday, 23 November 2012

Groupie (#1) by Ginger Voight

Groupie (Groupie, #1)

Into any girl's life a star could fall, but there's a thin line between love and obsession.

Andy Foster never expected lightning to strike when she met the enigmatic frontman of an up-and-coming rock band, but Giovanni Carnevale left her thunderstruck. At first it is easy to use her freelance writing career as an excuse to indulge the steamy flirtation from city to city. As she gets ever closer to making her lascivious fantasies a reality, however, she finds herself entangled in the fake and sometimes dangerous world of celebrity where nothing is as it seems, including the celebrities themselves.

She hangs on to find something real amidst the illusion, while Giovanni balances what he wants against what he fears most. Over three years they come together and blow apart with the same kind of combustible passion. This keeps them orbiting in the others' stratosphere despite new relationships and bitter betrayals. They are bound together by something they can't fight, something that draws the ire of another fan determined to claim Vanni all to herself.

Unknowingly they all race toward a dramatic moment of truth 

Thessa's Review

Four Very Angsty Stars

**Warning: This review contains a lot of expletives. Reader discretion is advised**

“Someday I’ll wake from this dream and hold my angel in my arms. And she’ll know all along I’ve wanted her.” 

FUCK MY MASOCHISTIC SIDE!!! What the fuck did I just read? This was pure angst. I was fooled by the allure of the rock star story line and was immediately drawn to it. So here I am, hoping to read a nice predictable story involving a sexy rock star Hero. So what did I get instead? A cannot-put-it-down-no-matter-how-pissed-off-I-am story. Fuck! This story fucked me up and fucked me up good. Thinking about this story still sets my blood on fire. Why do I do this to myself? I could’ve stopped the pain. I could’ve stopped the train wreck, but NO! I soldiered on because I’m demented and wanted to know where this story was going. Shit! 

Music was his foreplay, and I was powerless to stop the seduction the minute he opened his mouth and pure velvet poured forth. 

When I first met Giovanni (Vanni) Carnevale, I admit I was immediately drawn to him. I’m normally not a chick who likes guys with long(ish) hair, but I still thought Vanni was sexy as sin. Add on the fact that he’s the lead singer of Dreaming In Blue (DIB), oh yeah, Andy and I didn’t stand a chance. I really liked Andy, for at least most of the book. She’s a real woman, not the typical tiny, big boob, size zero groupie. I loved that Vanni fell for her. The only drawback was that Vanni and his band were on the rise and committing to Andy was not in the cards. Andy was okay with that. Me? Not so much. This is where shit starts to hit the fan. 

**Deep breath** Okay. Up to a certain point in the book, I was a happy camper. I was blissful that both Vanni and Andy were happy in their little bubble. They had a relationship, but it was never made public. However, Vanni is a very sought after star. His ego was getting bigger. Just when I think he and Andy were on the right path…BOOM! He gets caught with another woman. Right here is when my heart began to crumble. No amount of excuses was going to save Vanni, especially when he bails on her (view spoiler). Andy deserved better. Enter Graham Baxter.

Graham is the president of a very successful record label. He first meets Andy and Vanni at one of his shows. He shows interest in both Andy and DIB. Andy was deep in love with Vanni so nothing initially happens between the two. However, when Vanni breaks her heart, Graham was in the right place at the right time. Knowing Andy wasn’t ready for another relationship, Graham was very patient. He gives her time and space to sort out her feelings. He is the sweetest man and all he wanted was Andy. Andy’s heart, however, was still Vanni’s to stomp over. This was when I started to lose my patience with Andy. I wanted to slap her and yell “what the fuck is the matter with you??” You have the gorgeous older, wealthy man practically pining for you and what does she do? She makes dumbass mistakes, that’s what. UGH!!! I was livid at her treatment of Graham. She’s willing to live half a life loving Vanni rather than a full life loving Graham. What the fuck?! **Counting backwards…3…2…1…deep breath**

Okay. I just don’t see the logic. After all the shit Vanni put her through, she’s willing to setting for this half life? I want to say “fuck it” and slam my iPad down and walk away. But do I? Of course not. I’m a masochist and I couldn’t put this book down for the life of me. I wanted to see how it will all pan out. I wanted to see if Andy and/or Vanni come to their senses. Alas, the ending just left me more frustrated. Yes folks, it’s a cliffhanger and it’s a doozy. 

I have such a love/hate relationship to stories like these. I love how the author is able to elicit such emotions out of me, but I hate how she practically rips apart characters to do it. I have to sit back and admire that. As much as the story pissed me off, I cannot deny how liberating it feels to get so absorbed in a story. So if you like angst, this book is definitely for you. As for me, I want to stop the madness, but I’m a glutton for punishment. Oh yes, I will be diving into book two as soon as my blood pressure lessens OR when book three is available afterwards. Whichever comes first. 

4 of 5 stars false

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