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Monday, 28 November 2011

All The Wrong Reasons By J L Paul

Irelyn's life is headed in the right direction: College education, new friends, fantastic boyfriend. Her dream of writing romance novels isn't too far out of reach. Her relationship with her family is good. And to top it all off, she's positive her boyfriend is going to propose soon. Yes, life is wonderful.

Until that night with Lucas changes everything.

Elena's review:

Goodie Two-Shoes, Irelyn thought her life was as simple as can be. Why shouldn't she be grateful and happy? Her grandparents are loaded with money,which makes it no issue to attend an outstanding College.She's in a relationship she believes is respectable and approving among her family. What is difficult, is trying to be the perfect grandchild,and keeping up the facade and promises that she makes to never turn out and follow her mothers footsteps.

My thoughts: Irelyn's mom is very understanding and such an outgoing person. Its sad to see her parents disapprove of her lifestyle.To be honest, I think the stick up their asses have reached a deep capacity, it cant go up any further.There's nothing wrong with a mother wanting to live a little,especially during her teens years. So she was a groupie and got knocked up at 17, at least she lived up to her responsibilities, without her parents. Although it takes Irelyn a while to realize her mother is her idol and she loves her to pieces, it all happens in such a manner it's breath taking. I love the whole mother/daughter relationship in this novel. They both come to an understanding what one does when they finally meet that special someone person love. "Love then and never let go, no matter who gets in the way".

Irelyn has a quick hot steamy one-night stand with a very Sexy Hot Lead Singer named Lucas. It's not something she normally does,but just a few words between the two and the sparks start flying! Whew! *wipes off forehead, fanning self*

One lesson Irelyn will learn is " Never leave anything important behind when having a one-night stand". Oh she's been screwed from that day forward. Lol!!!

When she goes searching for Lucas to retrieve her phone back, things heat up, in a very good way *grins*. When Irelyn is stunned that Lucas remembers her name and he lays down this quote I almost passed out,and I fell head over heals for him! " Of course I did, love.I always remember the names I moan out in pleasure." Purrrr....Omg!!!! *swoons* Have you ever had that feeling in your lower belly that means you're excited and your heart starts to beat faster? THAT'S HOW I FELT!!!! I wanna Aussie just like him! Oh yeah did I forget to mention Lucas is Half-American/ Australian? I love him! My hubs has competition I total have a boy crush. *squeals* He's my prince charming. Ok! I'm gonna stop gushing now. Lolz!

What led from a every week Friday night harmless shagging arrangement between Irelyn and Lucas,was a beyond fun! Until........Irelyn realizes she's falling in love, she has to break it to her perfect boyfriend of a few years she can no longer be with him because she has feelings for someone else, which is The Hot Aussie himself Lucas!!! *gets a grip* Things don't turn out as planned, this story has a massive twists of events, let me just say her high and mighty grandfather makes her life and changing experiences very difficult. I think it's time to push that stick further up his ass. I'm sorry but being rich and snobby and thinking you have control over someones life, it's just not acceptable. I loathe that man!

Who I do love, are the friends Irelyn makes, Bailey and Morgan, they're the kind of friends that are they for you no matter what. They are such awesome chicks! And this includes Lucas' brother Collin and his cousin Spencer, they're just as charming and sweet as Lucas. And last but not least. Mina, Irelyn's mother, she's so supportive throughout this novel. I LOVE HER!

This book is amazing, from the beginning till the end.I loved this novel just as much as I loved the novel "Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire" Downright,spectacular novels!

Now I'm onto novel 2 of this series "Vicious Circles" I can't wait any longer,*squeals*


Patricia Eimer said...

Sounds great. It's good to see a rock romance where the girl doesn't seem to be a complete twit who lets herself get walked over by everyone and everything.

Elena said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading my review. I appreciate the support.

Sam S2 said...


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