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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Falke's Peak By Madison Layle

She couldn't believe her eyes.

Stressed out ad-exec Dakota wandered into Catamount Outfitters in search of a guide for a wilderness excursion. She didn't expect to be greeted by not one, but five of the most ruggedly delicious-looking men she'd ever seen. Not to mention a live cougar guarding the shop.

The Falke brothers have more than just good looks in their genes.

Eldest brother Axel agrees to guide Dakota on her mountain trek. In cougar form, Axel's twin, Gunnar, was there as a protection from predators—but he had his eye on the sexy client instead.

Into the wild...

While the rule with clients was "paws-off," both Axel and Gunnar couldn't resist Dakota's seductive Native American beauty and determination. As cold days led to hot nights in the cabin, Axel and Gunnar wondered if they'd finally found a woman strong enough to tame them...


This was a wonderful story about a woman who ends up vacationing at a mountain retreat with her friend and her fiance - ugh!! She decides to charter a hike into the snow covered mountains. That's when she meets the incredibly HOT Falke bothers and their sister! Dakota ends up being guided on her hike by Axel and Falke(the family's pet puma) who just happens to be Axels bother Gunner - Oh, did I forget to mention they are a family of Shifters?? LOL 

This book was so much fun, especially the interaction between Axel and Gunner(when he is in catamount form) and it was a hot and sweet story of them men discovering that Dakota is their mate! If you hadn't guessed this story if a M/F/M menage, but very sweet!! I fell in love with these men right away!

I have never read anything before by Anna Leigh Keaton, but I am desperately hoping that she goes on to write the stories of the rest of the Falke Brothers and their only sister, Heidi!!

*This book was provided to me by Netgalley*

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