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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tender Loving Care - Jennifer Greene

When tragedy strikes, Zoe Anderson finds herself in the one role she never expected to have: mother. Sharing guardianship of four-year-old twins with sexy Rafe Kirkland is a responsibility she simply cannot accept. Rafe is just going to have to take care of the boys himself.
Rafe's not prepared to be a single parent either, but deserting the children is not an option—and he's never been as attracted to a woman as he is to their godmother. He proposes a solution: Zoe and the boys will move in with him, at least until other arrangements can be made. Or until he can convince her to make their temporary family permanent.
Zoe reluctantly agrees to the plan, but even after she loses her heart to the twins, she can't possibly take that emotional risk with Rafe…
Previously published.

Zoe Anderson and Rafe Kirkland have big shoes to fill as guardians to, two adorable 4year old twin boys, Aaron and Parker. Their best friends Janet and Jonathon,died suddenly in a tragic accident. So as they had asked in their will,if there was ever a situation like this ever happened,they asked if the godparents to their children would take care of them. They're not legally obligated to make a home for the twins. Neither of them signed anything. Ethically, morally and legally,being guardians simply means supervising the caretaking of the children.

Both Zoe and Rafe,never consider having or taking care of children of their own.So the thought to them is devastating.They have no parenting skills and have no idea how to raise and be a partaker to anyone besides themselves. As selfish as Zoe thinks she is,she comes to realize,if both she and Rafe declined the guardianship to the boys, the little ones could end up in an orphanage or foster home. The thought alone makes Zoe sick to her stomach,she could never allow it. Rafe feels the same exact way,and he wasn't in the position to take on a whole different lifestyle of taking care of kids,but deep down he knew he would prepared to take care of the boys with no attachments,but he would just rather have had support from the one woman who his best friend trusted with their twin boys. So Rafe decides the best option is to adapt 3weeks at his place and 3weeks at hers and afterwards decide who the children are best be left with,Him or Zoe.

Straight off hand,Zoe tells Rafe,she's incapable of having kids of her own physically.Three years ago, she had an infection that got out of hand, and following that an operation. Because of it,she knew exactly why her best friend Janet had written her in as a guardian in case anything happened to her. Janet knew her kids would be the only chance Zoe,would have to have children.Only Zoe,thinks Janet was wrong about making that judgment call. Bringing her explanation to a conclusion. She explains how she built a life that doesn't include kids.

Rafe,is a very understanding and sweet guy,he sees no matter how much Zoe puts her self down,she's an amazing and strong woman in his eyes.He's determined to make her see,she can love and be loved. Once he gets around her tough barriers he offers her honesty, intimacy and allure of yielding to a man who needed her, just her.(which he does quite well) ,she would be crazy not to love him! A man who doesn't mind that she can not bare his children and still love and adores her IS A KEEPER!

As for the two monster/adorable 4year old twin boys,they made Zoe and Rafe fall immensely in love with them. Aaron and Parker, for two small fragile and not so fragile kids,took it like champs losing their parents but happy beyond measures for gaining another pair in return. Zoe and Rafe gave them all the comfort they need plus more.

It was a sweet contemporary romance novel.The story plot was comparable to many other novels I've read,but I loved the authors writing style and enjoyed every moment reading it. So if I were to ask myself "Will I read another novel by this author gain?" My answer would be "YES!"


helpmerhonda72 said...

Great review Elena!!
However the book cover made me think of FIFTY! LOL!!

Elena said...

Lol!!! Everything Revolves around Fifty these days :D

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