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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lorelei James Interview and Giveaway

Well howdy! Today is the release day of Lorelei James brand spanking new book in her Blacktop Cowboy Series:

Wrangled and Tangled

We have been lucky enough to snag Ms. James away from her writing to come do an interview with us, and we are just so happy to have her! To celebrate I am 
giving away an ebook copy of Wrangled and Tangled!
So please make a warm cowgirl welcome to LORELEI JAMES!!

Let me introduce ya'll....

A bit about me: When I'm not squirreled away behind my laptop writing fun, sexy, contemporary erotic romances set in the modern day Wild West, I can be found reading everything under the sun, practicing yoga until I’m a pretzel, shootin' my .22, watching the Professional Bull Riders tour on Versus, and running a kid's taxi service, all in the guise of avoiding housework and rustlin' up vittles.
Why do I have a particular fondness for all things western? Well, I'm a fourth generation South Dakotan, living in the Black Hills, which is chock-full of interesting characters, including cowboys, Indians, ranchers, and bikers. The geographical diversity of the surrounding area showcases mountains, plains, and badlands. Living in and writing about rural settings gives me a unique perspective, especially since I'm not writing historical westerns. Through my fictional world, I can show the ideals and the cowboy way of life are still very much alive.


A big cowgirl welcome to Lorelei James! Lorelei, thank you so much for taking time out today to have a chat and a laugh with us. I’m so excited to interview the woman who brung me out of tame YA novels and into the world cowboy kink. That’s right, Ms. James you were the one who popped my erotic cherry.

LJ) My goal in life is to pop as many cherries as possible J

Sam) First off, I would like to say a big congrats on the new release, Wrangled and Tangled #3. I love this series.  Can you tell us a little bit about this book and what we can expect from Renner and Janie?

LJ) Thank you, I’m excited for WRANGLED AND TANGLED to finally hit the shelves. This book has a dual storyline. Renner Jackson and Tierney Pratt, who are forced to work together since Renner borrowed money from Tierney’s father to get the Split Rock Resort up and running…and city girl Tierney is in Wyoming as the financial overseer to make sure everything is done right. Which, as you can imagine, doesn’t sit well with a cowboy stock contractor used to calling the shots, especially when Tierney is the type of woman that really trips Renner’s trigger. The other couple is Abe Lawson and Janie Fitzhugh. Abe and Janie have been divorced for eight years. She basically fled Muddy Gap, Wyoming and left Abe broken hearted. So it’s ironic she’s back in town, helping Renner run the new resort. Abe is not the same man Janie remembers, and the spark that initially pulled them together is still there, burning stronger than ever.

Sam) Cowgirl boots have got to be one of the hottest accessories that a girl can have. I hang my head in shame to say I only have two pairs. Do you have many, if any, cowgirl boots littering your wardrobe?

LJ) Two pairs is nothing to be ashamed of! My shame? I honestly don’t know how many pairs I have. I’m spilling over into my college daughter’s bedroom. I used to buy a pair every time I finished a book, as a reward and an incentive! But now, I’m such a boot whore, and hoarder, that if I see a pair I can’t live without, I buy them. It’s a sickness. But I do have some pretty snappy pairs J

Sam) I was surprised to find out that you write under another name as well as Lorelei James. What made you decide to write under two different names, and is it like you are living a secret life that not everyone knows about.

LJ) I was actually published first in mystery in 2005 under the name Lori Armstrong. I write really dark mysteries, featuring kick ass female characters and put them in all sorts of trouble. The books have been critically acclaimed, winning the WILLA Cather Literary Award, nominated for the High Plains Book Award and the Daphne du Maurier Award. I’ve been nominated for four Shamus Awards, which is a really big award in the mystery world, and won two—book 4 in my Julie Collins series, SNOW BLIND won for Best Paperback Original, and most recently, for NO MERCY, the first book in my Mercy Gunderson series, won Best Hardcover Novel. I love writing both mystery and romance, I get to deal with the best and worst of humanity. And for the most part, I keep those halves of my writing personas separate. There’s a thread of romance in the mysteries, but not even close to what I write in the erotic arena. And I keep suspense and murder out of the erotics.

Sam) Although I am here today to pimp out Wrangled and Tangled, I cannot let Rough Riders go unnoticed too. Rough Riders is ultimately the best Erotic Cowboy Series I have EVER read. Was it hard to build such a large family tree for the McKay’s and where do you keep getting original after original story line from?

LJ) Oh, thanks for the props for the Rough Riders! Obviously the series is very close to my heart. I didn’t set out to write such a long running series (which will end with book 16 in 2013) and at first, I had no idea there were so many family members in the McKay family. They just kept coming out of the woodwork J The family tree has become a massive undertaking, and my web mistress is updating it for my website even as we speak. My publisher has mentioned putting a family tree in the back of each book, but it hasn’t happened yet. I try to keep the series fresh by putting my own spin on traditional romance tropes, which keeps me from getting bored, and readers from thinking…haven’t I read this book before? One thing that doesn’t change in any of my books? I always write alpha males. Period. No other type of male character interests me in romantic fiction. Because it’s fascinating to see a rough and tumble, I-don’t-need-no-one type of man, fall in love so hard it hurts him J

Sam) If you could have a private dinner date with any of your characters from any book you have written, who would you dine with?

LJ) Now the hard hitting question comes out. I’m going to cheat and say…I have private dates with all of my male characters any time I want since they live in my head. But if I could have a private dinner date with any man?  Bull rider Justin McBride. Or bull rider Guillherme Marchi.

Sam)My husband and I are addicted to the professional Bull riding here in Australia; it is so intense and hypnotic. Those men amaze me! Do you ever get time to go watch Professional bull riding?

LJ) Funny you should mention that…I just got back from a PBR event in Columbus Ohio where I popped 12 reader’s cherries who’d never been to a bull riding event! I try to get to as many events as I can, but the official PBR events are usually pretty far from South Dakota. Luckily I’ve got a great bunch of fans who think it’s cool going to a western type event with me. So far this year I’ve been to a PBR event in Dallas with readers, I attended the Houston Rodeo with readers, Cheyenne Frontier Days with readers, the Black Hills Stock Show with readers… As much as I love the PBR, my real love is a full blown rodeo, with bareback and saddle bronc competition, as well as bull doggin’, team roping, barrel racing and tie down roping.  Since I live in a part of the country where rodeo is big, I’m lucky to have many events to choose from.

Ooh, and I’ve met a couple of the Aussie bull riders J -- great accents!

  ((s) yeah we are pretty hot... lol)

Sam) Is there anything you are working on now that you can give us a sneak peek at?

LJ) COWBOY CASANOVA, Rough Riders book 12, will release next month, Dec. 6th, and that is Ben McKay’s book. His story was a challenge for me because he’s ah…a little different from his brothers and cousins. Right now I’m working on ONE NIGHT RODEO, which is book 4 in the Blacktop Cowboys series, and is Kyle Gilchrist’s –from CORRALLED--book. It won’t release until August 2012.


1) Ball Cap or Cowgirl Hat?
LJ) Neither. My cowgirl hat is in bad shape and I haven’t bought a new one. I guess I do wear a ball cap in the summer when I’m at the lake.

2) Strength? 

 LJ) Writing hot, sweet, naughty cowboys

3) Weakness? 

LJ) Writing hot, sweet, naughty cowboys – hey, it’s a blessing and a curse!

4) Ever write naked? 

LJ) Good God no. The cover on my chair itches like hell.

5) Favorite food?

LJ) Steak. And chocolate. But not together! And who doesn’t love a cold beer?

That was awesome! Thanks so much Lorelei!

Other books available in the Blacktop Cowboy Series: 

And don't miss out on Lorelei next Rough Riders release, due out 6th December! 

In honor of this awesome new release, I'm doing what I do best...


To be in the running, fill out the raffle-copter form below and your in! This is not a series you want to miss out on!

Please refer to our giveaway policy for any questions.


Nylez said...

Thanks for the great interview and this giveaway! Now we know her other pen name Lori Armstrong... Better check out her other books!
Thanks again Sam!

helpmerhonda72 said...

Thanks for taking the time and sharing Lorelei.

Jet said...

Those are some niiice book covers ;)
Great interview and thanks for the chance to win.

Bona Fide Reflections said...

So jelly you scored and interview!!!! I am a huge fan of Ms. James. Thanks so much for hosting this interview. I had no idea she was Lori Armstrong, too! I enjoyed reading this interview. The questions were fun and the answers informative & great for fans to read.

Happy Reading,
Bona Fide Reflections

ahz1 said...

Great interview girls! Got to love those cowboys!

Jess B. said...

i just love this series and cannot wait for this nest book. i got hooked on the rough riders series long ago and just love this series too. Would love a free copy but ill buy it regardless!


Under the Covers said...

Great interview! Ms. James is always so much fun to read about!


Blue Shedevil said...

Great interview! This lady can write her butt off so the scratchy chair must be inspirational *snort* Awesome job as usual ladies.

mnjcarter said...

Loved the interview! Learned quite a bit about Lorelei that I did not know! You sure does seem to pop alot of cherries:)

I think it would be an awesome book to read if you ever decide to put your 2 personas together for one book!!


*yadkny* said...

Fun interview! Can't wait to read this series! All of Lorelei's books have such amazing covers!! Thanks for the giveaway!


Sarah said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

CrystalGB said...

Great interview. I love Lorelei's books. Thank you for the giveaway.

Under the Covers said...

Fun interview! Thanks for the interview and giveaway ladies. awesome job

alltherhage AT gmail DOT com

June M. said...

Thank you for the great interview and giveaway. I have read some of Ms. James' Rough Rider books but not her BlackTop cowboys books. The stories sound great and the covers are so sexy!
June M.

Elena said...

Aussie Bull Riders? I like the thought of that! LOL!

Great Interview ladies!

Good Luck to everyone on the giveaway =)

Anonymous said...

LJ is one of my favorite authors :) great interview !!!


Ivy said...

I seriously love this series & the Rough Riders. The first Mercy is on my TBR mountain. Thanks for all the great reads Ms.James.

Patti P said...

I love Lorelei books! I need to get out and pick this one up.

musicalfrog at comcast.net

Jodie Riverina Romantics said...

Great interview!!!

I'm a huge Lorelei fan - she writes some smokin cowboy books!!

LethalLovely said...

Great interview & thanks for the giveaway! LJ is one of my favorite ER authors!

Botanyflora said...

one of my favorite authors. Read just about all of her books. Thanks for that wonderful interview to get some inside of Lorelei James.

lilis said...

hi! i enjoyed the interview ^^
thank you for making this giveaway as international.

Amy said...

Whats not to love about a sexy cowboy!! I love LJ books!

great giveaway!

ClaudiaGC said...

Lovely interview! Can't wait to read this book!

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Eli Yanti said...

cowboy... hot... =D

very awesome

thank you

LorettaLynn//Temprance said...

Oh, i just love your work, what i have read of it. Great interview:)
Thank you for sharing!
elliott2668(at) yahoo(dot) com

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Wonderful Interview! LJ is awesome!

JessS said...

Thanks for the giveaway, this series sounds HOT!

marybelle said...

Just fabulous thank you!! WRANGLED AND TANGLED is on my reading list.


AngelaCarr said...

Great interview!
I've only heard great things and I can't wait to start this series. I will let you know whenbyou've popped my cowgirl cherry. It'll be my fisrt cowboy book!

Julie Trevelyan said...

I really want to read this! Thanks for having a contest.

rougebolo said...

I love all the Lorelei James stories I have read, can't go wrong with her stories. Thanks for the many great reads and the ones yet to be written


Tiera B. said...

Love the covers for this series! Great interview, cant wait till the next Rough Riders book comes out

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