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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Aris Whittier Interview and Giveaway

Aris Whittier

We were lucky enough to have Aris (pronounced heiress) come to us inquiring if we would like to read her book – Fatal Embrace. After looking at the blurb and seeing some reviews it sounded great. Little did I know that I would end up absolutely loving this book. This is a book and an Author that you do not want to miss out on. Something else you shouldn’t miss out on? This awesome interview with Aris herself and even better yet, a giveaway of her book: Fatal Embrace, which you can see my review for below.
So please, without further ado, I welcome Ms. Aris Whittier to SER Awesomness.
Thank you, Aris for joining us..

About the Author

My name is Aris. Aris is pronounced (heiress) and I'm not sure what the meaning is. Several years ago, when I was asked what my name meant, I replied that Aris was a Greek Sex Goddess (what can I say I'm a romance writer). Unfortunately, my husband happened to be near, he looked over at me, rolled his eyes, and said very loudly "I wish". I've moved on to another story, which happens to be true. I was born in the seventies to a pair of hippies, real hippies. Having said that, I think I got off lucky with the name Aris. It could have been much worse, Fruit Stand or something like that. So, Aris it is.

First things first, Aris tell us five things that we might not yet know about you?

I am addicted to Thai food
I love to shoot guns
I do yoga every morning
I can’t live without coffee
I'm one cat away from being a crazy-cat-lady

Fatal Embrace was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as a Red-Hot read. How did you make this feel to know that this honor was bestowed upon your book? 

Having Fatal Embrace featured in Cosmo was so much fun and an enormous honor! Cosmo has such a huge readership it was amazing to have Fatal Embrace recommended for their Red-Hot Read. I actually had the article framed and it’s hung in bathroom—why my bathroom you ask...it’s much too "Hot" to hang in the living room.

While reading, FATAL EMBRACE, It may have been my blonde coming out (and I am blonde) but I was waaayyy off track to who the bad guy was. Is it hard to write a novel where you have to disguise a character as the baddie?
When writing Fatal Embrace I was so worried the reader would figure out who-did-it too soon. Sam I’m so glad I was able to fool you! 
I read that not only are you an author but you are also a mother to two children. Do you find it hard to juggle writing and raising children?  
Yes, it’s hard. But I write at these really weird hours so it works for all of us. I may be a little sleep deprived because of it, but it’s all GOOD!

Now, don’t feel obliged to answer this, but I do ask this to every author I interview – kind of like a myth I’m trying to prove: Do you ever write naked? (Sadly with you having two kids, I think I know your answer already...but here’s hoping..)
 Of course I write naked! Not only do I write in the nude, I do it in bed, on satin sheets, by candlelight, while drinking Cristal. Oh, wait, that’s not me that’s a movie. Seriously, I write in yoga pants & a tee-shirt, in an old leather chair, while drinking coffee. (OMG BEST ANSWER EVER FROM AN AUTHOR!)

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about your latest book? 
Humm...that’s a good question. I don’t reread my books once they are published because I’d want to change so much! I hate seeing all my mistakes or how I could have written a scene better.

What was the hardest part about writing FATAL EMBRACE?

Since there is a serial killer in the story I actually spent hours and hours at the library reading about real life serial killers—it was very disturbing. Some nights I went home totally freaked out.

Tell us, what’s next for you on the writing agenda? Anything sneak peeks you can share?
I’m just finishing up SECRETS. SECRETS is a romantic suspense, whose heroine, Ashley Dawson, is a crime writer who has the ability to see spirits. Its hero, Nathaniel Marshall is a hardnosed architect with a long, dark past. A tight web of doubt, uncertainty, and affection is weaved when Nathaniel’s dead wife comes to Ashley in a vision. Throw a stalker turned serial killer in the mix and a crazy cat named Voodoo and the pages keep turning. 


Milk, Dark, or White Chocolate?
Milk Chocolate dipped in extra chucky peanut butter!

Silk or Lace?
Silk—I absolutely love the way it feels!
Favourite Alcoholic drink?
I enjoy a really good cabernet sauvignon. And by good, I mean anything under $15.
Touch or feel?
Feel...there’s nothing better than a pair of strong hands, freely caressing supple skin...wait, I’m not writing a scene am I?...my bad...let’s just leave it at feel... (freaking hilarious!) 
High heels or Flats?
Flats...safety first! 

Now if that interview wasnt enough of an indication of just how awesome Aris is, then maybe you should read my review of FATAL EMBRACE 

Sams Review

We are also giving away an Ebook copy of 

High-spirited horse trainer Jessica Stanson stumbles into the perfect job on one of the most elite ranches in Montana. Or at least it would be if her boss, ex-detective Michael Carven, stopped acting like he didn't want her there. Jessica has to prove herself to him on the ranch, and also try to penetrate his armor to get to the man inside. Michael Carven is a man who has left a difficult past behind him, and now works at his dream job raising horses under the Montana sky. But he knows that the past has a way of coming back to him, and soon enough, it does. A wave of violence hits the nearby small town of Riverside, nestled deep in the mountains, as a cunning serial killer preys on the population. Against his will, Michael finds himself both drawn into the case and coming to care for his independent new trainer. And if having a killer on the loose wasn't enough, his two worlds collide when Jessica becomes the only material witness in the case. Before it is over, Michael and Jessica will put everything they know and hold dear on the line to catch a vicious, cunning killer - and to protect each other as well.

For your chance to win Aris Whittier's FATAL EMBRACE  fill out the Rafflecopter form and your done!


Denise Z said...

Sometimes it is frightening how much two people can have in common LOL I will say however, that I have to draw the line at the yoga. I have been there, tried it, and do not think God ever intended for my body to contort in this manner :) and that's all I have to say about that. Thank you for the lovely interview and awesome giveaway opportunity today.

Cambria said...

Fabulous and fun interview!!! The author is down to earth and i really enjoyed reading about her. :)

*yadkny* said...

Aris is a very pretty name and ya I agree with you that you lucked out on it since you had a pair of hippies as parents. Congrats on the Cosmo nod for Fatal Embrace... sounds like a great story and will definitely be going on my wishlist!


Shylah Bailey said...

My aunt is such an amazing author! Loved her responses! She is indeed down to earth, very much so!

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