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Friday, 3 August 2012

A Thin, Dark Line by Emma Elliot

When Cormac O'Malley--Dogwood, Ohio's former bad boy and a man just released from prison--returns and shows up on her doorstep, librarian Eloise Carmichael hires him as a handyman despite warnings and misgivings. After a body is found at the library, Eloise becomes obsessed with the mysteries surrounding a murder that took place fifteen years ago. But as the body count rises and family secrets are brought to light, Eloise and Cormac realize the only hope for redemption--and love--lies in each other.

Thessa's Review:

  “Then hurt me. I can handle the pain.” I eliminated the space between us in a rush that had our lips smashing together so hard our teeth knocked and my nose cracked against his cheekbone.

I haven’t read a romantic suspense in a while and thought I was due. I’m so happy to have been given an opportunity to have a sneak peak at this little gem and I was not disappointed. Though it could’ve used a little more romance, it did not deter me from really liking the story.

After fifteen years, Cormac O’Malley has just been released from prison. He heads back to his hometown in Dogwood, Ohio looking for work. Of course, being an ex-con, he has a difficult time finding a job, especially after the town hasn’t forgotten the reason why he was in jail in the first place: He was convicted of murdering the local sheriff’s son. However, when he enters the local library, Eloise Carmichael decides to give him a break and hires him as the library’s handyman. Eloise has never forgotten Cormac’s kindness to her when she was thirteen. However, hiring an ex-con will have repercussions, especially when more murders take place. The local law enforcement immediately suspects Cormac, but Eloise believes differently. The Cormac she has gotten to know doesn’t fit the crimes, the current or the past ones. When her own life is in danger, she is dead set on finding out the truth before it’s too late. How will she react when the truth is out? Will it affect her growing closeness with Cormac?

Cormac’s character begins as a mystery. He’s dark & brooding, but underneath all that, he’s got a kind, yet tortured, soul. What we find out about his past is not pretty and makes us really empathize with him. You want nothing more than for him to have a second chance at happiness. As for Eloise, I really admired her.. She’s strong, compassionate, admirable and an extremely likable character. She would make a terrific friend. She’s very loyal to those she loves. She doesn’t even second guess her initial hiring of Cormac and is readily willing to stand by and support him and her decision.

The romance between them is few and far between. It takes a little bit of time for them to form a relationship, but it was worth it when they finally acknowledge their feelings. Cormac was nothing but sweet towards Eloise. I adored all the little emotional scenes between them. They brought me nothing but happiness. As I said earlier, I just wished there were more to cherish. As for the mystery itself, it was well told I was not as surprised when it was all revealed, but I had my suspicions on who did it.

I really did like this story and I would like to thank to the publishers at the Writer’s Coffee Shop for allowing me to read and review this book. It release date is set for August 30, 2012. I would definitely recommend it for those looking for a little suspense in their romance reads. 

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