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Monday, 6 August 2012

Blood Will Tell by Samantha Young (Warriors of Ankh #1)

What would you do if you were born to be a predator? Would you fight your natural instincts or give in to your nature?

Eden is a soul eater closing in on her awakening. Her family has convinced her that soon she will have to take a life in order to save her own. It’s a decision Eden doesn’t want to deal with even as her hunger for souls grows stronger every day.

To complicate her impossible position, new guy in school Noah Valois’ determination to befriend her puts Eden in touch with a humanity she’s never known. Addicted to his company, his friendship and affection, she becomes more and more terrified that giving into her hunger will mean losing him forever…

… But when she discovers that Noah is not what he seems, his betrayal forces her to face two choices. One will offer her revenge and the destruction of a boy she loved. The other may offer her a life of eternal redemption…

Rhonda's Review 


YA Paranormal Romance (16 up)

“It was a house of horrors. And she was part of it.”

To Eden Winslow her family, and their kind they are “Blessed”. To the Neith and Ankh Warriors that hunt them, they are “Soul Eaters”.

Eden Winslow is 17 and on the cusp of coming of age, but her life has never been normal. After seeing the terror that goes on in the basement of her home when she was only a child, Eden has feared what she would become once she was awakened. Eden is a loner, and her brother Stellan has always been her best friend, until she meets the new boy at school Noah, who is also a loner. Noah and Eden become fast friends, but it wasn’t until she met Noah that her predatory instincts awakened. This sends Eden into a constant internal battle with her humanity when all her soul eater side wants to do is what’s in her nature to do. She’s being pressured by her family to have her Awakening ceremony, and also facing a prearranged betrothal that she doesn’t want.

Noah seems to be the only person who understands her, even though he doesn’t know what she is…… or does he?? As the story unfolds, Eden becomes the most hunted by the Neith Warriors, as well as her own kind.

I will admit, cover love is what got my attention, and then I read the blurb and this sounded like my kind of story, something a little different so I took the plunge! This story hit all the right spots with me, I was hooked at the prologue, and could hardly put this book down. Eden is such a fabulous character, she’s multi-layered and such a bad-ass to boot. Eden suffers a lot in this story, betrayal, loss, and trying to contain the monster within. I found this story to be very well written and not the fluffy YA one might expect. I found the secondary cast to be well developed too. This story is full of action and Samantha Young isn’t afraid of violence and killing off some characters. There is alot that goes on in this story, and I don't want to give up too many details. I know there is more to this journey and I can’t wait to continue on with Eden and see where the story takes her.

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