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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Stealing Fate by Berinn Rae (Unspun #2)

  She stole his fate…

Lachesis is a Fate, an ancient goddess in whose hands our destinies are unraveled. When she’s not weaving fortune, she does what she wants when she wants. That all changes when she runs into the man she craves but prayed to never see again. And she'll soon discover the god of terror can really hold a grudge.

Now it’s his turn…

The most frightening of gods, Phobos is a predator who takes pleasure in terrorizing the world. After millennia of relentless searching, he finds the Fate who caused him to be cast down from Olympus. Now he plans to use every bit of his talents on the goddess to regain his lost heritage without losing his heart in the process.

Rhonda's Review:

They sat together in the park
As the evening sky grew dark
She looked at him and he felt a spark tingle to his bones
’Twas then he felt alone and wished that he’d gone straight
And watched out for a simple twist of fate
- Bob Dylan

When I heard about this series of novellas in the works I was very excited that I would be introduced to two new authors. This is the first time I've read Berinn Rae, and I loved what she brought to this series! These are the stories of the three Fates; life, destiny, and death. This is the the story of Lachesis aka Lacey, the Fate of destiny and Phobos the Greek god of terror.

Centuries ago Lacey betrayed her one true love Phobos, after which time Phobos was banished from Olympus along with his twin brother Deimos also known as Fear. They were stripped of their godly gifts and sent to earth. Phobos swore vengeance against Lacey for her betrayal. Over the centuries the two have engaged in somewhat of a game of cat and mouse, and Lacey always slipping away. This time it wouldn't be so easy, Lacey is sent to earth, and dropped right in the middle of a night club practically face to face with Phobos. This time Phobos' prey won't slip away so easily.

"How I've dreamed of tearing the life from your veins," he said. "The dark maiden who sealed my doom." - Phobos

Berinn Rae did an excellent job with this story in setting it up, and the writing was clean, and the character development was great! I really enjoyed Lacey who is sassy, strong, and quick witted. I loved the contrast between she and her sister Chloe, and I think that's one of the things I really enjoy about this series, is that each author brings something different to the table, and I have really enjoyed them so far. I also thought Phobos was presented very well, he just oozed dangerous sexuality from the moment he appeared in the story, YUM! I was kinda sad when this story was over, I found myself invested in the characters very quickly. Berinn Rae has a great voice, and I really look forward to more from her.

"Give up the self-loathing thing, Phobos. You're scrumptiously sexy. Deal with it." -Lacey

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Elena said...

Cute Review!

You know every time I see a book has the "Olympus" world in it,I think of "The you know what" series and catch the shivers every time LOL!

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