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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Welcome Tiffany Reisz! Interview and Giveaway!

Today S,E,R's is very excited to have Tiffany Reisz!! 
Several of us here have read and LOVED her new book The Siren
Now I'm not gonna lie, when Tiffany agreed to do this I was feeling just a bit intimidated,  and Elena and Thessa answered the call for help with this one.  We hope you all enjoy, and check out the book if you haven't.  Please welcome Tiffany Reisz!!!
*Fan Girls Scream!!*
Ok, give us a second to get our shit together.......

Rhonda- Tiffany, “The Original Sinners” series involves some really taboo topics, and situations that some readers would have a difficult time reading.  What was your journey like getting “The Siren” published?

Tiffany- Shockingly easy. I have the world’s smartest editor and she knows what she likes. Here’s the thing—there’s nothing new in THE SIREN. Every taboo topic I touch on has been touched on before and nine times out of ten it was touched on by Anne Rice. We had some editors reject the book initially for a lot of the reasons readers love the book—super tough heroine, not a traditional romance, darker, edgier sexual content…There are a million writers out there doing wonderful traditional romance novels. My editor simply knew she’d found something for all those readers out there who wanted something different. I’ll admit that some of the content isn’t like anything you’d find in your average romance novel (kinky sex, underage sex, dubious consent, a hot Catholic priest…) but I wrote the book I wanted to read, and nothing in The Siren shocked or disturbed me. I write nothing for shock value. I write it because that’s who these people are and this is how they live their interesting lives. 

Thessa-  What inspired you to write this series, and how did you come up with your ideas?

Tiffany- The Siren was originally inspired by a desire to tie up sexy actor Jason Isaacs and blindfold him. I came up with his character (Zach Easton – stuffy sexy Brit) and his foil, the saucy, sexy, uninhibited Nora Sutherlin and I found a reason to force them into the same room. Mistress Nora took over my world. Once THE SIREN was over, I couldn’t get her and her men out of my head and my heart. I didn’t want to start over on a second book with an all new cast of characters who would simply be variations on the cast of THE SIREN. And I felt there was so much many loose-ends, so much more to explore in this world. So I wrote THE ANGEL and brought some of the minor characters to the forefront and keep digging deep into the heart of Mistress Nora. She’s got a big heart and it’s going to take more than one book for that heart of hers to realize who it truly belongs to.

Elena-  I've read from many reviewers "self-discovery" is the main result for many characters in this book. As you finished writing this novel, did you come upon your own self-discoveries, and how it changed you as a writer?

Tiffany- I learn a lot from Mistress Nora. Often I find myself asking, “What Would Nora Do?” and the answer is usually something along the line of, “Whatever she wants to do.” A lot of people like to give upcoming writers advice. Use a pen name if you’re a female writer of erotica. Fuck that. Be on every social media outlet especially Facebook. Fuck that. Don’t talk about your personal life online. Keep it strictly professional. Fuck. That. Shit.
No one ever became a saint, a sinner, or a hero by following all the rules and playing it safe. That’s what Nora taught me—that taking risks and living audaciously can reap big rewards.

Thessa- The Catholic church plays a big part of your series, do you attend mass regularly?

Tiffany- Yes, I do! I have nothing but respect for the Catholic faith. Now the church itself needs to be caned for some of the horrific decisions it has made in 2000 years of history. But the faith, the devotion of its people, the emphasis on self-sacrifice is nothing but beautiful to me. 

Rhonda- This series has likely the most delicious cast of characters I’ve read, I find it hard to pick a favorite so I have a few.  You clearly love and enjoy writing these characters, which character do you enjoy writing most? 

Tiffany- Mistress Nora is the easiest character to write as I gave her my personality (I wasn’t really using it anyway). But without a doubt, Søren’s scene are my favorite. I’m utterly in love with him and when I write him, I feel his presence near me telling me exactly what to write. It’s more dictation than creation where he’s concerned. He has the most surprising sense of humor. He’ll make these dry little jokes that you don’t expect from someone usually so serious and somber so it gives me great joy when he cracks a smile. 

Elena- The most heart breaking character in the "Siren" is Wesley. (In my opinion.) What were you thinking when you decided to throw him in the mix?  His character is very much loved by many readers. To me, if I could have him chained to my ankle, I would. I adore him. So once again, I'm just wondering what the heck were you thinking? LOL!

Tiffany- He just showed up. Seriously. Zach got to Nora’s house and instead of Nora opening the door, it was this gorgeous teenage boy. I think Nora and I had the same sort of reaction to Wesley. We took one look at him and said, “Yup, that one’s coming home with me.”

Thessa-  I read on your website that Wesley's character is actually based on someone you actually know, will you finally reveal who this gentleman is? Does he know about Wesley's character? If so, what does he think of him? Is Søren based on a priest you know?

Wesley is based on two men in my life—one a dear friend and one an ex-boyfriend. I have a dear friend I’ve known since he was sixteen-years-old (we met in church when I was twenty and he still in high school). He was the golden child of our church—deeply spiritual, kind, loving, wanted to be a doctor…he’s also a great damn cook. He cooks huge meals for his church all the time. But he just adores bad girls. He’s always falling for some super damaged chick. Totally Messiah complex. One of my ex-boyfriends was a type one diabetic who went into DKA while I was visiting friends in another city. All of that fear Nora deals with when Wes gets sick on her, I’ve experienced first hand. The pediatric ward and the curling up in the hospital bed? All based on personal experience.

Søren is very much inspired by my ex-Dominant who was a blond, six foot four Catholic sadist. Not a priest. A lawyer. He caned me on our second date. Most arrogant, brutal, pretentious man you could ever hope to meet. I really miss the guy. 

Rhonda- The overall response to The Siren has been really positive, and I've noticed you take time to interact with your readers, and I think that is really awesome, and speaks volumes about you as a person in general.  How does the interaction with your readers make you feel?

Tiffany- It seems so natural to me. I can’t imagine living any other way than out in the open talking to anyone who talks to me. I started my Twitter account years ago before I’d even sold my first story. Twitter has always been social media for me. It was never about marketing. I love my Twitches and will talk to anyone who wants to ask me questions about the book. Seriously, if a reader has an issue with the book, is bothered by something, troubled…I’d rather they ask me what I was thinking then just silently fume. I might be able to comfort them a little. After all, I am kinky. I’ve submitted to several sadists and Dominants. I’ve even had a couple sessions with a New York Dominatrix. If the kink stuff is upsetting them, then we can talk about it. 

Elena-  Can we rub your magic 8 ball and get a glimpse into Nora's future? 

Tiffany- Yes! Rub that ball! *peers into the mists* I see Nora on a horse farm in Kentucky…I see great danger looming…danger to her heart and danger…TO HER VERY LIFE! A decision must be made…a savior must come for her…but will he be able to find her in time…or will she have to save herself…? 

Quickie Questions:

What's your favorite sexual position?

Flat on my stomach.

 Favorite Movie?

Toss-up between BRICK and/or SECRETARY

If your Dom gave you a choice, which would you choose: a cane, a flogger, cat-o-nine tails, whip or Tawse?


 What book are you currently reading, or have read most recently?

Down & Derby: An Insider’s Guide to Roller Derby (book research)

What would you choose as your safe word and why?

I gave Nora my safe word – Jabberwocky

What is your idea of the perfect date?

Tooling around New York City with Andrew Shaffer, author of FIFTY SHAMES OF EARL GREY, eating weird food and going to bookstores and seeing the sights! Luckily Andrew’s my boyfriend so we actually get to do that sort of stuff.

Do you like it that your fans refer to you as “Mistress”?

It’s adorable. I’ve been known to spank and flog my fans if they ask nicely enough.

Thank you so much Tiffany for sharing with us today!!  We hope The Siren is the Smashing success it deserves to be. 

From your lips to God’s ears! 

I wanted to give a special THANKS to Sarah Burningham, Tiffany's publicist who made this little get together possible!

  Giveaway Time!!!!
Disclaimer:  I'm just going to let you know now that the blurb for this book doesn't even begin to describe this book.  In Thessa's words it is " differently beautiful, darkly seductive and passionately erotic."  And in Tiffany's words:
This aint your mommas thornbirds

This giveaway is for one Trade Paperback copy of The Siren by Tiffany Reisz. 
Courtesy of Harlequin, Tiffany Reisz, and Sara Burningham.

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phie said...

I haven't read The Siren yet though my friends said that the story is fascinating. Made me curious, indeed. So, I hope that I'll win this giveaway =)

I laughed when I read the quick interview esp. when you asked about how Ms. Reisz refer her as "Mistress". Hahahahah..

Can't wait to read the book!

gimptrip said...

I stumbled onto your site and am very glad I did. I love author interviews, they can make me feel like the author is a friend. Gonna love searching older posts.

helpmerhonda72 said...

now that's the best compliment ever! Thank you so much! We try to have a good time here and hope the authors enjoy being here.

Kelsey Summer said...

I have wanted to read The Siren since I first heard about it. I want to read the whole series. Loved the interview and will have to check out Andrew's book too.

kesummer69 at gmail dot com

Thessamari said...

Well done on the interview, Rhonda. Love this author!

helpmerhonda72 said...

Thanks Thessa, but I couldn't have done this without you fabulous ladies!!

So thank you!! And thanks to E, wherever she is.... ;-)

Elena said...


We're all too awesome for our own good, =P hehehe!Awesome Interview!

I see Tiffany left her panties loose and got comfortable to answer all our questions. LOVED IT!

Good Luck To Our Lucky Winner!

erin said...

Thanks for a fun post and giveaway! I would love to read The Siren. Been reading such awesome reviews for it!

Rachel Firasek said...

Of course I read it, Rhonda told me to. And I do everything she says...well, when it comes to books. I'm the perfect book submissive, lol.

I absolutely adored this book--as Tiffany knows. I've been breathing her praise all over the web. Anywho, thanks for the wonderful interview ladieS!

helpmerhonda72 said...

Thanks for stopping in!

June M. said...

Congrats on the recent release! I have seen some great book reviews on this one. I am always so happy to see Kentuckian's who are authors, must support those from my home state! :)

elaing8 said...

There is so much talk around this book. I cannot wait to read it.Great interview and thanks for the giveaway

Loupe Duffy said...

Awesome give away!! As you know I loved this book in print and audio. Best book a read/listened to all year.
Good luck to the lucky winner!!!!
I can't wait to listen to the next one!

Laurie said...

Great interview! I am so intrigued by this story and hearing about the characters. Tiffany is so open and honest, I can't wait to read the story she has written.

marybelle said...

THE SIREN looks like a very exciting read. LOved the interview thank you.

Gail said...

Great interview & insight on how you drew on personal experiences and used them in your characters. I really can't wait to read this novel. It's sound like it will be an powerful story.
Thank you for giving us a chance to win. :))

glass said...

I read this book and I want to have every single edition of it! That's how much I liked it!

helpmerhonda72 said...

Glass, I agree! I have my PB copy of The Siren and I've pre ordered The Angel too!

molly.frenzel said...

This book was incredible. At first I thought it was an average erotic romance, but after reading it I was pleasantly surprised by the Reisz's depth.

Tina B said...

Wow! I loved this interview! Tiffany seems like a very honest and open person. Reading the interview, I felt like I was actually talking to her. I love the idea of these characters! I have this one on my TBR. Congrats to Tiffany!

Judyblueeyes said...

LOVE love your writing Tiffany. Great characters, perfect dialogue, wonderful plots whether short stories or the book. Thanks so much for the enjoyment. After reading Tiffany's little bio, somewhere maybe her site, I told my very talented writing daughter I would sign anything she wanted promising never to read her work if that would make it easier for her to put her stuff out there. She told me thank you, I would be proud no matter what she wrote and I hope Tiffany's parents and teachers are too!

Alyssa (Hesperia Loves Books) said...

I have not read The SIren yet but I most definitely want to. I love Erotica but I want something more. Something that will push my boundaries, my comfort level and make me think. The Siren will do that. I am intrigued by all of the reviews and I LOVED the interview. I would be honored to win a copy of the book!

katetaan said...

I started reading The Siren last night and so far I'm loving it.

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