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Friday, 24 August 2012

Be Still My Vampire Heart (#3) By Kerrelyn Sparks

In this follow-up to "Vamps and the City" and "How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire," Sparks continues her vampire romance series with this entry that proves the only thing that can beat a vampire in a kilt is a mortal slayer with a grudge. Original.

Ren's Review:

So far this  is one of  my favorite books in this series, and I enjoyed it from the start till finish :). "Be Still My Vampire Heart" is the story on  Angus MacKay (weird name, Angus?) and Emma Wallace (not, not Braveheart, LOL)..

Angus MacKay is a vampire. Turned by Roman Draganesti (hero from book one), and then became his close friend and ally. One day he finds out  disturbing news. Someone has slayed many vampires outside. Its  good news of course, because the vampire that got slayed is part of Malcontent. Or The True Ones, the bad vampire and The Vamps opposites, the good vampire. But it gets bad after all, because the American - Russian coven, accused Roman's coven as part of this massacre, and want to get war. Angus realized, maybe this is Stake Out Team responsibilities, so he go to Central Park to warn the slayer..

Emma Wallace, is a human. She is part of the Stake Out Team, and also slayer of the vampires. When she goes to Central Park, she meets Angus, to find him  examining his underparts behind his kilt (LOL!!). First, she doesn't know that he's a vampire. Just finds him  charming, and attractive in some medieval way (and with his sexy scottish brogue..). But then she finds out he is a vampire (no need a long time for her to realize that, not like the 2 first books), and Angus warns her, to not slay vampires again. Because it can danger her life, and she hesitates. For Emma, vampire are all evil, but soon, she knows, that vampires like humans to. Some good, some bad.

Emma tries to trust Angus, and Angus tries to protect her in any way. And then the dangers from Malcontents start growing... Emma and Angus got captured by Katya, Russian Coven co-master, and Angus ex-lover. She took them to her base, in Ukraine. Katya left Emma and Angus in room full of silver, so Angus cannot escaped. Worse, Katya emptied his flask of blood, so he will get hungry when he wakes from his dead state in daylight. The only way Angus to fill his thirst, is drink Emma's blood. But can he do that, and will Emma be willing to give her blood, when they realize, they love each other?...

Sound familiar with this plot, like previous two books? Not really, because even the theme is the same (prejudice about vampire is evil), I enjoyed this book more from the previous books. Emma is my kind of heroine. She can kick any vampire ass, but she still has a kind heart. And I like when she banters with Angus. Angus is an alpha man type. A Scotland knight that always keeps his words, and he is so conservative. The way he treats Emma sometimes makes me laugh, but its adorable too. He has some odd way of humor and habits. Like always checks under his kilt after he teleports to some place, to make sure everything is intact and still in the place *LOL* (got an info that Scotland men not wearing anything under his kilt , wow :)) ). ...

They're are some characters who  will steal your attention, like Gregori, Roman's vice president (he's like comic relief in this series), Connor Buchanan, Ian McPhie, Giacomo di Venezia (a Cassanova's descendants, so he's always flirting, anytime, anywhere, any woman), and a new vampire, Phineas, that makes sure everyone calls him, Doctor Phang...

Cant wait to read their story, and I will continue to read the next in this series.

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Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

I started this series earlier this summer and loved it! Sparks has quite a sense of humor.

Sounds like this one was really fun. And a Scottish vampire in a kilt?! Whew, yeah, I need to get back to the series soon! Thanks for the reminder :)


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