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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Anchor and Storm - Kate Poole

Edgar Armstrong, Earl of Callander, had not given much thought to marrying and producing an heir...until he meets Emily Sinclair. When their easy companionship grows into love, they learn that Edgar's progressively debilitating disease could be passed on to his children. As their joy turns to despair Edgar finds a solution. If he can't get her with child he knows just the man who can. But will Emily agree to his plan?

Angus MacNeill, Lord Callander's groom, thinks Emily married Edgar for his title, his money and the security he can give her. And when Edgar approaches him with a very unusual request Angus questions his master's motives. Still, it doesn't stop him from accepting Callander's terms -- it's the only way he can be with Emily, even if only until she conceives.

Deeply in love with Edgar, Emily will do anything he asks of her. But she never suspected he'd ask something like this! Despite Edgar's reassurances she worries that his plan could destroy their marriage rather than strengthen it. And when she makes her choice, Emily wonders if there's room enough for two men in her heart -- and in her bed.

Anchor and StormThis novel is one of my All Time Top Favorite Historical Romance novels, with a kick of permanent Ménage!

If anyone is wondering "Huh?" Let me explain. Don’t let the cover fool you. It's an HR and although I'm not into kinky ménage novels. This one wasn't kinky at all. It's totally worth it!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!

Edgar Armstrong, Earl of Callander, never thought he could find someone as beautiful, smart, kind hearted and loving as Emily Sinclair. In return Emily, shows Edgar, she sees the man that he truly is, where he might think he's a useless old cripple, she sees otherwise. Sometime ago Edgar had a terrible accident while riding a horse, which he still now suffers from, and because of it he walks around with a cane. He will never be able to ride a horse again and do many other physical entertainments most men enjoy. Walking day after day with a cane makes him feel immobile. He doesn't feel this way when he falls madly in love Emily and marries her. Sharing a life with her makes him see there's more of his life he can experience.

Because of Edgar's short life span, that was caused by his accident and the illness that is spreading, he knows he doesn't have much time to waste. He needs Emily to bear a child of their own. He needs a child to pass his inheritance down to, so none of his assets gets passed down to his incompetent bastard nephew, which doesn't deserve a dime!

Edgar would do anything to keep his wife happy and full of joy. Now that their love for one another has bloomed. They try their hardest to conceive a child. Then they finally come to realize it’s impossible. Edgar is incapable of giving his wife a child of his own.

*Rubs hands together* this is when the novel gets GOOD! It's impossible not to love the characters! Sexy Angus MacNeill *sighs* which is Edgar's employee. He takes care of Edgar's horses, stalls etc. There's more to Angus, but you need to read the story and find out the juicy details. I refuse to let my flowing thoughts to ruin the story. Any who, if you haven't already guessed. Angus plays a huge role in this novel. I really thought it was a BAD idea. But I loved the devotion Edgar and Emily took to accomplish what they were thriving for. There was no one so trusting and loveable to involve but Angus MacNeill.

As time passes, the love between these three remarkable people took my breath away! The love they shared in the confinements of their own bedroom was all passion. I didn't have an awkward feeling at all while reading the sex scenes, it was nothing but Love!

All in all, if you read this review and I made you think " WOW, a novel beyond kinky ménage? Really?" I'm gonna say "Heck Yes" Go get yourself a copy! You will, with all honesty LOVE IT!!!


Angela said...

I love this review and love this book.
Thanks to Elena, my genre for books has widen to more...... "Adventurous" stories. :)

Sam S2 said...

Elena has pimped this book hard core! I cant wait to read it myslef!

Great work babe


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Great review!

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