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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dirty Little Secret (Shhhh)

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by Under the Covers. Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and our readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets. We hope that you will all join us!

To participate in the meme all you need to do is:

1. Be a follower of Under the Covers.
2. Create a post in your blog taking the meme image (code above) and copy instructions.
3. Answer the question we propose! This can be done in any way you like, post a video, write a post etc.
4. Then add your link below.

We hope you join us and let us know your Dirty Little Secrets!

This weeks question(s):

"If you could have wings, what would they look like?"


These are my kind of wings! Simple, yet sexy.  I could so be a seductress with these babies hanging from my back.


I want my wings to match up with BlueBell's from The Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh. 

  Now its your turn!


Holly said...

Lovely wings!
New follower! :)


_yay_ said...

Oh my gosh. Love the colors (1st set). Lovely!
My DLS: DirtyLittleSecret

lonewolf said...


Lydia @ Sensual Ride


Alyssa (Hesperia Loves Books) said...

I love the colors! I also went with a match from Guild Hunter, except I chose Elena.

Here's my pick: Dirty Little Secret

Kristan said...

I love all of these choices. The colors are fantastic and very sexy! I can't even say which one I like better =)

Here's my Dirty Little Secret

New Follower!
Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Under the Covers said...

OMG SAM! I read yours and thought...you'd want babies on your back? Sorry! lmao! I read it too fast. Great choice!

Elena, I want to watch Bluebell too!


Madame D said...

Good choice ladies!! I'm a feather lover myself ;)

Check them out:

Jennifer_After_Dark said...

New follower,, I like the pics of your wings,,very nice!

True Pleasures said...

Oooh... I really like Elena's pick! They remind me of ice crystals ^-^

Here's my Dirty Little Secret

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